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Cagwin Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the woods several hundred yards off Rock Road near the intersection of Scholtz Road in the townof Verona. It is on private property. This cemetery has not been maintained in many years. Many of the stones are on the ground and some are broken. Several were completely illegible This cemetery is the final resting place of Thomas Cagwin, a Revolutionary War Minuteman. His stone is completely out of the ground and leaning against a wrought iron fence. The inscription is very badly worn.

The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on August 9, 2000.

Cagwin, Elias died (rest illegible)
Cagwin, Elias died Jan. 24, 1850 age 77 yrs 4 mos
Cagwin, Ephriam Alexander, son of Harvey & Mehetable Cagwin, died Sep. 14, 1831 age 10 weeks
Cagwin, Jemima, wife of William Cagwin, died June 7, 1832 age 31 yrs
Cagwin, Susan E., wife of William Cagwin, died Jan. 18, 1841 age 32 yrs
Cagwin, Thomas died Sep. 27, 1827 age 83 yrs (Rev. War Minuteman)
Cagwin, William died Jan. 25, 1857 age 60 yrs 10 mos 27 dys
Cagwin, William Rhodes died Dec. 22, 1819 age 22 yrs
Cagwin, Wm. Henry Francis Dwight, son of Harvey & Mehetable Cagwin, died Feb. 20, 1832 age 7 yrs

Cook, S. 1808

Dunner, Eunice, wife of Elisha Dunner, (stone badly worn rest illegible)

Fitch, Andrew died Feb. 27, 1826 age 46 yrs

Nice, George, son of Michael & Cornelia Nice, died Nov. 15, 1847 age 10 mos 12 dys

Raynsford, Maria, wife of David Raynsford, died Mar. 14, 1825 age 32 yrs

Rhodes, John G. died Oct. 22, 1807 age 15 yrs

Sidney, Harriet E., wife of William Sidney, died Oct. 5, 1831 (stone very badly worn)

Wentworth, Eliphalet died Dec. 15, 1829 age 46 yrs
Wentworth, Nelson C., son of Eliphalet & Anna Wentworth, died Mar. 18, (stone broken)

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