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Niles Family Cemetery

This cemetery is a short distance off the Rome-Oriskany Road (Rte. 69) in the City of Rome on private property. The cemetery is not maintained and is badly overgrown. Several of the stones are leaning against trees and several are broken. There are several burials with no tombstones.

This transcription was taken on July 18, 2001.

Badger, Sarah A., dau of Henry & Sarah Badger, died Sep. 10, 1838 age 2 yrs

Francis, John Jr. died Feb. 21, 1857

Hartwell, Hannah, wife of Thomas Hartwell, died April 17, 1829(?0) age 61 yrs
Hartwell, James L. died Dec. 1, 1826 age 2 yrs
Hartwell, Thomas died July 15, 1835 age 76 yrs

Hillyard, Mary died March 27, 1838 age 3 wks

Huson, John died Jan. 12, 1839 age 69 yrs
Huson, Samuel C. died April 10, 1831 age 18 yrs

Kimbal, P. L. (no dates) (this is carved into a field stone marker)

Niles, Abel M. died Oct. 26, 1834 age 22 yrs
Niles, Mary, wife of John Niles, died May 2, 1840 age 67 yrs
Niles, Phebe S., wife of Samuel Niles, died Sep. 11, 1835 age 39 yrs 1 mo 26 dys
(Niles) footstones for A.M.N, ...... M. N., ..... and also L. N. no tombsone for L. N.)

Steves, Samuel R., a local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church, died Aug. 15, 1838

Tibbetts, Henry, son of Aylmir & Polly Tibbits, died March 21, 1853 age 7 yrs 7 mos 6 dys

Yates, Eve, wife of Peter C. Yates of Whitestown, Montg. Co., NY, died March 7, 1848 age 76 yrs

There are two metal Civil War markers, side by side, several feet behind the Niles stones. There are no names on the markers, just dates 1861-1865. If there are Civil War veterans buried here, there are no stones to indicated who they are.

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