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Loveland Family Cemetery

This small family cemetery is back in the woods off the Rehm Road in the Town of Florence. The above scan of the 1874 Beers Atlas shows a small settlement in this area but the cemetery is not shown on the map although the residence of J. S. Loveland is shown in Lot 107.

There are 16 field stones visible with no inscriptions and the following tombstones with inscriptions. There are probably other burials that are not marked.

The stones were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on April 28, 2000.

DeLano, Gilbert LaRoy, son of Albert & Caroline DeLano, died Sept. 26, 1841 age 1 yr 3 mos 4 dys

Loveland, Joseph S., son of Stoddard & Charlotte S. Loveland, died Jan. 20, 1852, age 8 mos 12 dys
Loveland, Lafayette L., son of Hiram & Polly Loveland, died May 28, 1828, age 2 yrs 6mos 19 dys

Willbu, Polly, wife of Samuel Willbu, died Dec. 28, 1856, age 83 yrs

In line with this stone are 2 more unmarked stones.

The following footstones were found:

L.L.L. (which we believe is Lafayette Loveland)

S. W.

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