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Fuller Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located across the road from the original Fuller farm on Fuller Road in the town of Steuben. An historical marker in front of the house reads:

"Fuller farm acquired from Baron Steuben by Capt. Simeon Fuller, born 1762 died 1852, held by him and his descendants to present day (1932)."

The cemetery is not maintained at all and is littered with brush and fallen tree limbs. It is surrounded by a stone wall and at one time was fenced in. All that remains of the fence is the cement fence posts, the metal poles missing. Inside this fence is a large square area that is built up about 2 feet above the ground. In the center of this large square is a newer tall monument with no inscriptions other than the Fuller name. Next to this monument is what appears to be the top of an older monument, and this monument contains the four inscriptions, Simeon, Wealthy, Russell and Lydia with complete information. The other tombstones are all newer stones and have only the years listed.

The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on August 30, 2000.

Fuller, Clara Cornelia, dau of Simeon R. & Martha White Fuller, 1852-1940
Fuller, Frank Russell, son of Simeon R. & Martha White Fuller, 1856-1932
Fuller, Lydia (Potter), wife of Russell Fuller and dau of Joseph Potter, died Feb. 4, 1879 age 80 yrs
Fuller, Martha White, wife (of Simeon R. Fuller), 1823-1912
Fuller, Russell, son of Simeon Fuller, born Sep. 5, 1795 died Mar. 10, 1856 age 60 yrs
Fuller, Simeon 1762-1852
Fuller, Simeon, son of Lot Fuller, Bolton, Conn. born Oct. 21, 1762 died Dec. 7, 1852 age 91 yrs
Fuller, Simeon R., son of Russell Fuller, 1821-1902
Fuller, Wealthy (Woodward), wife of Simeon Fuller and dau of Park Woodward, from Stonington, Conn., died Feb. 2, 1845 age 89 yrs
Fuller, Wealthy 1756-1845

Wells, Margaret Halgame, wife of Edwin Wells, Gourock, Scotland, a faithful friend, died Oct. 25, 1836 (this stone and grave have sunken into the ground. The maiden name hard to read)

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