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Weeks Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the Starr Hill Road, not too far from Sixty Corners Road in the Town of Steuben. There is a large sign by the road that reads:

"Ebenezer Weeks settled here in 1791 and is buried in adjoining meadow. Built Bake Oven and did coopering for Baron Steuben".

The cemetery contains one stone with the following inscriptions and is surrounded by a fence. The area between the tombstone and the road is kept mowed and is in excellent condition. The inscriptons were copied on July 11, 2000 by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman.

Park, Asahel died Oct. 29, 1805 age 48 yrs

Weeks, Eunice Griswold, wife of Ebenezer Weeks, Feb. 1, 1742-Oct. 6, 1792
Weeks, Ebenezer, Rev. War, Aug. 16, 1741-Jul. 6, 1813
Weeks, Ebenezer Jr. Sep. 25, 1772-Aug. 6, 1791

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