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In the 1971 copy of BANDERA COUNTY CEMETERY RECORDS Compiled by Mrs. Howard Denson, Mrs. Billy Burnes and Mrs. Howard Graves, it reports:" On Insall Place. Insall Boy, in a small fenced plot, on the Insall place, now C. C. Risinger place (1971)on Kerrville road about 4 miles. "

April 2007 - I received this report from Denise, 

"I am a relative of the Insall Boy, his name was James Corbet INSALL, born July 1897 and died in 1907. His parents were Cade Insall and Carry Madora "Dora" Collins.  James Corbet was my Great Grandmothers little brother." 

"As a child, I remember visiting the little grave site but the last time that family visited, there was nothing to be found. If this is incorrect, then I would dearly love to know so that we could visit it again and record it properly." 

"My great uncle Noel, (James Corbert's brother) dug up a little box of dirt from this location and took it to Varga Chapel Cemetery in San Saba County and "buried" the box between his parents as he had promised his mother that he would."

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