Crane Family Cemetery
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Crane Family Cemetery

This small family cemetery is located on River Road in the Town of Marcy. This area was known as Crane Hill for many years..

The tombstones in this cemetery were transcribed on August 15, 2000 by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman. Photos of all the stones here were taken on September 4, 2007.

Photos from this cemetery are available on the
New York State Tombstone Project

There is a small bench in this cemetery with the following inscribed on it:

Balde, William, d. Aug 28, 1832, Aged: 30 Yr 4 Mo 26 Da.

Buhannan, Hannah E., d. Feb 16, 1843, Aged: 5 Yr 4 Mo, dau of Morgan L. & Eliza Buhannan.

Crane, Amy, d. Aug 28, 1835, Aged: 78 Yr, wife of Frederick Crane.
Crane, Charles, d. Nov 4, 1837, Aged: 56 Yr.
Crane, Eli, d. Jul 22, 1800, Aged: 25 Yr.
Crane, Elizabeth D., d. May 15, 1856, Aged: 42 Yr 5 Da, dau of Charles & Rebekah Crane.
Crane, Eunice, dau of Frederick & Ann Crane, N: stone broken, dates illegible.
Crane, Frederick, d. Mar 16, 1823, Aged: 76 Yr.
Crane, Frederick, d. Apr 16, 1840, Aged: 22 Yr, son of Charles & Rebekah Crane.
Crane, Hetty, d. Jun 15, 1813, Aged: 9 Mo, dau of Asa & Mary Crane.
Crane, Rebekah, d. Apr 26, 1876, Aged: 86 Yr, wife of Charles Crane.
Crane, William, d. Apr 17, 1876, Aged: 62 Yr, son of Charles & Rebekah Crane.

Jones, Mildred West, b. 1930, wife of Robert C. Jones, N: no date of death on stone.
Jones, Robert C., b. 1910, d. Jun 6, 2002, husband of Mildred West.

Millick, James M. Sr, b. May 24, 1938, d. Jan 27, 1996, husband of Sally Cannon, VETERAN: FN US Navy.
Millick, Sally Cannon, b. Apr 16, 1939, wife of James M. Millick, N: no date of death on stone.

unknown, unknown, d. Oct 27, 1862, Aged: 61 Yr 1 Mo, N: top of stone missing.

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