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North Hillsboro Cemetery

This small cemetery is located on the north side of Hillsboro Road, near the county line, in the town of Camden. At one time the Temple School house was located next to this cemetery. The land for the schoolhouse was provided by John Gallagher and provision was made for a small cemetery next to it. Many years later the Camden schools consolidated and the Temple schoolhouse was closed and later sold. The new owner assumed he had also bought the graveyard and removed the stones. Tthe tombstones were broken up to use in the reconstruction of the foundation in the old schoolhouse. All that remains in the cemetery is this one tombstone. There are several other field stones marking other burials but there are no other markers with inscriptions.

This transcription was taken on April 4, 2002 by Kathleen L. Last.

Kelley, Elizabeth, wife of W. T. Kelley, died September 1, 1892 age 71 yrs

Footstone, initials E. D. S.

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