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Rome Cemetery

The old Rome Cemetery was located at what is now Fort Stanwix Park, on the corner of Turin and North James Street. The old cemetery was in use from the 1820's until closed in 1872. By 1850 the cemetery was becoming more than full and additional room was needed. In 1851 the Rome Cemetery Association was organized and a search began to find a new location for the cemetery. A convenient location was found on Jervis Ave. in the northern part of the city, and 25 acres of land was purchased. The new cemetery was laid out and the grounds were dedicated in July 1853. The first burial was also made there in 1853.

Between the years of 1853 and 1889 the remains of those interred in the old burying grounds were reinterred in the new cemetery. In 2002 an improvement project at Fort Stanwix Park uncovered a headstone, footstone, and tiny bone fragments. Over the summer a few other gravestones were found. Again, in 2004, two more gravestones were uncovered as the park renovations continued.

Rome Cemetery is now the final resting place of the city's founding families. Originally on 25 acres of land, the site now comprises 140 acres. In 1893 the Kinglsey Memorial Chapel was erected as a gift of Dr. W. J. Kingsley in memory of his son, Dr. G. Lyle Kingsley. The chapel is located on the right hand side of the main entrance into the cemetery.

In 1926 the office building was built across the road from the Kingsley Chapel.

In 1914, the 80 casket receiving vault was built a short distance behind the Chapel.

In addition to these beautiful historic structures, there are several beautiful masoleums erected in different sections of the cemetery. Photos of some of these will be included on the pages for the individual sections in the cemetery.

The transcription of this cemetery will be done by sections. A map of the layout of the cemetery was drawn from area maps, and by driving thru the cemetery.

Map of Rome Cemetery

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