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Early Cemetery on Gleasman Farm

An early cemetery was located on what was the Gleasman Farm on the Gleasman Road in the Town of Ava. The burial ground was there when the property was purchased by Valentine Klaisman (Gleasman) in December 1836 from the Holland Land Company. This was located on Lot 108, Adgates Western Patent and is situated along the Moose River, a site of early settlement in the area.

The cemetery contained 10 to 15 graves, marked only with field stones, and was enclosed by a picket fence with an entrance gate. There is no record of who is buried here. The grounds were maintained until after the property was sold by the Gleasman's in the 1950's. The cemetery fell into disrepair and eventually was plowed under.

About 1995 an historic marker was placed along the road.

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