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Brewer Road (aka Parke Family) Cemetery

This is a small family cemetery on the west side of Brewer Road in the Town of Camden. This was originally part of the Daniel Parke farm and many of his family are buried here. It has been used as a burial ground since 1820. Several bodies from the Blakeslee Road Cemetery were re-interred here when that cemetery was abandoned.

The cemetery is well maintained and the tombstones are in good condition but there were a few that were worn. The tombstones were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on May 9, 2000.

In 2004 a local organization of volunteers adopted a proposal to preserve and beautify the abandoned half-acre cemetery. In June 2006 the cemetery was rededicated as the Parke Cemetery. The two-year cemetery project included minimal fencing and stone corner markers built by the Boy Scouts, lilacs and pussywillow trees to mark lateral boundaries, a landscaped memorial monument proved by Ages Together, a handmade sign, two benches permanently installed, and repairs and straightening of old tombstones. The project was supported by the community with a variey of materials and labor, as well as funds contributed by the town, area veterans’ organizations, and individuals.

Photos of many of the tombstones in the cemetery can be seen at the New York Tombstone Transcription Project website.

Alcott, Elizabeth D., dau of J. B. & D. A. Alcott, died June 2, 1848 age 1 yr

Allen, Lucy, wife of Luban M. Allen, died Oct. 28, 1854, age 48 yrs 6 mos 22 dys
Allen, Sally Ann, dau of Laban M. & Lucy Allen, died Jan. 20, 1837

Barker, Clarissa, wife of Eliasaph Barker, died July 15, 1827 age 60 yrs
Barker, Cyrus S. died Dec. 9, 1833 age 22 yrs
Barker, Eliasaph died Oct. 16, 1857 age 78 yrs

Blakeslee, Enos, born in Harwinton, Conn 1756 died Aug. 1842, age 86 yrs
Blakeslee, Sarah Northrup, wife of Enos Blakeslee, b. 1762 died Aug. 1848 age 86 yrs
(no stones were found for the Blakeslee's. Information was obtained from the Camden Historical Society)

Byington, Daniel, formerly of Wolcott, Conn, died Aug. 20, 1843 age 71 yrs
Byington, Hannah, born at Walcot, Conn. 1772 died at Camden, NY Dec. 3, 1835 age 63 yrs

Crandall, Clark died Aug. 27, 1843 age 48 yrs 5 mos 15 dys
Crandall, Clark H. son of N. & P. Crandall, died Apr. 12, 1854 age 4 yrs 11 mos
Crandall, Isabelle, wife of Clark Crandall, died Dec. 5, 1882 age 87 yrs
Crandall, Robey, dau of C. & I. Crandalll, died Oct. 3, 1855 age 20 yrs

Dean, Betsey, wife of John Dean, died Aug. 12, 1850 age 67 yrs
Dean, Father (no dates)
Dean, Israel (no dates)
Dean, Minnie (no dates)
Dean, Mother (no dates)

Dent, Adah dau of L. & S. Dent died May 15, 1862 age 3 yrs 9 mos
Dent, Clara D., dau of L. & S. Dent, died June 1, 1862 age 1 yr 4 mos

Palmer, Thurston S. died Sep. 13, 1858 age 38 yrs

Parke, Catharine, relict of Daniel Parke, died Sep. 4, 1841 age 81 yrs
Parke, Charlotte E., dau of Martial F. & Chloe Parke, died Sep. 16, 1847 age 22 yrs 6 mos
Parke, Chloe, (dau of Jehiel Higgins) wife of Marshall F. Parke, died Mar. 30, 1832 age 29 yrs
Parke, Daniel son of Esther & Daniel Parke, died June 9, 1804 age 4 yrs
Parke, Daniel, Corp. Rev. War Conn. Militia, died Oct. 6, 1836 age 78 yrs
Parke, Daniel, son of Sage & Almira Parke, died Feb. 17, 1813 age 9 yrs
Parke, Esther, consort of Daniel Parke, died May 24, 1818 age 57 yrs
Parke, Martial F. died Dec. 14, 1848 age 50 yrs 8 mos

Parke, Terressa A., dau of George & Amelia Parke, died Nov. 4, 1841 age 6 yrs 9 mos 18 dys

Peck, Eleazar died May 29, 1848 age 55 yrs 4 mos
Peck, George E., son of D. P. & J. A. Peck, died Aug 23, 1851 age 1 yr 4 mos
Peck, George S. died Aug. 21, 1846 age 28 yrs 6 mos
Peck, Hannah, wife of Eleazar Peck, died May 6, 1869 age 74 yrs
Peck, Harriet D., dau of Eleazor & Hannah Peck, died Nov. 7, 1838 age 17 mos 23 dys
Peck, John S. died May 29, 1851 age 22 yrs 9 mos

Rowell, Caleb died Apr. 17, 1883 age 87 yrs
Rowell, Fanny, wife of Caleb Rowell, died Jan. 2, 1875 age 80 yrs

Shaw, Phebe, wife of Pardon Shaw & dau of Clark H. & Isabel Crandell, died Oct. 16, 1857 age 24 yrs 11 mos 12 dys

Snow, Ebenezer C., Co. E 81 Regt. NYV, died Aug. 8, 1869 age 57 yrs
Snow, Ebenezer N., Co. A 97th Reg. NYV, died May 14, 1865 age 22 yrs

Stocking, Harriet, dau of John & Deborah Stocking, died Sep. 12, 1826 age 18

Streator, Josephine, dau of Frederick & Maria Streator, died Oct. 21, 1860 age 53 yrs
Streator, Siabel M., dau of Frederick & Maria Streator, died Sep. 20, 1860 age 13 yrs 2 mos 7 dys
Streator, William A., son of Frederick & Maria Streator, died Oct. 14, 1860 age 11 yrs 23 mos 14 dys
(All the above three names are on one stone which is lying on the ground and broken. The information was obtained from the Camden Historical Society.)

Tyler, Drusilla, wife of Elisha D. Tyler, died Dec. 12, 1832 age 33 yrs

Winne, Margaret, wife of David Winne, died Aug. 27, 1827 age 47 yrs

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