Last Updated: Thursday, January 1, 2009

3-D Ranch on Zapalac Road off Hwy. 95 north of Smithville

Sawyer family home built by Robert Sawyer in the 1800's.

Photos courtesy of Martha Peveto.

Brazil, Matilda (Matilda Jane Allen Brazil) unkn 1872. Wife of Moses

Brazil, Moses unkn 1872 Husband of Matilda

Sawyer, Cordelia 11/3/1889 11/12/1891 Dau of D. A. & Origan Sawyer. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away

Sawyer, Dona 1/26/1878 4/8/1881 Dau of D. A. & Origan Sawyer.

Sawyer, Henry D 7/20/1877 1/23/1878 Son of D. A. & Origan Sawyer. We miss our darling boy

Sawyer, L. E. (Louise Ethel) 10/18/1895 6/29/1903 "Dearest child thou hast left us and thy loss we deeply feel.Tis the Lord who has bereft us of one we loved so well (Daughter of D A and Oregon Sawyer)

Sawyer, Robert none 2/15/1894 In memory of. Rest for the toiling hand

Smith, Georgia none 4/4/1895 Aged 47 years

Smith, Nancy 1832 1/23/1901 age 69 years. Wife of J. T. Smith. Rest in Peace

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