Hicks Family Cemetery, Hicks Ranch, Near Medina,Bandera County, Texas
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Hicks Family Cemetery

Near Medina on the Hicks Ranch Originally
Hicks, Albina                 Apr 9,1871-Nov 6,1875

Hicks, Cleophus             Sep 25,1861-Nov 2,1907

Hicks, Fabian L.            Apr 16,1828-Jan 2,1899

Hicks, Hadvega (nee Anderwald) 
 Aug 10,1841-Jan 30, 1928  "Mother" Wife of Fabian

Hicks, Mary E.              Dec 11,1873-Nov 21,1875


This list was compiled about 1971, permission given in 2002
I received a copy for upload also, which many thanks, from Lois Smith

Compiled by
Mrs. Howard Denson, Mrs. Billy Burnes and
Mrs. Howard Graves.
for the
Bandera County Historical Survey Committee
A. B. Lewis, County Chairman
Bandera, Texas.

Hick's Cemetery

Mary E. Hicks born December 11, 1873, died November 21, 1875. 
Albina Hicks born April 9, 1871, died November 6, 1875. 
Cleophus Hicks born September 25, 1861, died November 2, 1907. 
Mother, Hadveca Hicks born August 10, 1841, died January 30, 1928. 
Father, Fabian L. Hicks born April 16, 1828, died January 2, 1899. 

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