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Coleman's Mills Cemetery

This small family cemetery is located near the intersection of Humphrey and Postal Roads in the town of Westmoreland. Several of the tombstones had been removed and used around the farm across the road and two stones were found there lying on the ground. Any stones that remained in the cemetery were buried under truck loads of dirt and rocks dumped there by the town some years ago.

The two stones found are indicated with an * and were transcribed by Kathleen Last and Virginai Ackerman on April 7, 1005.

The rest of this cemetery listing was taken from a DAR listing done in 1936, taken from records of L. S. Abrams.

Dewey, Dolly Tuttle, only child of Abner & Ascenath Tuttle & wife of Amasa Dewey, died April 24, 1854

*Lewis, John died Oct. 17, 1865 age 83 yrs
Lewis, Razpah, wife of John Lewis, died Jan. 31, 1860 age 73 yrs

Smith, Charity, wife of Daniel Smith, died May 24, 1840 age 82 yrs
*Smith, Daniel died Aug. 10, 1830 age 70 yrs (Rev. War)
Smith, Luke died Mar. 23, 1879 age 73 yrs
Smith, Polycarpus died Sep. 9, 1807 age 73 yrs (Rev. War)
Smith, Dolly, wife of Polycarpus Smith, died Oct. 15, 1846 age 92 yrs
Smith, Ellen, dau of Joseph & Harriet Smith, died June 9, 1836 age 9 yrs

Tuttle, Abner died April 17, 1831 age 74 yrs (Rev. War)
Tuttle, Ascenath, wife of Abner Tuttle, died Apr. 8, 1843 age 80yrs

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