Hoag Family Cemetery
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Hoag Family Cemetery

This small family cemetery is located off the north side of the Old Oneida Road, not too far from the intersection of Route 26S. There is a tall stone in the center of the cemetery and it can be seen from the road. All the burials here are members of the Hoag family.

The tombstones here were transcribed by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on July 24, 2000. Photos of the tombstones were taken on September 1, 2007 by Kathleen Last.

Tombstone photos from this cemetery are available on the
New York State Tombstone Project

Caldwell, Cynthia, d. Oct 2, 1826, Aged: 25 Yr 5 Mo, wife of William Caldwell.
Caldwell, Cynthia, d. Jan 11, 1827, Aged: 4 Mo, dau of W. & Cynthia Caldwell.

Hoag, Agnes Desire, b. 1842, d. 1894, dau of John & Mary D. Hoag.
Hoag, Anna E. Hazard, 2nd wife of Noadiah F. Hoag, N: no dates on stone.
Hoag, Arthur S., d. Oct 6, 1872, son of William & Estella Hoag.
Hoag, Estella, d. Apr 30, 1875, Aged: 28 Yr 23 Da, wife of William Y. Hoag.
Hoag, Franklin William, b. 1890, d. (Jan 11,) 1972.
Hoag, Gladys Helen, b. 1892, d. (Jun 11,) 1918, dau of Noadiah & Anna Hoag.
Hoag, Hannah, d. Oct 2, 1831, Aged: 10 Mo, dau of John & Mary Hoag.
Hoag, Hannah, b. 1777, d. Mar 7, 1843, Aged: 66 Yr, wife of Obadiah Hoag.
Hoag, Harriet, d. Apr 26, 1843, Aged: 14 Yr 6 Mo, dau of John & Mary Hoag.
Hoag, Helen Shelden, b. 1840, d. 1891, wife of Noadiah F. Hoag.
Hoag, infant son, d. Sep 18, 1877, Aged: 5 Da, infant son of W. Y. & A. E. Hoag.
Hoag, John, b. Oct 2, 1804, d. Nov 23, 1883.
Hoag, John J., d. Oct 11, 1842, Aged: 2 Yr 6 Mo, son of John & Mary Hoag.
Hoag, Joshua L., d. Aug 14, 1835, Aged: 22 Yr, son of Obadiah & Hannah Hoag.
Hoag, Kathryn Conroy, b. 1891, (d. Jun 24, 1976), wife of Franklin William Hoag, N: no date of death on stone.
Hoag, Mary D. Holcomb, b. Apr 4, 1806, d. Aug 30, 1892, wife of John Hoag.
Hoag, Noadiah Franklin, b. 1835, d. 1921.
Hoag, Obadiah, b. 1772, d. Feb 21, 1850.
Hoag, Obadiah F., d. Mar 6, 1835, Aged: 2 Mo, son of John & Mary Hoag.

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