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Family History
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Welcome to our Genealogy Web site!

This web page documents our family history research to date. In addition is contains references, sources and useful links I have found while researching Lois' and my tree.

We're possible I've put copies of my original data online, for example limited name UK Birth-Marriage-Deaths index entries. See the appropriate region above and follow links.

I can also perform some limited searches for other people in the resources I hold personally. The most useful are probably the UK 1881 Census CD's (but who doesn't have them!), and also the complete Parish transcripts for some Villages in Leicestershire. See the Help Offerred page for a list.

My family history immediately starts in England, as I only came to the States 5 years ago. My fathers side is from Leicestershire (Coalville, Abb Kettleby and Nether Broughton), Nottingham and Yorkshire (Emley, West Riding). My mother's side is from Hertfordshire (Watford), Lancashire (Westhoughton) and Sweden.

Lois is an 11th generation Yankee, her direct descendant, James Hildreth emigrated from Gainford, Durham, England to Boston and then was a signing forefather of Chelmsford, Massachusetts in 1635. She's also half French-Canadian (Valliere). Pierre Valliere came from France (Cognac region) to La Rochelle, New France (Qubec) in 1666.

You will find sources for all our data, we try to be accurate and thorough. We hope some of this information will be useful in your research.