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     Few people escape mention in court records at some time during their lives as witnesses, litigants, jurors, guardians, appointees to office, or as petition signatories, etc.    Court records such as wills, and probate records are an often overlooked, but important part of genealogical research.  For example, court cases can often involve dozens of litigants and defendants, many of whom may be related.  Wills and corresponding probate records can supply interesting details, such as the total value of estates and lists of surviving family members. The family historians who take the time to research these types of legal documents will often be pleasantly surprised by the rewards that are in store. These types of records can help you locate ancestors' residences, determine occupations, find financial information, establish citizenship status, or clarify relationships between people-depending on the type of records that your ancestors' names appear in.

          All of the records and databases listed below are FREE and can be accessed and searched without having to pay for a subscription.   We try not to list any sites that have only a few records for the purpose of getting you to a website that will charge a fee to actually see the record beyond just a name.  

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States, Territories and Local Records

Arrow (red up) ALABAMA:

·         Alabama - Probate & Naturalization Records

·         Alabama, Estate Files, 1830-1976

·         Alabama, County Probate Records, 1830-1976

·         Alabama, Probate Records, 1809-1985

·         Alabama, Sumter County Circuit Court Files, 1840-1950

·         Madison Co., AL, Chancery & Circuit Court Records, 1847-1950

·         Alabama, Jefferson County Circuit Court Papers, 1870-1916


Arrow (red up) ALASKA:

·    Alaska  - Probate & Naturalization Records


Arrow (red up) ARIZONA:

·    Arizona, Maricopa County Probate Records, 1870-1930


Arrow (red up) ARKANSAS:

·    Arkansas  - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Arkansas, Probate Records, 1817-1979


Arrow (red up) CALIFORNIA:

·    California, San Mateo County Records, 1856-1967

·    California  - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    California, Probate Estate Files,1833-1991


Arrow (red up) COLORADO:

·    Gilpin County Chancery Cases (1862-1878)

·    County Probate Records

·    Colorado County Will Records

·    Colorado  - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Colorado, Denver County Probate Case Files, 1900-1925


Arrow (red up) CONNECTICUT:

·      Grantor & Grantee Indexes to the Middlesex Co., CT, Deed section


Arrow (red up) DELAWARE:

·      Sussex Co., Legal documents filed Orphans Court

·      Sussex County Orphan's Court Docket, 1737-1847 

·      Delaware  - Probate & Naturalization Records

Delaware Orphan Court Records, 1680-1978


Arrow (red up) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Washington, DC:


Arrow (red up) FLORIDA:

·    Florida  - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Florida, Probate Records, 1784-1990


Arrow (red up) GEORGIA:

·    Colonial Will Books, 1754-1779

·    Colonial Wills, 1733-1778

·    Southeastern Native-American Documents, 1730-1842

·    Troup Co. Superior Ct. Records (1827-1926, 1936-37)

·    Georgia  - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Georgia, Probate Records, 1742-1990


Arrow (red up) HAWAII:

·    Deaths - Probates Index - First Circuit

·    Deaths - Probates Index - Second Circuit

·    Deaths - Probates Index - Third Circuit

·    Deaths - Probates Minute Books - 3rd & 4th Circuits

·    Deaths - Probates Index - Fourth Circuit

·    Deaths - Probates Index - Fifth Circuit

·    Deaths - Probates Minute Books - Fifth Circuit

·    Deaths - Wills - First Circuit

·    Deaths - Wills - Other Circuits

·    Judiciary Records (Royalty Probates)


Arrow (red up) IDAHO:

·    District Court records – Clark County

·    Probate records – Clark County


Arrow (red up) ILLINOIS:

·    Illinois, Probate Records, 1819-1970

·    Illinois  - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Mattoon, Coles Co., Court of Common Pleas Case Index-1869–73

·    Fulton Co. Circuit Court Case Files Index (1825–76)

·    Kane Co. Circuit Court Case Files Index (1836–1870)

·    Lake Co. Circuit Court Case Files Index (1840–1898)

·    Livingston Co. Probate Case Files Index (1837–1958)

·    Logan Co. Circuit Court Criminal Files Index:1857–1945

·    Macon Co. Circuit Court Case Files Index (1829–61)

·    Madison Co. Probate Case Files Index (1813–1903)

·    McDonough Co. Probate Case Files Index (1833-1925)

·    McDonough Co. Guardian Case Files Index (1838-1933)

·    McLean County Probate Record Index (1834–1934)

·    McLean County Will Record Index (1838–1940)

·    Peoria County Probate Case Files Index (1825–1887)

·    Rock Island Probate Case Files Index (1834–1899)

·    Sangamon Co. Guardian Case Files Index (1825–1901)

·    Sangamon Co. Probate Case Files Index (1821–1906)

·    Shelby Co. Circuit Court Case Files Index (1828–71)

·    St. Clair Co. Circuit Court Chancery Files Index:1815–70


Arrow (red up) INDIANA:

·    Allen County Guardianships, 1829-1905

·    Marion County Court 

·    Marion County Wills 

·    Index to Will Books (1822-1977): Hendricks County

·    Indiana - Probate and Naturalization Records


Arrow (red up) IOWA:

·    Iowa, Fayette County Probate Records, 1851-1928


Arrow (red up) KANSAS:

·    Kansas - Probate and Naturalization Records


Arrow (red up) KENTUCKY:

·    Kentucky County Clerks

·    Kentucky - Probate and Naturalization Records

·    Kentucky Probate Records, 1727-1990


Arrow (red up) LOUISIANA:

·    LA, Orleans Parish 2nd District Judicial Court Case Files, 1846-80

·    Louisiana, Orleans Court Records, 1822-1880

·    Louisiana - Probate and Naturalization Records

·    Louisiana, Orleans Parish Will Books, 1805-1920


Arrow (red up) MAINE:

·    Maine Wills, 1640-1760

·    Maine Court Records, 1696-1854

·    Maine Name Changes, 1820-1891

·    Maine, County Probate Records, 1760-1979

·    Maine, Androscoggin County, Probate Estate Files, 1854-1918

·    Maine, Aroostook County, Probate Records, 1837-2007

·    Hancock Court of Sessions Records, 1788-1881

·    Maine, Kennebec County Probate Estates Files, 1779-1915

·    Maine, Knox County, Probate Estate Files, 1861-1915

·    Maine, Oxford County, Probate Estate Files, 1805-1915

·    Maine, Somerset County, Probate Estate Files, 1809-1915

·    Maine, York County, Probate Estate Files, 1690-1917


Arrow (red up) MARYLAND:

·      Chancery Court, Chancery Record, 1671-1712

·      Maryland, Probate Estate and Guardianship Files, 1796-1940

·      Maryland, Register of Wills Books, 1629-1983

·      Maryland - Probate and Naturalization Records

·      Maryland, Register of Wills Books, 1629-1983

·      Index to Colonial Probate Records, 1634-1777

·      Abstracts of Maryland Wills, 1743-1764

·      Garrett Co., MD: Probate Estate & Guardianship Files, 1920-40

·      Kent Co. Court, Bonds, Indentures, & Land Records,1694-1707

·      Washington County Court Records, 1778-1793

·      Washington County Jury List, 1877


Arrow (red up) MASSACHUSETTS:

·     Nantucket, Nantucket Co. MA, Wills & Probates, 1680-1778

·     Nantucket, Nantucket Co. MA, Wills & Probates, 1778-1815

·     Nantucket, Nantucket Co. MA, Wills & Probates, 1815-1842

·     Massachusetts, Plymouth County, Probate Records, 1633-1967

·     Massachusetts, Plymouth County, Probate Estate Files, 1686-1915


Arrow (red up) MICHIGAN:

·    Michigan - Probate and Naturalization Records

·    Michigan, Probate Records, 1797-1973


Arrow (red up) MINNESOTA:

·    Minnesota Will Records, 1849-1985


Arrow (red up) MISSISSIPPI:

·    Mississippi, Probate Records, 1781-1930

·    Tippah Co., Miss.: Deeds & Probate Records 1863-1923  


Arrow (red up) MISSOURI:

·   Missouri’s Judicial Records Database

·   Missouri Supreme Court Historical Database

·   St. Louis Circuit Court Records Project

·   Missouri - Probate and Naturalization Records

·   Missouri, Andrew and Cole County Probate Records, 1826-1945

·   Missouri, Cole County Circuit Court Case Files, 1820-1926


Arrow (red up) MONTANA:

·    Montana, Rosebud County Records

·    Montana - Probate and Naturalization Records


Arrow (red up) NEBRASKA:

·    Nebraska - Probate and Naturalization Records


Arrow (red up) NEVADA:

Arrow (red up) NEW HAMPSHIRE:

·   New Hampshire, County Probate Estate Files, 1769-1936

·   New Hampshire, County Probate Records, 1660-1973

·   Cheshire County, NH Probate Estate Files, 1886-1900

·   NH, Naturalization & Probate Records, 1643-1948


Arrow (red up) NEW JERSEY:

·    Index to Supreme Court Case Files, 1704-1844

·    Legal Name Changes, 1847-1947

·    Hunterdon County Slave Manumissions 1788-1836

·    Middlesex Co., NJ: Probate Records, 1830-1921

·    New Jersey, Probate Records, 1678-1980


Arrow (red up) NEW MEXICO:


Arrow (red up) NEW YORK:

·    New York, Probate Records, 1629-1971

·    War of 1812 Prize Cases, Southern Dist Court, NY

·    New York - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    New York Counties: Will Testators Indexes

·    New York, Kings County Estate Files, 1866-1923

·    Orange County, NY Probate Records, 1787-1938

·    New York, Queens County Probate Records, 1785-1950

·    Rensselear Co., NY, Abstracts of Wills


Arrow (red up) NORTH CAROLINA:

·    North Carolina Probate Records, 1735-1970

·    N.C., State Supreme Court Case Files, 1800-1909

·    North Carolina - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979

·    North Carolina, Civil Action Court Papers, 1712-1970


Arrow (red up) NORTH DAKOTA:

·    Cass County, N.D. Probate Records (1876-1949)


Arrow (red up) OHIO:

·    Ohio, Probate Records, 1789-1996

·    Ohio - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Ohio, Cuyahoga County Probate Files, 1813-1917

·    Ohio, Jefferson County Court Records, 1797-1940

·    Ohio, Montgomery County, Probate Estate Files, 1850-1900

·    Ohio, Stark County Court Records, 1809-1917

·    Ohio, Stark County Probate Records, 1886-1921

·    Ohio, Trumbull County Court Records, 1795-2010


Arrow (red up) OKLAHOMA:

·   Oklahoma, Probate Records, 1887-2008

·   Oklahoma Co., OK: Probate Records 1890-1950


Arrow (red up) OREGON:

·    Oregon - Probate & Naturalization Records


Arrow (red up) PENNSYLVANIA:

·    Pennsylvania - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Pennsylvania, Probate Records, 1683-1994

·    York Co., Will Abstracts 1749-1819: Surnames A-E 

·    York Co., Will Abstracts 1749-1819: Surnames F-K

·    York Co., Will Abstracts 1749-1819: Surnames L-O 
·    York Co., Will Abstracts 1749-1819: Surnames T-Z 


Arrow (red up) RHODE ISLAND:


Arrow (red up) SOUTH CAROLINA:

·    Criminal Court Records, 1769-1891

·    Will Transcripts, 1782- c.1855

·    SC, Probate Records, Files and Loose Papers, 1732-1964

·    South Carolina Probate Records, Bound Volumes, 1671-1977


Arrow (red up) SOUTH DAKOTA:

·    South Dakota - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Minnehaha Co, SD, Probate Case Records, 1873-1935


Arrow (red up) TENNESSEE:

·    Tennessee Probate Court Files, 1795-1927

·    Chancery Court Divorce Index 1945-1997 – Shelby Co.

·    Circuit Court Indexes 1893-2000 – Shelby County

·    Probate Court Loose Paper Index 1820-1900 – Shelby County

·    Acts of Tennessee 1796-1850: Index to Names

·    Tennessee - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    White County, TN: Records, 1809-1975

·    Tennessee, Supreme Court Case Index, 1809-1950


Arrow (red up) TEXAS:

·    Texas - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Texas, Probate Records, 1800-1990

·    Republic Claims 1835-46 for payment, reimbursement, restitution

·    Texas, Comanche County Records, 1858-1955

·    Texas, Mills County Clerk Records, 1841-1985

·    Nolan Co., TX: Civil Court Minutes and Case Files, 1881-1938


Arrow (red up) UTAH:

·    Utah, Territorial Case Files of the U.S. District Courts, 1870-1896

·    District Court records - Davis County Records, 1869-1920

·    Probate records - Davis County Records, 1869-1920

·    Utah, Probate Records, 1851-1961


Arrow (red up) VERMONT:

·   Vermont Probate Files, 1791-1919

·   Addison Co., Vermont Probate Files, 1845-1915

·   Bennington Co., VT, Manchester District Estate Files, 1779-1935

·   Vermont, Franklin County Probate Records, 1796-1921

·   Orange Co., VT: Bradford District Estate Files, 1780-1915

·   Orange Co., VT: Randolph District Probate Records, 1790-1935

·   Washington Co., VT, Probate Estate Files, 1862-1915

·   Windham Co., Westminster District, Probate Records, 1781-1921


Arrow (red up) VIRGINIA:

·    Virginia Wills Before 1799

·    Chancery Records Index

·    Virginia - Probate & Naturalization Records

·    Virginia: Index to Wills and Administrations

·    Lost Records Localities Digital Collection

·    Bedford County, VA - Will Index, 1754 - 1830


Arrow (red up) WASHINGTON:

·   Washington, County Probate Case Files, 1832-1950

·    Washington, County Probate Records, 1853-1929

·   Washington, King County Probate Records, 1854-1927

·   Cowlitz Co., WA Civil Court Dockets, 1876-1951


Arrow (red up) WEST VIRGINIA:

·  West Virginia Will Books, 1756-1971


Arrow (red up) WISCONSIN:

Wisconsin, Probate Estate Files, 1848-1948



Arrow (red up) WYOMING:

·   Wyoming - Probate & Naturalization Records


World, National and Regional Records


·   Court Records – at Rootsweb

·   Amistad - Federal court records

·   Amistad - Supreme Court records



Northern Ireland:

Will calendar entries Armagh, Belfast & Londonderry - 1858-1943


Registry of Deeds Index Project - Ireland


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