West Prong/Sheperd Cemetery, near Medina, Bandera County,Texas
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West Prong Cemetery
also called Shepherd Cemetery

From Medina go 2 miles on FM 337, turn left on Coal Kiln Rd. for 1/10 mile,
look for yellow sign. Earliest date:     1884 - Latest date: 1902
Lat : 294738N  -  Lon 0991655W

Photograph by Dorothy Golden
View also 1971 Reading of this cemetery

This list is Annotated.;

Adams, Miss Fannie            Apr 20,1869-Oct 28,1948 Dau. of James Monroe & Louvinia Patricia Pendleton Adams.

Akin, Marvin              I believe him to be the Marvin Akin who died Jan 6, 1909 of Tuberculosis. He was 20 yrs old and had lived in the area for 5 yrs. His father was  J. T. Akins.

Allison, James L.                 Jul 1834 - 1903   Co. C 38th Ark Inf CSA

Baker, Nathan B.                 Jul 15,1894-Oct 7,1918  WWI

Baker, Tom  W.                    Jan 4,1853-Mar 6,1894

Baker, William B.                Aug 25,1845-Mar 19,1932 Son of Wm. Marshall Baker. 

Bandy, Lorene                      Jan 28,1912-Sep 7,1913

Braley, Emma Jane Coleman  Aug 29,1864 -  Dec 17,1956  She was born in Bandera Co., Tx. Her father was Joseph L. Southerland b. Scotland & mother was E. A. Minear b. Iowa. 

Braley, Nathan V.                  Feb 17,1872-Jan 30, 1965

Carpenter, Callie Means    Dec 31,1873-Nov 29,1963 Dau. of John H. & Stacy Callahan Means

Carpenter, George          died May 11, 1906 age 9 months. Dr. Adams reported the death from Pertussis, but failed to complete the parents portion of the report of death. unmarked grave.

Carpenter, Harvey Logan    Dec 5, 1897 - Mar 14, 1966 Son of Hugh Logan & Callie Amelia Means Carpenter. 

Carpenter, John R.              1898-1946

Carpenter, Hugh Logan     Jun 2, 1860 -Sep 19,1924 Son of Wm. M. & J. Shelby Carpenter. (dates and info from his death cert. His parents were from Kentucky)

Cavitt, Homer Francis         Jul 3,1878-Feb 18, 1921 Son of Joseph Francis & Texana Ham Cavitt

Cavitt, Joseph Francis         Aug 23,1844-Feb 10, 1904 He was born in Yalobusha, Mississippi. Son of Wm. Canada & Sarah Ann Nations Cavitt. 

Coleman, J.W.A.                 1861 -  Jan 14, 1906

Coleman, Joseph Wyatt Arthur   Feb 21,1887 - Nov 7,1914 Son of James & E. Southerland Coleman

Coleman, Walter                 Feb 12,1896-Feb 7,1897 

Combest, Margaret Francis  Sep 10,1851-Jun 5,1911 She was born in Yalobusha, Mississippi. Dau. of G. H. & Sarah McKinney. Wife of W. C. Combest

Gallant, George Rufus       Jan 22,1850-Mar 6,1913

Gallant, Mary Jane            Jan 27,1847-Mar 26,1926

Gallihan, John H.                Aug 30,1814-Oct 4,1884

Gallihan, Malina          Dec 1,1814-Nov 12,1892 Wife of J.H. Gallihan

Hardwick, Infant Son of M. D. & Lela Hardwick b. 11 Mar 1912- Jan 14, 1913

Hardwick, Lela Tagart      Nov 27,1880-Nov 24,1913 Dau. of James A. & Eugenia Lewis Tagart.

Harris, Orne R.                  Nov 9,1849-Jan 9,1898 Wife of H. Harris

Howard, James Edward     Jan 22,1873-Oct 24,1932 Son of John R. & Mary Briscoe Howard. (died in a tractor accident)

Howard, Lucy A.               Oct 31,1876-Dec 28,1905  Wife of James E. Howard

*see Johnson notes at bottom

Justice, Addley Bell            Nov 2,1887-Mar 26,1906

Keese, Fannie Angeline     Sep 2,1896-May 26,1953

Keese, L.J. "Bud"             Apr 23,1868-Jun 12,1941

Keese, Paralee                   Aug 6,1871-Dec 23, 1911

Kelley, C.H.                        Mar 13,1852-Nov 8,1908

Kelley, Martha D.              Aug 20,1854-Jun 1,1934

Lackey, Franklin D.           Jan 28,1934-Mar 2,1952 

    Texas PFC US Air Force

Lackey, Joe N.                   1882-1912  Wife of Oscar

Lackey, Oscar                    Sep 2,1878-Feb 2,1946

Layton, Fletcher Sr.           Nov 24,1824-Jun 1,1900

Layton, Margaret              Nov 6,1833-Mar 11,1899 Wife of Fletcher Layton

Lewis, J.W.                         May 6,1849-Jun 2,1893

Love, Margaret Ann         Apr 12,1851-Feb 17,1935

Love, R.E.                          Jan 20,1847-Nov 16,1918

Mayfield, Ethel                   Sep 27,1875-Jan 17,1915

Mayfield, Zoe Ann Humphrey  Nov 12,1868-Jun 14,1886

         -Wife of R.L. Mayfield

McNeil, Laura B. Wilson Oct 31,1850-Dec 31,1886  Wife of A.M.McNeil

Means, V.C. nee Hodges   Feb 4,1836-Dec 12,1892

Miller, Jack T.                   Apr 10,1851-Feb 17,1909

Newman, John A.               Jul 10, 1842-Jul 3,1939

Newman, Octavia               Sep 11,1939-Jan 26,1907

Norris, Abraham                Jan 16,1837-Jun 13,1901

Norris, Kate                       Sep 13,1887-.....1951

Norris, Luke I.                   Apr 4,1883-Apr 27,1942

Norris, Mary Jane             May 23,1895-Mar 23,1918

Powell, J.D.                         May 23,1855-Jan 12,1894

Powell, Sue M.                   Jan 2,1857-Sep 5,1895

Rankin, James Berry         d. May 24,1900  Co. F. 2nd US V Inf.

Rankin, Maude C.              May 10,1881-Feb 6,1945

Rankin, Walter B.              Jan 18,1872-Jan 22,1845

Rhymes, George Washington Oct 20,1818-Aug 17,1892 (b. in Miss.)

Shepherd, Asa Frederic     Nov 5,1874-Jan 25,1891

Shepherd, W.A.                        Dec 26,1826-Jan 8,1923

Skurlock, Marion Edgar          1885 - 11 Jan 1902  (unmarked grave)

Skurlock, Sarah Elender Allison   Mar 24,1857-Sep 18,1910  Wife of J.H. Skurlock, dau. of James L. Allison

Stokes, Emma Jan                      Aug 9,1868-Aug 19,1938

Stokes, K.K.                                Jan 11,1862-Feb 26,1907

Stovall, Mahaley                 Sep 15,1838-May 19,1896 Wife of G.T. Stovall

Sutherland, Claudia P.              Feb 3,1871 -  Jun 13,1936

Sutherland, Coen                       Feb 17, 1906 - Jan 7, 1986

Sutherland, Evelyn                   Oct 6,1920 - Dec 6, 1923

Sutherland, Ellis R.                   Aug 11,1866 -  Apr 23,1941

Sutherland, Joe                          Mar 26,1895 - Oct 7, 1970

Tagart, Eugenia M.   Sep 28,1854-May 30,1915 Wife of James A. Tagart

Tagart, Gladys E.                Nov 19,1897-Dec 8,1913

Tagart, James Atkins         Jan 18,1845-Jan 4,1939

Taylor, Nannie Warren      May 29,1824-Feb 22,1887

Taylor, William B.              Oct 23,1824-Jul 23,1886

Walker, Howell                   Jan 11,1880-Apr 24,1911

Walter, Winnie                Feb 2, 1896 - 7 Feb 1897

Warner, Julia A.                 1866-1964

Wilson, James H.               Mar 6,1862-Jan 26,1904



*Johnson, Bernice , Essie Beatrice &  Lois | children  of W.M. have no markers and are recorded in a book at the library as being buried here.

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