Brooker Family Cemetery
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Brooker Family Cemetery

This small inactive family cemetery is located on the west side of Soule Road just below Boak Road. It sits on a slight knoll next to the road. The cemetery is well maintained.

The tombstones in this cemetery were transcribed by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on August 30, 2000. Tombstone photos were taken on June 28, 2009 by Kathleen Last.

Tombstone photos from this cemetery are available on the
New York State Tombstone Project

Brooker, George W., d. Mar 13, 1865, Aged: 31 Yr 9 Mo.
Brooker, Herbert H., d. Feb 10, 1861, Aged: 7 Yr 7 Mo 7 Da, son of Samuel & Mary A. Brooker.
Brooker, infant, infant dau of Samuel C. & Sarah Brooker, N: no dates on stone.
Brooker, Rama, d. Apr 25, 1840, Aged: 61 Yr 7 Mo 22 Da, wife of Jacob Brooker.
Brooker, Samuel C., d. Aug 28, 1871, Aged: 72 Yr.
Brooker, Sarah, d. Feb 4, 1849, Aged: 43 Yr 3 Mo 22 Da, wife of Samuel C. Brooker.

Cummins, Margaret, d. 1845, Aged: 85 Yr, grandmother.

West, George Edgar "Eddie", d. Oct 3, 1862, Aged: 7 Yr 4 Mo 24 Da, oldest son of G. L. & Margaret E. West.

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