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Lee Valley Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the north side of the Lee Valley Road in the town of Lee. Originally this was the family cemetery for the Fillmore family from that area. In 1827 the land was deeded to the town of Lee for public use. In the mid 1850's the First Episcopal Church purchased land adjacent to the cemetery and built a church. The church was demolished many years ago.

The cemetery is well maintained by the Lee Valley Cemetery Association and burials are still being made here.

The tombstones in this cemetery were originally transcribed by Kathleen Last in August, 1998. The listing was updated in September, 2002 and again in June, 2006. Any information shown within ( ) was added by the transcriber and does not appear on the stone.

I have uploaded many tombstone photos from this cemetery to the New York Tombstone Photo Project. To view these pictures, scroll down and click on Oneida County.

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