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Samuel Rodolphus Langston and new wife Eevi Elisabeth Taipalus -- with a couple of friends  (1936)
John Mercer Langston - first African American: elected to the US Congress from VA, elected to public office by popular vote.  Ambassador to Haiti.

To My Fellow Langstons,

Many of us Langstons are related, sharing ancestors from generations past; many of us can trace our Langston ancestors into early American history.  Many of us, like my parents pictured above, are of European descent  (my mother was of Finnish descent).   But the Langston surname is as diverse as America.   Many Langstons are of African American descent, or Native America descent, or a combination of two, or three (John Mercer Langston pictured above, was of African American, Native American, and European descent), or even more backgrounds.

The Langston family truly represents the American 'melting pot', but in a way seldom explored.  Not only did our ancestors live through and experience every major event in our country's history, but also our ancestors lived on both sides of every issue that has challenged our country.  Langstons led the way for white settlers, yet we subjugated our brothers and sisters and destroyed their way of life;  we fought to bring freedom and democracy to our country and the world, yet we enslaved our sons and daughters.  

Our collective Langston family history encompasses the width and breadth of America's history -- what an extraordinary story we have to tell, and I wish to record it.  

I have found much through genealogical and historical research, but piecing together the personal lives of our ancestors is most difficult; history rarely records the ordinary heros and heroines.  I suspect that many of us had oral histories handed down to them.  I am searching for these priceless nuggets of history.

I invite Langstons of all backgrounds to share their stories with me, to participate in recording our story for history.  If this project interests you, please contact me -- I would love to hear from you.


Charles (Chip) Langston

Follow this link to an 1887 article on how Langston's Well, CA -- in the Mojave Desert -- was named.  It's a heart-felt account of the seen-better-times families of Benjamin and son Charley Langston.  

Many thanks to Don Thompson for contributing this rare Langston article.

Follow this link to read an account of the Murder of Nancy Langston of Wabash Point, IL in 1873.  This line of  Langston family ascendency has been corrected based on the input of a kind fellow researcher!

Follow this link to my Langston Family Tree.  This will be of interest to Langston researchers as I am a descendent of James Langston, son of the elder Jechonias.  To date, I have never uncovered a history of this line of Langstons.  There are lots of Georgia Langstons in this tree.  If anyone has information on any of the missing items, please contact me.
This link will lead you to an article about the rise and fall of the Langston Plantation in Sandersville, Georgia.  It also contains an abundance of early Georgia and Washington County history starting about 1776, ending in 1836.

It also contains informations on the natural disasters that befell American the years of  1811/12 and 1816 - their impact upon America is rarely reported.  

Follow this link to a nest of sites concerning the extraordinary life of John Mercer Langston.  Follow the link 'John Mercer Langston birthplace historic highway marker' on the next site to see photographs of his living descendants.  

Follow this link to the home page of Langston University located in Langston, OK.  Both were named in honor of John Mercer Langston.

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