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Wood Family Cemetery

This is a small family cemetery located on the East Ava Road. Only two marked tombstones were found in this cemetery but the plot is very badly overgrown with small trees and weeds. There are several field stones with no markings that indicate several other burials. This cemetery was copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on April 20, 1999.

These stones are surrounded by a wrought iron fence with no apparent entrance into the enclosed area.

Wood, Zepariah died Apr. 12, 1855, aged 80 yrs 10 mos 10 dys
Wood, Anna, wife of Zepariah Wood, died May 28, 1849, aged 65 yrs

In addition to the above transcriptions, the following tombstones were copied from records of L. S. Abrams, Rome, New York, 1915, by the DAR in April 1934.

Jones, William died February 27, 1896 age 75 yrs

Wood, Abner, Private Orange County Malitia, 4th. Reg., Col. John Hathorn Commanding, died Sept. 5, 1841 age 89 yrs
Wood, Cephas died March 31, 1875 age 60 yrs 1 mo

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