Last Updated: Thursday, March 12, 2009

Utley Area


Blair, Martha Margaret headstone W 1/4/1877 1/12/1877 (With Martha Margaret, children of John W and Anna B. Gresham Blair)

Blair, Thomas Joseph headstone W 2/2/1875 12/27/1876 Children of J.W. & A.E. Blair

Gresham, J.G. headstone W 8/22/1816 ?/15/1862 Husband of M.L. Gresham. Mason

McGinnis, Anna M headstone W 10/1/1833 11/13/1869 Age 36 yrs 1 mo 12 days. Wife of O.H.P. McGinnis

Riverse, J.R. headstone W 10/26/1861 11/25/1865 Age 1 yr 27 days. son of W. & S.E. Riverse

Sandifer, Willie headstone W 1875 1902

Wilson, Martha J. headstone W 7/15/1849 12/5/1872 Wife of J. M. Wilson

Slave Cemetery

I met Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Charlton who own the property that the Coates Cemetery and the Slave Cemetery are on.  They have allowed me to do some research using the dowsing technique to see how many graves I could find in the area where the slaves were buried.  This area is near and in some heavy brush, so I could not complete the area to the west.  Attached are copies of the work I've done so far on marking the graves in the Slave Cemetery.  So far I've found 27 graves, some in rows and others nearby. Looking for relatives of those buried here. KENNETH FELPS