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Descendants of John & Theodocia Kilbourn Tanner

The following pages detail the descendants of John Tanner and Theodocia Kilbourn. In the early 1800's they were living in Annsville, and resided there for the rest of their lives. Both are buried in the Old Taberg Cemetery.

I have always suspected a connection between John Tanner and William H. Tanner however as of yet I have not found the pieces to connect these two Tanner families. My husband's maternal grandmother was a descendant of John Tanner, and his paternal grandmother a descendant of William H. Tanner. It appears to be a good possiblity that John and William were brothers, and there is also an indication that Sarah Tanner, who married Parcious Hazzard, is their sister. If anyone has the missing pieces to this puzzle, please let me know.

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