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Weaver Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the hill behind Kingdom Hall on the lower Trenton Road in the town of Deerfield. The cemetery is not maintained at all and has been totally destroyed. The large Weaver family stone is lying on the ground about 15' from the base of the stone and has been broken. There is another base several feet behind the base for the Weaver stone but no remains found of the tombstone.

One single tombstone is buried in the ground but all that remains is "age 8 days".

The transcription of the stones found were taken on May 1, 2003 by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman. The listing below was compiled by the Oneida Chapter, NYSDAR in November 1924.

Bowman, Adam died May 3, 1853 age 69 yrs
Bowman, Eve, wife of Adam Bowman, died May 22, 1886 age 81 yrs
Bowman, Abigail, wife of Adam Bowman, died June 3, 1842 age 51 yrs 3 mos

Steele, Peter died April 13, 1882 age 84 yrs 2 mos 27 dys (another DAR listing from 1920 shows this as Peter Steele Harter)

Weaver, George Michael died Dec. 4, 1832 age 69 yrs
Weaver, Catherine Harter, wife of George M. Weaver, died Feb. 4, 1846 age 81 yrs

This is the large family stone that is still there but broken. This stone is about a foot thick and is shown in the first picture on the right.

Weaver, Frederick G. 1792-1862
Weaver, Margaret, wife of Frederick Weaver, 1794-1863
Weaver, Elizabeth 1820-1904
Weaver, Catherine A. 1818-1902

Weaver, Frederick B. 1832-183(?) (this name is on the large stone but not on either DAR listing)

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