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USGS - Lat; 295135N   -  Lat; 0992001W

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*additions by Hawkins
*Bartley, Eula                     1889-1959
G.W.   no other info
Gordon, Amanda J.          Feb 28,1866-Apr 26,1926
Graham, Sarah M.             Dec 2,1856-Jul 1,1941
Graham, William M.           Apr 11,1854-May 3,1945
*Haycroft no other info
Hill, Aramentia M.              Aug 17,1888-Jan 21,1948
Hill, James R.                     May 27,1860-Jul 9,1889
Hill, Lillian A.                       Apr 2,1912-Dec 20,1913 Dau of T.W. & A.M. Hill
Hill, Marvin W.                    Jul 19,1919-Mar 11,1920 Son of T.W.& A.M.Hill
Hill, Thomas W.                 Oct 20,1882-Sep 26,1955
*Johnson, Albert M.          Feb 16,1890-Mar 5,1890 Son of W.T. & M.A. Johnson
Johnson, Cornelia May   Sep 12 to Sep 20, 1887  Infant Dau. of W.T. & M.A. Johnson
Johnson, E.H.                    Apr 22,1822-Dec 20,1885 wife of W.T.Johnson
Johnson, Margaret A.      Oct 26,1864-May 9,1939
Johnson, Dr. T.W.             Mar 23,1823-Jun 12,1915
Johnson, Thomas W.       Apr 1,1857-Apr 1,1888
Loyd, John                          1859-1884
Loyd, Owen                        1819-1882  Texas Pvt Cav Co 31 Brig Tst  CSA
Maddox, Mrs. Betty Lea  funeral home marker --
     has two people on it but only one date of:Oct 25,1931-Oct 4,1996
Neal, Alexander                 Mar 2,1871-Nov 23,1951
Neal, May                             Jul 5,1884-Oct 8,1938
*Neal, Rex                           1871-1951
Parker, George W.             Feb 20, 1852-May 19,1912
Parker, Gussie                    Dec 12,1889-May 12,1894  Dau. of G.W.& S.E. Parker
Parker, Infant                      Feb 24,1912   Infant of Mr. & Mrs. W.A.Parker
Parker, Minnie May            Feb 17,1883-Jun 5,1885     Dau of G.W. & S.E. Parker
Parker, Sarah E.                 Jul 7,1863-Feb 15,1946
Phillips, Shirley Lee          born Nov 6,1955 - Dec...
*Reed, Artie                         Nov 26,1859-Apr 2,1934
Reed, Clifton W.                 Feb 15,1928- Apr 25,2001 US Marine Corps
*Reed, Dan                          Mar 18,1899-Feb 29,1949
Reed, J.B.                            March 2000
*Reed, James Boneparte Mar 2,1858-Jul 1,1921
Reed,  James B.                 Apr 5,1825-Jul 8,1901 
*Reed, John Henry           1889-1959
Reed, Louis E.                    Dec 30,1933-Jan 1,1934
Reed, Pete                           March  2000
Reed, Solomon                   1854-1931
Rose, M.M. Buckelew       Nov 24,1833-Feb 27,1884
*Shipman, Mrs. Celine Walker Mar 18,1873-Feb 20, 1953
Slaughter, Nellie                Sep 8,1930  Infant Child
Trotter, Albert    PVT Texas Frontier Bn , Indian Wars, Dec 10,1850- Sep 18,1952
Trotter, Albert M.                Feb 16,1890-Mar 5,1890 Son of A.L. & M.C. Trotter
Trotter, M.C.                        1860-1927
*Turner, Samuel P.             1862-Mar 29,1956
Walker, Ch.....s                    Mar 2,1884-Aug 1? 19?5
Walker, Delbert Lee           Oct 5,1904-Aug 3,1945
Walker, Ge?ross                1900-1958  (*prob. the  Ross Walker listed below)
Walker, Gertrude                Aug 29,1927-Nov 24,1937
*Walker, Henry Alfred         Mar 1877-Feb 1952
*Walker, Ida                           1877-1962
Walker, Ina Lucille             1900-1987
*Walker, Jessie Helen         1873-ndd
*Walker, John                       Jan 3,1868-Feb 15,1938
*Walker, Joseph D.             Jun 18,1870-Aug 13,1957
*Walker, Joseph Daniel      Dec 5,1894-Nov 21,1960 Texas Pvt Co.M. 165 Inf. WWI
Walker, Laura Gertrude 
Walker, Loss A.                  1896-1981
*Walker, Mary Jane            Nov 18,1834-Jun 26,1925
*Walker, Mary M                   Jan 6,1878-ndd wife of John
Walker, Mrs. Mary V.     funeral home marker --
     has two people on it but only one date of:Oct 25,1931-Oct 4,1996 
*Walker, Ross                       Oct 1,1900-Jul 23,1958

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