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     Land Records such as Grants, Surveyor's Records, Deeds, Plat Maps and Land Transfers, are an often overlooked, but important part of genealogical research.  For example, deeds are among the most important documents available for tying a specific person to a specific place; especially in those cases where time, place, and circumstances have made vital records difficult to research.  The family historian who takes the time to research these types of legal documents will often be pleasantly surprised by the rewards that are in store. These types of records can help you locate ancestors' residences, or clarify relationships between people-depending on the type of land records that your ancestors' names appear in.  Land records, deeds, and maps can give your research dimension, enabling you to find descriptions of property, years of residence, and even family members.  We’ve included gazetteers and map collections within these listings as they compliment and research of real estate records.

     All of the records and databases listed below are FREE and can be accessed and searched without having to pay for a subscription.   We try not to list any sites that have only a few records for the purpose of getting you to a website that will charge a fee to actually see the record beyond just a name.  

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Use the “Find” function in the Edit pull down menu.  You can also access this function by holding down the Control key while pressing the F key (Ctrl+F) on your keyboard.  For the best search results: PLACE = type in the first three or four words of the title; KEYWORD = type in only one word for each search.

If you encounter a  broken link Cut & Paste the entry to your browser’s search component.


·         Alabama Land Records Database

·         Sanborn Maps of Alabama, 1884-1950

·         Alabama: Land Records & Maps

·         Alabama (Digital Map Library)


·         Alaska (Digital Map Library)


·         Arizona (Digital Map Library)


·         Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents

·         Arkansas State Land Records

·         Arkansas: Land Records & Maps

·         Arkansas (Digital Map Library)


·         Sanborn Maps of San Francisco, 1900

·         California: Land Records & Maps

·         California (Digital Map Library)


·         Kit Carson Co., Land Registration Receipts, 1913-19

·         Sanborn Maps of Colorado, 1883-1922

·         Colorado (Digital Map Library)


·         Connecticut (Digital Map Library)


·         Delaware (Digital Map Library)


·         District of Columbia (Digital Map Library)


·         Spanish Land Grants

·         Sanborn Maps of Florida, 1860-1923

·         Florida: Land Records & Maps

·         Florida (Digital Map Library)


·         District Plats of Survey 1805-1833

·         Headright and Bounty Plats of Survey, 1783-1909

·         U.S.G.S. topographic maps of Georgia, 1880s-1950s

·         County Maps - Georgia

·         Historic Maps - Georgia

·         Georgia Colonial & Headright Plat Index, 1735-1866

·         Sanborn Maps of Georgia, 1884-1922

·         Georgia, Headright and Bounty Land Records, 1783-1909

·         Georgia (Digital Map Library)

·         Chatham County, GA: Deed Books, 1785-1806

·         Cherokee County, GA: Deeds for land 1833 to 1843



·         Land Index - People Names, 1838-1918 (R-Z)

·         Land Index - Place Names, 1838-1918 (A, E and U)

·         Hawaii (Digital Map Library)



·         Idaho (Digital Map Library)

·         Clark Co., Idaho: Land and property records




·         Illinois, Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database

·         Illinois: Land Records & Maps

·         Illinois (Digital Map Library)

·         DeKalb Co., Illinois, Land Records, 1838-1927



·         Indiana Public Lands 

·         Indiana (Digital Map Library)

·         Indianapolis, Indiana, Sanborn Maps of 1887-1941

·         Muncie, Indiana, Sanborn Maps 1883-1911



·         Iowa (Digital Map Library)


·         Cancelled, Rejected, & Relinquished Land Entry Files, 1903-37

·         Kansas Places Index

·         Kansas Extinct or Declining Towns, ca. 1940

·         Kansas Post Offices

·         Kansas Counties

·         Kansas Townships

·         Sanborn Maps Of Kansas Towns On Microfilm

·         Kansas County Atlases On Microfilm

·         Land Survey Records – Kansas

·         Tri-State Mining Maps: SW Missouri, SE Kansas, & NE Oklahoma

·         Kansas (Digital Map Library)

·         Topeka Building Permits, 1880-1925



·         Kentucky Atlas and Gazetteer

·         Kentucky County Formation Maps

·         Kentucky County General Highway Maps

·         Kentucky Land Office Searchable Database

·         Kentucky: Digital Map Collection

·         Kentucky (Digital Map Library)

·         Frankfort, Kentucky, Sanborn Maps of 1907




·         Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents

·         Louisiana: Land Records & Maps

·         Louisiana (Digital Map Library)

·         Madison Parish, Louisiana Maps



·         Maine: Maps

·         Maine (Digital Map Library)

·         Aroostook County, Maine, Deed Books, 1865-1900

·         Kennebec Co., Maine, Hallowell, Sanborn Maps of 1890

·         Piscataquis Co. Maine, Deed Books, 1838-1902



·         Provincial Court Land Records 1676-1774

·         Index to Maryland Provincial & General Court Deeds,1658-1790

·         Martenet's Atlas of Maryland, 1865

·         Illustrated Atlas of Washington County, 1877

·         General Court of the Western Shore Land Records, 1783-1786

·         Maryland (Digital Map Library)

·         Kent Co. Court, Bonds, Indentures, & Land Records, 1694-1707

·         Washington Co., MD: Land patents (1730-1830)



·         Massachusetts, Land Records, 1620-1986

·         Massachusetts (Digital Map Library)

·         Massachusetts Land Records Database (by County)

·         Bristol Co., MA, Taunton, 1678 Purchase Rights

·         Essex Co., MA, Ipswich, 1678 Commonage Rights

·         Middlesex Co., MA, Watertown, Land Allotments & Misc.

·         Nantucket Co. MA, Early Nantucket Deeds

·         Nantucket Co., MA, Nantucket, Early Land Records

·         Plymouth Co., MA, Duxbury, Town Records - Land & Meetings



·         Michigan Archives Map Collection

·         Michigan (Digital Map Library)


·         Minnesota: Land Records & Maps

·         Minnesota (Digital Map Library)

·         Clay Co., Minn. Land & Property Records, 1872-1947

·         Dakota County, Plat book of 1896

·         Hennepin County, Map 1873

·         Hennepin Plat book of 1898

·         Itasca County, Minnesota: Land Records, 1872-1930

·         Lapeer Co., MI:  Almont Twp., Pre-1846 Land Entries

·         Ramsey County, MN: Plat book of 1898

·         Roseau County Minnesota,  Land Records, 1892-1930

·         St. Clair Co., MI: Berlin Twp.,1916 Plat Maps & Land Owners

·         Winona County, MN: Plat book of 1894



·         Mississippi (Digital Map Library)



·      Missouri Land Patents, 1831-1969

·      Missouri Maps

·      Missouri County plat books

·      Maps of Missouri – St. Louis Library

·      Tri-State Mining Maps for SW Missouri

·      Missouri (Digital Map Library)

·      Sanborn Maps for Missouri, 1880-1922

·      Sanborn Maps of Missouri, 1883-1951

·      Kansas City, Mo, Sanborn Fire Ins. Maps, 1895-1957

·      Marion Co., MO 1875 Land Plat Atlas 

·      St. Louis, Missouri, Sanborn Maps of 1870-1904



·    Montana: Land Records & Maps

·    Montana (Digital Map Library)


·      1890/1911 Gazetteer Index

·      Sherard's Nebraska Place Names

·      1860-1954 Tract Books Index

·      Nebraska (Digital Map Library)

·      Alliance, NE ca. 1869-1950, Name Index to Land Entry Files*

·      Broken Bow, Neb.,Homestead Records, 1890-1908

·      Broken Bow, NE 1902-1918, Name Index to Land Entry Files*

·      Lincoln, NE ca. 1905-1933, Name Index to Land Entry Files*

·      North Platte, NE ca. 1902-1922, Name Index to Land Entry Files*

·      O'Neill, NE ca. 1900-1918, Name Index to Land Entry Files*

·      Valentine, NE ca. 1907-1918, Name Index to Land Entry Files*

* = Cancelled, Rejected and Relinquished


·    Nevada Land Patents 1865-2009

·    Nevada In Maps

·    Southern Nevada and Las Vegas: History in Maps

·    Nevada (Digital Map Library)


·    New Hampshire (Digital Map Library)


·    Proprietary Warrants and Surveys, 1670-1727

·    New Jersey (Digital Map Library)



·    New Mexico (Digital Map Library)\

·    New Mexico Land Grant Records


·    New York, Land Records, 1630-1975

·    New York (Digital Map Library)


·    North Carolina Maps- from late 1500s to 2000

·    Sanborn Maps of North Carolina, 1884-1922

·    North Carolina (Digital Map Library)


·    North Dakota (Digital Map Library)


·    Ohio (Digital Map Library)

·    Cincinnati, Ohio,Sanborn Maps  

·    Toledo, Ohio, Sanborn Maps of 1902



·    1889 Oklahoma County Land Database & Map

·    1901 Land Lottery Tickets (did not receive land)

·    Tri-State Mining Maps: NE Oklahoma

·    Oklahoma: Land Records & Maps

·    Oklahoma (Digital Map Library)

·    OK, Applications for Allotment, Five Civilized Tribes, 1899-1907

·    1896 enrollment among the members of the Five Civilized Tribes

·    1901 El Reno Land Lottery - Names Drawn

·    Hastain's Township Plats of the Creek Nation



·    Oregon Historical Records Index – Land Claims

·    Oregon (Digital Map Library)


·    Pennsylvania State Archives: Land Records

·    Pennsylvania (Digital Map Library)

·    York County, PA: Atlas of 1876




·    Rhode Island (Digital Map Library)


·    National Register Properties

·    Plats for State Land Grants, 1784-1868

·    Sanborn Maps of South Carolina, 1884-1960

·    South Carolina: Land Records & Maps

·    South Carolina (Digital Map Library)



·    South Dakota (Digital Map Library)


·    Tennessee Place Names and Post Offices

·    Historical Maps of Tennessee

·    Tennessee (Digital Map Library)


·    Texas General Land Office Land Grant Search

·    Texas General Land Office Archives Surname Index

·    Texas: Land Records & Maps

·    Texas: Maps Online

·    Texas (Digital Map Library)


·    Sanborn Maps of Utah, 1884-1922

·    Utah (Digital Map Library)


·   Vermont, Land Records, Early to 1900

·   Vermont (Digital Map Library)


·    VA Land Office Patents & Grants/Northern Neck Grants & Surveys

·    VA Land Patents and Grants – index of various counties

·    Virginia: Land Records & Maps

·    Virginia (Digital Map Library)

·    Russell Co., Virginia Deed Book 2 (1795-1798)

·    Russell County, VA Deed Book 2 Grantor Index

·    Russell County, VA Deed Book 1 Grantee Index

·    Russell Co., Va, Deed Book 1 Abstracts (1786-1795)

·    Russell County Surveyors Book 1, 1786-1799

·    Russell County Surveyors Book 2, 1799-1908



·    Early Washington Maps Database

·    Washington State County Land Records, 1852-1935

·    Washington (Digital Map Library)


·    West Virginia (Digital Map Library)


·    Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents

·    Wisconsin (Digital Map Library)

·    Milwaukee, Sanborn Maps 1894 and 1910



·    Wyoming (Digital Map Library)




·    Federal Land Patent Database

·    Federal Survey Plats and Field Notes

·    Federal Land Status Records Database

·    Federal Land Control Document Index Records

·    Fry–Jefferson Maps, Surveys and Derivatives

·    Deed Records – at Rootsweb

·    Land Records Database – at Rootsweb

·    Plat Records – at Rootsweb

·    United States, Bureau of Land Management Tract Books, 1820-1908




Web resources



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The following are links to websites that may provide you with specific genealogical information to assist with organizing and evaluating your research.

·      Early Land Surveys in Southern Ontario

·      Land Record Reference

·      Researching Land Entry Files

·      Skillbuilding: Analyzing Deeds for Useful Clues

·      Land Records Research Directory

·      Public Lands & Claims Amer. State Papers, 1789-1837

·      List of Useful Resources About Land Records

·      Glossary, Acronyms & Abbreviations- Land Records

·     Bureau of Land Management – State Links

·      Platting Deeds in Metes & Bounds

·      How to Understand Legal Land Descriptions

·      Land Survey Information System

·      Land Survey Systems

·      Metes and Bounds Surveys

·      PLSS in Google Earth (PLSGE)

·      Range Maps for Dummies

·      BLM GLO Records - Rectangular Survey System

·      Surveying Units and Terms

·      U.S. Weights and Measures


The Link at the right will take you to our library of genealogy reference books.   Here you will find general and

specific locational reference books as well as other books that will assist you with your research.

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