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Sizer Family Burial Grounds

This is a small family cemetery off the Fuller Road in the town of Steuben. There is an historical marker on Fuller Road which reads:

"Samuel Sizer, first settler on Steuben's Grant, 1787. Farm manager for Baron Steuben. His burial place is in the meadow 80 rods north of this marker. (1932)"

This small cemetery contains four tombstones and is surrounded by a fence. It is not maintained at all; grass and weeds are taller than the tombstones. In the cemetery is another historical marker which reads:

"Burial place of Samuel Sizer, Abigail Sizer, Asa Sizer, and Abigail Tyler Mitchell, the mother of Abigail Sizer (1932)."

The tombstones are badly worn and almost illegible. The tombstones were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on August 30, 2000.

Sizer, Abigail, wife of Samuel Sizer, died June 10, 1823 age 77 yrs
Sizer, Asa R. Esq. died Nov. 22, 1829 age 49 yrs
Sizer, Samuel died Sept. 24, 1823 age 79 yrs

Mitchell, Abigail died Dec. 29, 1828 age 88 yrs

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