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Texas Facts and Symbols

Here are a few Texas facts and symbols for your reading pleasure.
STATE CAPITAL: Austin: Travis county
State Capital Building  constructed of Texas Pink Granite
STATE NAME: From "Tejas," an Indian greeting meaning , Friend"
Spanish pronunciation adopted from the CADDO's HASINAI Indian Confederacy
  Tay - has meaning "friend"
STATE MOTTO: Friendship = "Be Friendly" or "Drive  Friendly"
STATE NICKNAME: "Lone Star State" or "The Friendship State"
STATE BIRD: Mockingbird
STATE GRASS: Side oats
STATE STONE: Petrified Wood (unofficial); Officially, Palmwood 
STATE ANIMALS (Mammals <g>) : Buffalo [(Republic of Texas Land Office) (1836)] , Longhorn  (1933) unofficial) the Jack Rabbit;  and Armadillo (1987)
STATE Reptile; officially, Horned Lizard; unofficial; Diamondback Rattle snake 
STATE SONG: Texas, Our Texas - Lone Star Junction
FLAGS  Over Texas:  More than six flags have flown over the Texas Empire
but here is a link The Six Flags Over Texas Lone Star Junction
which features the 6 majors flags.
sm animated tx flag on staffsm white star compliments of the Texas Historical Foundation
9 years a REPUBLIC STATE: March 6, 1836
sm animated american flag
Admitted to Union: December 29, 1845 - 28th State
sm Confederate ?States flag deginged by SKC3 Designs
Conferate Battle Flag
Secedes  from Union, February 23, 1861
Civil War
A Defeated but Proud Nation: May 30, 1865,
Last battle was a Confederacy victory 
at the Palmetto Ranch near Brownville, Texas
but lost the War, April 30, 1865.
After Loyalty Pledge was signed 
and readmitted  into  the Union.
March 30, 1870
sm animated american flag
2 rebel soliers holding an Conferate States of American  flag
Flag of the Confederate States of  America (CSA)!
Five Years....A Nation 
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States  who were once part of the Texas Empire.
1. Panhandle of  Oklahoma  ALHN (tm)
2. Eastern Colorado
3. Eastern and Southeastern   New Mexico LHN (tm)
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"Don't Mess With Texas!"
TexAnna  Crocker's  Motto 
Borrowed from the Texas Department of Transportation
Litter motto 2000
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A Proposal for Preservation and Distribution

Professors Joseph T. Glatthaar (Department of History) and Michael S. Parks (Department of Decision and Information Sciences) of the University of Houston.
This Texas Confederate Journal Project Proposal is designed to generate interest in providing easily accessible historical and genealogical information on Texas and Texas soldiers during the War Between The States. The best resource site for all of TEXAS CONFEDERATE VETERANS'  Records that I have found on the Internet. (emc)

Another Great Civil War Resource Site:
Regimental histories, muster rolls, biographies, graves
and cemeteries.
Web Master: Randy Howald
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Public Service Announcement
The Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Descendant Project 

 http://home.pacifier.com/~karenl/lewis&.htm is the Lewis & Clark project page. 
Clatsop County Genealogical Society @ http://www.pacifier.com/~karenl
Pacific County Genealogical Society @ http://www.pacifier.com/~uniqhorn

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 Texas Almanac published by the Dallas Morning News. 
Thank you! Ms. Mary G. Ramos, Editor, Texas Almanac. 
e-mail mramos@texasalmanac.com
P. O. Box: 655237
Dallas, Texas, 75265
214 - 977-8120
Fax - 214 - 977 - 8120
For allowing me to use their older publications of 1952/53 edition of "The Texas Almanac; I am placing this  recipient link to their page for a more current information on Texas for you, the researchers  behalf , since my site is featuring Texas History before 1990.
How reliable are these facts, is  unknown other than who or where the sources came. 
Each generation or State Legislature seems to have changed History either verbal or written to suit their personal or political needs.
Eveline M. <TexAnn > Crocker: 
Administrator and Web Master of TxALHN:
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A Little Bit About Me:
photo of  WAC PFC Eveyn Crocker Bean
Eveline M. Crocker
aka TexAnna
Cold War Recognition Certificate and Medal
Army Good Conduct Medal
Medical Specialist
Surg.. & Orthopedic Service
Wm. Beaumont Army Hosp.
Fort Bliss, Texas
Korea Cold War Era 

Cold War Recognition Certificate and Medal
 1968 - Viet Nam Cold War Era.

God Bless Texas Flag
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