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Waterbury Family

This cemetery is located just north of the intersection of N. Steuben Road and Starr Hill Road in the Town of Steuben and is distance off the road in the woods. The cemetery is not maintained and the meadow before the woods in overgrown with weeds. One stone was not found however there was a badly deteriorated stone lying on the ground which is probably the missing stone. Several of the stones are lying on the ground and some are broken but still legible.

The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on August 17, 2000.

Davis, Benjamin, son of Benjamin & Amanda Davis, died June 19, 1844, age 2 mos 3 dys

Morris, John M., son of Morris W. & Catherine Morris, died June 26, 1852, age 2 yrs 7 mos 4 dys

Talcott, Nancy A. Waterbury, dau of John & Elizabeth Waterbury and wife of James M. Talcott, died June 15, 1859, age 19 yrs 10 mos 15 dys

Waterbury, Enos died 1813 age 87 yrs (stone not found - info taken from 1935 DAR listing)
Waterbury, Elizabeth, wife of Enos Waterbury, died Nov. 24, 1816 age 56 yrs
Waterbury, Betsey, wife of John Waterbury, died Dec. 22, 1863 age 55 yrs
Waterbury, David, (son of Enos Waterbury), died April 20, 1876, age 79 yrs
Waterbury, Ann (Whitney), wife of David Waterbury, died June 25, 1871 age 70 yrs
Waterbury, Katie, dau of David & Ann Waterbury, died Nov. 20, 1874 age 34 yrs
Waterbury, Savina, (dau of David & Ann Waterbury), 1823-1901
Waterbury, Maryette, dau of David & Ann Waterbury, died Dec. 3, 1856, age 33 yrs 7 mos 16 dys

Waterbury, Edwin, son of David & Ann Waterbury, died Jul 24, 1842, age 11 yrs 24 dys

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