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Craft Prairie Area


Black, Infant headstone W none 1860s unmarked. Dau of John & Gabrilla Gage Black

Black, John C headstone W 1/1/1875 7/13/1877

Black, John W headstone W 6/18/1840 3/15/1884

Black, Laura Wilma headstone W 06/05/1908 07/05/1912 Dau of L.W. Black

Black, Mary R. Smith headstone W 10/31/1840 11/28/1930 Mother

Claiborne, Arthur McClovy headstone W 6/6/1895 04/02/1941 Bro to clinton F, Mary, Nannie, Nettie, Steve, will, Little John, James M, & a sister buried in Shaefer, TX. Husb of Beatrice Smith

Claiborne, C. Flournoy headstone W 1882 1953 Husb of Florence G

Claiborne, Carol Ann headstone W 1951 1951

Claiborne, Florence C headstone F W 1880 09-10-1967  WIDOWED 

Claiborne, Infant headstone W none 1934 Baby Boy, son of C.F. & Florence

Claiborne, Infant headstone F  W none 10/02/1935 Dau of Jack and Eululia Kimbrough Claiborn

Claiborne, James Madison headstone W 7/18/1878 10/30/1910

Claiborne, John Black headstone W 9/29/1876 7/25/1878 age 1 yr 9 mos 26 days

Claiborne, John D headstone W 8/10/1847 03/03/1916 CO E 58th TN CAV CSA

Claiborne, Loutie Mae headstone F  W 5/27/1895 09/15/1973 Wife of Steve G

Claiborne, Martha J headstone W 8/23/1853 12/05/1936

Claiborne, Nannie E headstone W 7/23/1859 2/12/1881 Wife of J.M.

Claiborne, Steve G headstone W 9/15/1889 05/02/1969

Claiborne, Will headstone W 10/7/1885 09/05/1913

Clairborne, Jim headstone W To Be Found To Be Found Need to Locate

Cockrill, Mary O headstone W 7/7/1858 1/18/1888 29 yrs 6 mos 11 days, Wife of C.W.

Cope, James headstone W 9/23/1833 6/27/1876 D. Bastrop Co

Davis, ? headstone W none none Names unknown

Gage, Abigale Burleson headstone W 1774 1865 unmarked. Mother of Moses Sr.

Gage, Elizabeth Goodwin headstone W 1802 1859 Wife of Moses Sr

Gage, Moses headstone W 1796 1867 Husb of Elizabeth G Gage, Father of Sherly, Moses Jr

Gage, Moses Jr headstone W none 1851 Son of Elizabeth & Moses Gage Sr

Gage, Sherly headstone W none 1850 Son of Elizabeth & Moses Sr

Green, Lucille McArthur headstone W 09/15/1904 03/19/1977 age 72 yrs 6 mos 4 days

Griffith, Charles Eugene "Gene" headstone M  W 12/6/1884 11/04/1973 SINGLE 

Griffith, Nettie D headstone F  W 9/28/1887 01/14/1982 Wife of C.E.

Griffith, Will G headstone W 01/18/1913 08/21/1937

Machen, Alice headstone W none none unmarked, Wife of J.M., Mother of Nathan, cullen, Ebbie, & Stella

Machen, Ebbie headstone W 11/3/1894 09/05/1983 PVT USA WW I, Father of Bill Machen

Machen, J.M. "Doc" headstone W none none unmarked, Husb of Alice Black Machen

Machen, Mary Stella headstone F  W 1891 08-25-1968  Dau of Doc & Alice Machen

Machen, Nathan Collin headstone W 05/18/1907 11/08/1964 TX PFC MP DET 1951 SCV WW II

Matics, Alma headstone W 3/8/1888 1/31/1889 Dau of F & M.H.

McArthur, J.P. headstone W 6/20/1871 11/16/1954

McArthur, Mary headstone W 4/13/1880 12/25/1918 Wife of J.P.

Morris, Nance E headstone W 11/11/1864 04/15/1949 Husb of Nannie G

Morris, Nannie G headstone W 1/9/1884 10/29/1963

Perkins, Infant headstone W none none Baby Girl, Dau of Henry & Bernice Perkins

Pledger, Bayard C headstone W 8/6/1894 11/14/1895 Son of B & B.R.

Pledger, Lodwell R headstone W 8/29/1892 8/10/1894

Rector, ? (4 rocks or metal markers) headstone W none none

Rector, Agnes Black C. headstone W none 1853 unmarked. Wife of Ludwell Rector

Rector, Benjamin Dr headstone unkn Unknown Unmarked. Husb of Sarah who is buried in Mt. City Oaks, Hays Co, TX

Royston, Clara A headstone W 1853 1925

Royston, Joseph F headstone W 1878 1962

Royston, Nellie Agnes headstone W 11/05/1917 05/19/1936

Royston, Richard C headstone W 1834 1909

Royston, Vollie Marie headstone W 12/12/1919 02/18/1922

Unknown headstone W none none unknown grave exhumed and moved from cemetery

Watts, ? headstone W none none

Philip and Amie Merk