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Addison Litton Cemetery
Cedar Creek, Texas

Location: From the town of Bastrop, go west, turning left on Hwy 21. A granite state highway marker is located on the left side of the highway, 1 mile from the Cedar Creek community. The gravesite is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY, 150 feet behind the state highway marker. Surveyed on 7/26/98 and again 3/2001.

Litton, Addison headstone unmarked grave

Venerable, A Rev headstone m w 1820 1909 First Moderator of the Trinity Valley Association

Waddle, John E headstone m w 12/25/1876 8/20/1878

Winans, Robert headstone m w 12/15/1839 1840 Son of Francis and Julia Whitaker Winans.

Winans headstone next to 3 unreadable headstones.


There was a rock with the initials J. H. scratched in it, which could be for J. E. Harwell who purchased the land from Sarah Mabry.

Unknown person marker

Highway marker:

Addison Litton came to Texas in 1827. Served in the Army of Texas 1836. Member of Captain Gibson Kuykendall's Company at Harrisburg. Died in Bastrop County in 1847. This marker stands on Addison Litton League. Gravesite marked 150 yards SSW. Erected by the State of Texas 1957.

The grave site for Addison Litton is no longer marked. Addison Litton had the headright to this land. Most of his descendants are buried in the Upper and Lower Cedar Creek Cemeteries. There are several indentions in the ground where graves are or were and four red bricks were found, surrounded by iris, marking grave sites. One standing marker and one marker found on the ground broken are worn smooth.

Dr. Evans Mabry was buried in this cemetery and was the property's owner at one time. He represented Bastrop County in the House of the Ninth Congress, 1844-1845, of the First Legislature, 1846, corresponding secretary for the Central Democratic Committee, 1846, represented Bastrop in the House of the Fourth Legislature, 1851 to 1853, and was a member of the Democratic State Convention in Austin in January 1852. He died in 1853 of yellow fever, 3 months after withdrawing from the State Senate race. He also ran the hotel in the city of Bastrop. His son Seth moved the Mabry graves to the Oakwood Cemetery in Austin, TX.

This cemetery is mentioned in the deed conveying the property from Sarah W. Mabry to J.E. Harwell, Dec 22, 1869 which is described as: A part of league No. 1 in Milam Colony and surveyed by Bartless Sims and granted to Addison Litton as his headright situated in Bastrop County, Texas, and being a part of a tract of land containing four hundred acres of land more or less, deeded to me by S B Patton 9/4/1841 and recorded in Book D pages 347 & 348 in the county Clerk's Office of Bastrop County, Texas, and being all of said tract of land deeded and recorded as aforesaid lying on the North side of Cedar Creek and containing 200 acres more or less and bounded as follows, to-wit: On the south by Cedar Creek on the west Mahar's Creek on the North by the southern boundary line of a part of said league No. 1 and owned by Mrs. Ham White and on the East by a part of said league No 1 formerly owned by B Owens and Benj. Smithson said land except one half acre in the NE corner including the graveyard together with all and singular the rights members hereditemants..... The original deed, where Mrs. Mabry purchased the land from Samuel B. Patton, also states it is fronted by the old San Antonio Road, (Hwy 21).



First Moderator of the Trinity Valley Association

J. H. scratched in rock near Rev. Venerable's headstone.

Waddle, John E 12/25/1876-8/20/1878

Winans, Robert 12/15/1839-1840

Julia Ann Whitaker Winans, mother of Robert, is supposed to be buried in this cemetery. There are 3 headstones located beside Robert's that are no longer readable.

3 unreadable headstones, near Robert Winans.

Two blank headstones.