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Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the north side of the Coombs Road in the town of Trenton. At one time the Wesleyan Methodist Church was located on this site. It is now on private property. The cemetery is not maintained and there appears to be more burials than tombstones. The area is covered with leaves and small tree limbs making it impossible to see any stones lying on the ground.

The tombstones remaining were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on May 2, 2003.

Evans, Margaret J., dau of J. & M. Evans, died June 18, 1872 age 6 yrs 11 mos 21 dys
Evans, Lillian Carrie, dau of Griffith & Elizabeth Evans, died March 9, 1877 age 9 mos 21 dys
Evans, Hannah R., dau of Griffith & Elizabeth Evans, July 5, 1864-Nov. 17, 1864
Evans, Jane F., dau of Griffith & Elizabeth Evans, Dec. 8, 1861-June 18, 1862
Evans, Elizabeth, wife of John F. Evans, died May 6, 1872 age 92 yrs
Evans, John died Sep. 15, 1873 age 74 yrs

Jones, Laura died May 27, 1861 age 76 yrs
Jones, (no first name) son of Richard D. & Elizabeth Jones, died April 7, 1861 age 1 yr 24 dys

Pugh, Humphrey R. (rest of stone missing)

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