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ENLLI Cemetery

This cemetery is located across the road from the Welsh Calvanistic Church, at the intersection of Fairchild Road and Lake Julia Road in the Town of Remsen. It is very well maintained and covers a large area although there are only 7 tombstones here. This transcription was done on June 26, 2001.

Davies, Jane, wife of Richard R. Davies, died Sep. 23, 1865 age 42 yrs (stone broken and lying on the ground) appears to be duplicate of the following newer stone, although that name reads Davis not Davies)

Davis, Jane "Mother" 1823-1865

Prichard, Evan P. died April 10, 1872 (rest of stone broken)
Prichard, John W., native of Enlli, N. Wales, emigrated to America in 1826, died Feb. 5, 1861 age 50 yrs

Roberts, Margaret, wife of Griffith Roberts, died Nov. 8, 1869 age 71 yrs 9 mos

Williams, Robert died March 22, 1861 age 36 yrs
Williams, John, son of Robert & Jane Williams, died June 29, 1867 age 9 yrs 6 mos

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