Fick Cemetery

Last Updated: Saturday, January 3, 2009

Paige Area


Fick, Adolph headstone W 03/06/1905 ?/?/1906 unmarked. 15 mos. Son of Henry & Anna Jacob Fick

Fick, Henry Sr headstone W 1815 aft 1880 unmarked. Husb of Augusta. Father of Clara, Henry Jr., Adelheit & Amanda

Fick, Laura headstone W 1908 1908 unmarked. 7 mos. Dau of Henry & Anna Jacob Fick

Heinze, Augusta headstone W 1843 3/?/1892 unmarked. Wife of Henry Fick Sr. Wife of Mr. Heinze. Mother of Clara, Henry Jr, Adelheit, Amanda Fick & Max Heinze by 2nd marriage.

Mittag, Ernest headstone W 12/27/1905 1/?/1906 unmarked. age 5 wks old. Son of Max & Clara Fick Mittag

Mittag, Louie headstone W none ca 1910 unmarked. 4 yrs. Son of Max & Clara Fick Mittag

Mittag, Rosie headstone W none none unmarked. age 1 yr. Dau of Max & Clara Fick Mittag. Older sister of Louise Mittag Wright