Crime and Punishment in Bandera County, Texas
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Crime and Punishment:
Murder and Mayhem in Bandera County History

The quote, "It is grievous to be caught." (In Latin, "Deprendi miserum est.") is attributed to the Roman poet, Horace (65 BC - 8 BC)

Times were wild and woolly. Occasionally, the best-attended parties were the ones assembled for a lynching. Properly sworn representatives of the law couldn't be everywhere, so it was not uncommon for the law to be taken into hands which were not necessarily impartial. Defense for a murder was likely to be, "he needed killin'." Often, perpetrators were never brought to justice. Skeletons rattle in the closets of many of the oldest names in Bandera County. Following is a glimpse into the more unsavory chapters of our history, which, nevertheless, contributed to shaping the county into what it is today.

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Bad News From the Old Days

The Shooting of William Perry "Pete" Laxon

The Murder of W. A. Gray

First Person Sent to the State Pen

Murder of A Rich Hermit

The Tragedy Tree Tale

In the Line of Duty - The Murder of Sheriff Elvious Hicks

The Reitzer/Eckhart Murders

Early Sheriffs of Bandera County 1856 - 1904

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