Friendship Cemetery

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Paige Area


ALBRECHT, Alma Schroeder headstone 12/21/1912 04/03/1994 Next to Ewald

Albrecht, Emil headstone W 01/07/1913 04/04/1963 Father. Husb of Frieda

Albrecht, Ewald C headstone W 10/01/1910 11/02/1979 69 yrs 1 m 1 day. Husb of Alma

Albrecht, Frieda (Emma) Nee Saegert headstone W 12/23/1909 04/05/1984 Mother. Wife of Emil. Asleep in Jesus

Albrecht, Paul E headstone W 11/14/1884 01/07/1924 Husb of Emma

ALBRECHT, Tillie S. headstone 06/17/1921 none Double stone with Werner H.

ALBRECHT, Vanessa Brooke headstone 06/14/1988 06/14/1988

ALBRECHT, Werner H. headstone 08/15/1921 04/17/1992 Double stone with Tillie

Arldt, Agnes headstone W 03/13/1909 04/03/1969 Asleep in Jesus. Next to Oscar

Arldt, Oscar headstone W 08/23/1905 05/08/1980 74 yrs 8 mos 15 days. Husb of Agnes. Asleep in Jesus.

Baasen, Alma M headstone W 07/30/1902 none Wife of Paul G. Asleep in Jesus

Baasen, Anna headstone W 10/17/1828 02/16/1909 Wife of George. Asleep in Jesus

Baasen, August E headstone W 10/14/1907 02/21/1980 SGT USA WW II. 72 yrs 4 mos 7 days. Gone but not forgotten

Baasen, Henry headstone W 3/22/1867 04/15/1950 Husb of Martha

Baasen, Infant headstone W 10/07/1926 10/07/1926 unmarked. Infant of Paul G

Baasen, Infant headstone W 10/19/1927 10/19/1927 unmarked. Infant of Paul

Baasen, Johanna A headstone W 8/8/1896 10/11/1955 Wife of Ed Kunschick-divorced. Alsleep with Jesus

Baasen, Martha headstone W 10/24/1875 10/25/19?? Double stone with Henry

Baasen, Paul G headstone W 5/16/1898 08/10/1951 Husb of Alma M

BABSEN, Alma headstone Jun. ?, 1905 ???, 1999 Funeral Home Marker

Baird, Bertha Jackie headstone W 01/23/1914 01/17/1975

Baird, Edwin Newell headstone W 01/06/1909 12/12/1976 Husb of Hertha Jackie

Baird, John Marion headstone W 07/03/1945 07/28/1979 SGT USA Vietnam

Bargus, Infant headstone W none 10/22/1932 unmarked. Infant of Pornpos Bargus

BEHRENS Anton E. headstone 02/13/1904 11/13/1988 Double stone with Erna

Behrens, Adolph headstone W 1/21/1897 11/08/1963 Father. Husb of Sophie

Behrens, Alvin M.E. headstone W 04/17/1906 04/13/1921

Behrens, August headstone W To Be Found To Be Found Need to Locate

BEHRENS, Erna M. headstone 01/28/1907 06/05/1995 The Lord is our shepherd. With Anton

Behrens, Gerhard headstone W 5/13/1863 04/26/1941 Father. Husb of Helene

Behrens, Helene headstone W 8/17/1868 09/01/1937 Mother

Behrens, Infant headstone W none 11/01/1919 unmarked. Infant of Adolph & Sophie

Behrens, Minnie J headstone W 5/12/1898 09/02/1960 Wife of Otto G

Behrens, Otto G headstone W 03/07/1901 12/24/1956 Double stone with Minnie J.

Behrens, Sophie headstone W 1/12/1897 12/23/1943 Asleep in Jesus - Footstone - Mother. With Adolph

BERGT, Paul E. headstone W 1/27/1888 01/08/1931 Husb of Emma

BOETTCHERS, Winston C. headstone 01/03/1944 01/25/2000 Funeral Home Marker

BOX, Edna L. Deo headstone 12/21/1915 08/25/1999 married Oct. 2, 1937. With Lonnie Monroe

BOX, Lonnie Monroe headstone 03/29/1905 06/17/1905 US Army WWII

BOX, Lonnie Monroe headstone 09/21/1913 02/27/1995 Double stone with Edna L. Deo

Constant, Paul headstone W none 02/24/1968 Husb of Katie

Deo, Emma Louise headstone W 11/15/1889 05/09/1940 Mother. Wife of John Louis

Deo, Infant headstone W none 06/02/1913 Infant of Louis Deo

Deo, John Louis headstone W 9/8/1879 12/18/1949 Father. With Emma Louise

DUBE, Lydia R. headstone 02/23/1925 04/12/1995 Double stone with Werner

DUBE, Werner Edwin headstone 08/16/1922 04/15/1992 Pvt US Army WWII. Asleep in Jesus. With Lydia

Duisberg, Fritz headstone W 5/1/1888 07/09/1918 Husb of Selma. Her ruht mein geliebter gatte

Eschberger, Emil Gottfried headstone W 9/10/1867 06/17/1909 Father

Faltus, Albert headstone W 7/9/1881 01/20/1967 Father. Husb of Pauline

Faltus, Anna headstone W 1878 1927

Faltus, Infant headstone W none 05/10/1913 unmarked. Infant of Albert & Pauline

Faltus, John headstone W 1877 1961 Bro to Albert

Faltus, Pauline headstone W 6/19/1889 04/06/1918 Mother. Wife of Albert. The Lord is my shephard

FISCHER, Louis A. headstone 11/13/1896 01/25/1992 Double stone with Minnie A.

FISCHER, Minnie A. headstone 11/10/1900 05/20/1989 Asleep in Jesus. With Louis A

Forke, August headstone W 7/28/1855 01/29/1929 Husb of Johanne. Vater

Forke, Johanne headstone W 7/3/1865 08/10/1956 Mutter -Was der Tod getrennt, vereinigt das Grab. With August

Freels, Infant headstone W none 4/?/1912 unmarked. Infant of William

Freels, Johanne S.F. headstone W 5/25/1847 04/01/1912 Nee Wetterman b. Moorsee, Oldenburg, Ger. (s=V. Freels)  . Wife of Gerhard

Galabiz, Margarita, Mrs headstone W none 03/22/1941 unmarked

GALBREATH, Carolyn G. headstone 07/06/1944 02/26/2000 Funeral Home Marker

Gonzales, Infant headstone W none 04/19/1932 unmarked. Infant of Andrew

Gonzales, Miguel headstone W none 06/14/1920 unmarked

Grothe, Augussta headstone W 8/1/1860 10/17/1945 Mother. Wife of Karl

Grothe, Infant headstone W none 6/?/1909 unmarked. Infant of William

Grothe, Infant headstone W none 9/?/1914 unmarked. Infant of William

Grothe, Karl headstone W 2/6/1863 12/19/1921

Hanser, Infant headstone W none 06/17/1907 unmarked. Infant of Louis Hanser

HENDRICKS, Clarence Dwight headstone 03/30/1933 06/19/1985 US Army Korea

HERZOG, Richard Ernest headstone 11/02/1921 01/22/1998 Double stone with Ruth Mary

HERZOG, Ruth Mary headstone 03/24/1925 02/10/1990 married Apr. 9, 1950. With Richard Ernest

HORNE, Nancy Jean headstone 09/07/1984 09/08/1984 Dau of Charles & Leslie

Kastro, Eufarcia headstone W 3/13/1883 08/17/1933 Husb of Helsarria Kastra Munitz

KNAPP, Elizabeth Marilyn "Betty" headstone 08/16/1947 06/07/1985 I have won the victory thru my Lord Jesus Christ

Kunschick, Infant headstone W none 06/13/1920 unmarked. Infant of Ed Kunschick

Laake, Adolf headstone W 03/25/1913 08/15/1938 Husb of Marie. Shares marker with Tommy E

LAAKE, Alfred Albert headstone 10/19/1916 02/07/1986 S SGT US Army WWII. With Lydia K

Laake, Alma H headstone W 12/3/1888 07/27/1964 Mother. Wife of Frank C

Laake, Anna F headstone W 1/30/1881 12/20/1956 Wife of Ernest A

Laake, Anton headstone W 3/12/1883 09/26/1958 Father. Husb of Ella

Laake, Anton Oswald headstone W 12/20/1919 03/08/1984 Husb of Doris Goerner Laake. TEC 5 US Army WWII

LAAKE, Doris N. headstone May 3, 1919 none married Mar. 25, 1951. With Anton O

Laake, Ella headstone W 8/31/1890 10/31/1974 Mother. Wife of Anton. Asleep in Jesus

Laake, Ernest A headstone M  W 2/8/1881 01/08/1976 Husb of Anna F

Laake, Frank C headstone W 3/15/1889 03/20/1987 Footstone - Father. With Alma H

Laake, Frank Sr headstone W 11/22/1851 03/13/1938

LAAKE, Frau headstone Sept. 10, 1910 Geborene Wuneburger, Gest Orben, Alter 51 jahre, 3 mo und 17 tage. With Leo

Laake, Joan headstone W 12/20/1933 12/20/1933 Dau of Anton & Ella

Laake, Leo headstone W none 10/25/1910 Zurewicenruh Gest Orben Den, Alter 17 jahre, 5 mos und 19 tage. With Fau Laake

Laake, Louise L headstone W 03/10/1909 11/24/1936

LAAKE, Louise L. headstone Mar. 10, 1909 Nov. 24, 1936

LAAKE, Lydia K. headstone Nov. 24, 1917 unkn Asleep in Jesus. With Alfred A

Laake, Sophie headstone W none 09/09/1910 Frau Geborne Wuneburger, 51 yrs 3 mos 17 dys

Laake, Tommy E headstone W 02/19/1959 01/20/1980 The Lord is my shepherd. Has picture

Laake, Werner J headstone W 12/31/1914 08/14/1917 Son of Mr. Roland O. 2 yrs 8 mos 14 days

Lohse, Christiene headstone W 1831 1908

Lopez, Calistra Mrs headstone W none 05/10/1952 unmarked

Louis, Infant headstone W none 5/?/1904 unmarked. Infant of A.W. Louis

MANN, Bertha A. headstone Nov. 18, 1908 unkn Forever with the Lord. With Oscar

Mann, Oscar Paul Sr headstone M  Apr. 2, 1903 12-30-1989  Double stone with Bertha

MCLEOD, Joe Keith headstone Feb. 3, 1931 12/26/1984 GMSN US Navy Korea. With nelda

MCLEOD, Nelda F. headstone Jul. 3, 1934 unkn Double stone with Joe K.

Millner, Phyllis Jan headstone W 08/14/1957 05/25/1981 The Lord replie "The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you.". Dau of Jimmy & Rose Saegert Millner

Minies, Infant headstone W none 06/23/1929 unmarked. Infant of Mexican Minies

Noack, Ester T headstone W 07/29/1903 11/24/1978 In God's Care. With Herman

Noack, Herman A headstone W 5/22/1895 01/03/1981

NOACK, John headstone 10/25/1930 08/16/1989

Noack, Margurate Ruth headstone W none 02/24/1938 unmarked. Dau of H.A. Noack

ORTS, Alfred H. headstone 07/18/1917 11/06/1988 Double stone with Lucille C.

ORTS, Lucille C. headstone 01/29/1921 06/05/1994 Married Nov. 1, 1939. With Alfred H

Pornpossoes, Infant headstone W none 2/?/1929 unmarked

RAY, Dolly J. headstone 01/20/1935 unkn married Aug. 17, 1955. With Jim

RAY, Jim headstone 02/18/1930 10/15/1987 Col US Army Korea-Loving Husband and Father. With Dolly

Richter, Anna P headstone W 12/23/1895 10/23/1974 Asleep in Jesus. With Richard A

RICHTER, Gertrude M. headstone 11/25/1914 none Asleep in Jesus. With Herbert

RICHTER, Herbert E., Sr. headstone 02/24/1914 none Double stone with Gertrude

Richter, Richard A headstone W 08/04/1900 09/10/1962 Double stone with Anna P.

Rodriguez, Juanita headstone W none 02/14/1935 unmarked. Infant of Jose

Saegert, Adolph headstone W 04/17/1902 01/25/1975 Father. Husb of Ella

Saegert, Alvina H headstone F  W 07/02/1909 08/24/1981 72 yrs 1 mo 22 days. Wife of Walter A

Saegert, Alwin G headstone W 02/01/1909 07/03/1981 72 yrs 5 mos 2 days. Husb of Olefia

Saegert, Carl headstone W 1865 1932 Father. With Emma

Saegert, Edwin headstone W 02/01/1909 03/12/1909 Inf twin son of William & Mathilde

Saegert, Ella headstone W 10/22/1907 03/09/1970 Auf Wiedersehn - Footstone-Mother. With Adolph

Saegert, Emilie Mathilde headstone F  10/24/1920 08-07-1998 

Saegert, Emma headstone W 1873 1945 Wife of Carl

SAEGERT, Emma headstone 02/15/1905 05/01/1905 Mother. With Carl

SAEGERT, Emma W. headstone 6/20/1897 09/03/1990 The Lord is my shepherd

SAEGERT, Galdys E. Boes headstone 07/17/1924 none Wed Aug 4, 1946. With Herbert W

SAEGERT, Herbert William headstone 04/16/1922 04/09/1987 The Lord is my shepherd - American Legion marker. With Gladys E Boes. PFC US Army WWII

Saegert, Joachim headstone W 1843 1922 Vater. Husb of Wilhelmine

Saegert, Leona headstone W 03/30/1915 none Wed 12/18/1935. Wife of Paul

Saegert, Mathilde Jantzen headstone W 6/7/1870 10/30/1932 Hier Ruht...Geb Janzen?auf Wiedersehen. . With Wilhelm

Saegert, Minnie A headstone W 6/7/1895 01/11/1967 Rest in peace. With Minnie A

SAEGERT, Mr. Manny headstone 04/23/1929 04/26/1989

Saegert, Olefia B headstone W 09/10/1917 none Wed Nov. 6, 1938. With Alwin

Saegert, Otis headstone W 03/14/1932 03/14/1932 Son of Adolph & Ella

Saegert, Paul headstone W 09/15/1902 10/21/1970 Husband. Husb of Leona

Saegert, Walter A headstone M  W 11/06/1904 12-25-1985  Wed Aug. 8, 1928. With Alvina

Saegert, Wilhelm headstone W 2/26/1870 09/05/1935 Hier Ruht...auf Wiedersehen. With Mathilde

Saegert, Wilhelmine headstone W 1843 1924 Mutter. Wife of Joachim

Saegert, William headstone W 9/10/1894 04/11/1952 Rest in peace. With Minnie A

Sander, Albert William headstone M  12/01/1905 08-07-1998  Double stone with Martha E.

Sander, Alfred headstone W 01/12/1908 04/26/1963 At rest

Sander, Anna E headstone W 8/23/1866 07/09/1947 At rest. With Lawrence

Sander, Bernice Ruby headstone W 01/06/1933 01/20/1933 Dau of Mr & Mrs Albert Sander

SANDER, Clara M. headstone W 02/27/1908 12/01/1958 Asleep in Jesus - Footstone - Mother. With Willie O

Sander, Glades Eveline headstone W 09/10/1931 10/07/1931 unmarked. Dau of Annie Sander

Sander, Lawrence headstone W 4/19/1866 01/05/1943 At rest. With Anna E

Sander, Martha Emily headstone F  01/23/1912 12-14-1987  Double stone with Albert W.

SANDER, Willie O. headstone 03/15/1904 05/14/1995 Asleep in Jesus - Footstone - Father. With Clara H

Schmiedekamp, Selma headstone W 4/16/1891 02/29/1980 Wife of Fritz. 1st Husb of Fritz Duisberg The Lord is my Shephard

SEELKE, Edwin headstone W 10/19/1911 05/31/1912 Infant of William

SIMON, Patsy A. headstone 03/21/1944 none Double stone with Rudi

Simon, Rudi T headstone W 04/08/1906 12/20/1959 Husb of Selma L nee Saegert

SIMON, Rudi T. headstone 05/14/1938 01/08/1998 Double stone with Patsy

Simon, Selma L headstone W 09/04/1906 10/17/1992 The Lord is my shepherd. With Rudi T

STEELE, Harold G. headstone W 03/19/1911 10/03/1981 Msqt USA WW II. Husb of Zelda

STRAWHECKER, Austin Mark headstone none 12/21/1992 Stillborn

STRAWHECKER, Lorena L. headstone 07/26/1965 none married Mar. 6, 1992. With Mark Thomas

STRAWHECKER, Mark Thomas headstone 02/10/1964 02/16/1992 Double stone with Lorena

STRINGER, Dorothy L. headstone 06/20/1911 01/14/1997 Our beloved mother

THEILE, Frieda M. headstone 06/14/1902 12/26/1998 Married Oct. 22, 1922. With Max

THEILE, Max M. headstone M  6/25/1895 10-26-1978  Daddy. Wed 11/22/1922. Husb of Frieda

Thiele, August headstone W 9/30/1856 02/21/1905

Thiele, Cristine Wilhelmine headstone W 10/16/1819 06/06/1907 Mother of August

Thiele, Ida headstone W 3/14/1885 01/23/1908 Dau of August. Sis to Max. Hier Ruht in Frieden

Thiele, Louise, Mrs headstone W 1/12/1863 12/11/1919 Her ruht in frieden - Footstone - Mother. Wife of August

Thiele, Otto Oscar headstone W 10/25/1894 12/14/1963 TX PVT 9 CO Depot Brigade WW I. The Lord is my Shephard

Thiele, Roselie headstone W 11/4/1894 12/10/1963 The Lord is my shepherd. With Willie

THIELE, Willie W. headstone W 5/26/1892 10/24/1979 PVT USA WW I. With Roselie

Watson, Amanda Laake headstone W 07/20/1918 03/25/1961 Asleep in Jesus. Wife of Allen

Weems, Eloise B headstone W 03/19/1908 05/29/1969 Wife of Michael P

Weems, Michael P headstone W 08/08/1906 none Double stone with Eloise

WEISER, Frieda A. headstone 10/29/1910 04/06/1992 married Oct. 25, 1931. With Gottfried

WEISER, Gottfried headstone 11/11/1907 05/03/1988 Asleep in Jesus. With Frieda A

Wichmann, Anna headstone W 2/3/1879 02/15/1966 Asleep in Jesus. Wife of Henry

Williams, John H headstone W 4/1/1892 12/13/1970 Husband. Husb of Lydia O

Williams, Lydia Othelie headstone F  W 04/17/1908 07/28/1990 Till we meet again. With John H