Last Updated: Thursday, January 1, 2009

McDade Area

Baker, Addie M nee Adeline M Outlaw headstone 12/9/1860 (should be 11/24/1860) 11/28/1899 (should be 11/11/1899) Mother. Wife of W.P. Baker. Dau of David Ed Outlaw and Sarah Elizabeth Erwin Outlaw. wed 12/25/1885. Sister to John Henry Outlaw.

Baker, J.S. headstone 7/10/1810 1/3/1871 Rev Jerry. Father. Husb of Levina

Baker, Levina headstone 1/19/1821 11/19/1889 Mother. Wife of J.S.

Baker, W.P. (Wiliam Pitt) headstone none none D. Hondo

McLemore, Thad headstone none 12/24/1883 Bro to Wright. Husb of ? Baker McLemore. Unmarked

McLemore, Wright headstone none 12/24/1883 Bro to Thad. Unmarked