by Ken Sutcliffe


The Vale Church was an offshoot of the Church at Shore, being formed in the same manner as Lineholme; a need for a place of worship in the valley being recognised as population shifted in that direction. It was formed in 1851 with 40 members of the Shore Church meeting in Pudsey Bobbin Works. The Chapel itself opened in 1853 and was enlarged in 1873 when a Sunday School was also added.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Vale was its "People's College" where many of those who had worked in the mills from the age of 7, were taught as adults to read and write. Vale had a full Church and Sunday School in the decades to the end of the 19th century but experienced the usual decline after the 1914-18 war.


After numerous shared pastorates the Church building closed in 1967 and was demolished, although services continue today in the Sunday School building, and the Manse has survived.

The setting of the chapel is lovely. It may face what is now a busy trunk road, but the backdrop is magnificent.


Burial Ground


The burial ground is in a pleasant garden setting. It is small, tidy and with most graves in reasonable order.

The Todmorden Antiquarian Society has given us permission to publish a list prepared by some of its members of the occupants of all the graves in this burial ground. You can view this list by clicking the link below.




A small selection of the graves is illustrated below.


In Memory of Ezekiel Greenwood, son of James and Sally CRABTREE

of Kitson Wood Rd.

who died October 27th 1864 in the 14th year of his age.

Also of the said Sally CRABTREE who died March 11th 1871 aged 59 years.

Also of Samuel their son who died February 3rd 1875 aged 29 years

Also of the above named James CRABTREE

who died March 24th 1879 in his 65th year.

Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven


In Memory of John the son of Thomas and Sophia HAWKES of Cornholme

who died March 25th 1866 aged 19 years

Also of the above mentioned Sophia HAWKES

who died June 16th 1891 aged 69 years

Also of Grace GREENWOOD of Holme Side Scaitcliffe

who died March 31st 1959 aged 84 years


In Loving Memory of Grace, beloved wife of James SIMPSON of Mytholmroyd,

born Aug 9th 1848, died Nov 9th 1908

Also of James SIMPSON, born Aug 11th 1850, died Jan 12th 1923

Also Archibald their son

who was interred at the British Cemetery ... France Nov 29th 1917 aged 35 years


In memory of Sarah the daughter of Miles and Sarah MASON of Benthouse

who died March 2nd 1861 aged 19 Years

Also of Elizabeth Hannah their granddaughter

who died Sept. 18th 1872 aged 16 years.

Also of James their son who died October 18th 1876 aged 24 years

Also of the above Miles MASON who died Jany 3rd 1877 aged 65 years

Also of Sarah relict of the above Miles MASON

who departed this life January 12th 1889 in her 76th year


In memory of William son of John and Hannah STANSFIELD of Naze Bottom

who died January 12th 1872 aged 1 year and 7 months.

Also of Annie their daughter born August 7th 1876 died March 8th 1879

Also of John their son who died April 23rd 1879 aged 7 months

Also of Thomas William their son born July 27th 1880 died May 9th 1881

Also of the above Hannah STANSFIELD who died April 23rd 1891 aged 50 years

Also of Martha their daughter born May 26th 1882 died October 16th 1900


Within the burial ground, there is a memorial to an eminent local writer,

James Standing, and his family


Harriet Standing died 1877 aged 26

William Wallis Standing died 1877 aged 53

James Standing died 1878 aged 30

Thomas Henry Standing died 1928 aged 72

Thomas Gilbert Standing died 1942 aged 42

Also an infant

There is also a memorial to those who fell in the two World Wars


Erected by Public subscription In Remembrance of the men of Cornholme Ward who gave their lives for the cause of Freedom in the Great War 1914-1919 and 1939-1945

At the going down of the sun and in the evening we will remember them.

E. Abbott

T.F. Ayrton

F. Barker

J.L. Barker

J.H. Barnes

H. Baron

T. Bell

J.E. Benbow

S. Berry

R.A. Boothman

H. Bulcock

J. Bulcock

H. Butterworth

W. Carlton

S.J. Cook

A. Cooper

H. Cooper

E. Cowie

A. Crabtree

E. Crabtree

J. Crabtree

L. Crabtree

R.H. Crabtree

W. Crabtree

E. Crooks

H. Crowther

J.W. Crowther

W. Crowther

G.A. Davey

W. Davies

H. Dawson

J. Dawson

J.W. Earnshaw

J.W. Farrar

W. Farrer

H. Fielden

W. Fielden

J. Flaherty

S. Flood

F. Giblin

E. Gore

H. Graham

B. Greenwood

E. Greenwood

P. Greenwood

R.A. Greenwood

S. Greenwood

T. Greenwood

W. Greenwood

E.S. Halstead

J. Hanley

F. Helliwell

F. Helliwell

F. Hirst

F. Holden

E.G. Howarth

H. Howarth

O. Howarth

D. Hughes

J.M. Hussey

R. Iddon

H. Ingham

M. Ingham

S. Ingham

E. Judson

G.H. Kershaw

E. Knowles

J.E. Lancaster

W.L. Law

J.W. Ledgard

J. Lord

W. Lord

J.S. Luke

R. Machen

J. Marshall

N. Marshall

J. Mason

F. Mayor

J. McHugh

J. McIntyre

J.T. Melling

W. Metcalfe

R. Midgley

J. Mills

E. Mitchell

G. Mitchell

J.W. Mitchell

L. Morris

J. Nightingale

A.J. Norton

B. Nuttall

W. Ogden

W. Ormerod

V. Ormerod

W.A. Pearson

J. Pickersgill

R. Pilling

H. Price

T.C. Raby

H. Rushworth

W. Sharpe

F. Shepherd

G. Simpson

H.J. Smith

E. Southwell

W.H. Southwell

G. Speight

A. Spencer

J.W. Stansfield

R. Stansfield

H. Stott

A. Sutcliffe

G. Sutcliffe

H. Sutcliffe

B.J. Tatham

G.W. Thomas

J. Uttley

Hy. Varley

Hbt. Varley

J. Walker

A. Wall

W. Wall

B. Walton

F. White

J.R. Widdup

W. Widdup

H. Wilkinson

J. Wynn

F. Richmond

H. Robinson

J. Salts

H.C. Southwell

A.F. Stansfield

F. Sykes

C. Taylor

F. Thompson

G.W. Trafford

J. Tregallas

T. Veevers

J. Wadsworth

D. Banks

H. Freer

J. Greenwood

G.A. Groom-Laxton

A. Heyworth

J.W. Heyworth

A. Horsfall

G.T. Law

J. Lord

S. Lord

J.W. Mallinson

W. Martin

R. Nesbitt

E. Parkinson



To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. May their reward be as great as their sacrifice



Deeds 1867

The following deed relating to Vale Chapel is held in the West Riding Registry of Deeds. The reference number is shown alongside the details. For further information on the registry, see

The information was kindly researched and supplied by Alan Longbottom to whom we are very grateful.

Todmorden (Vale) Baptist Chapel   1869 633 090 107

Memorial Registered at Wakefield 9th September 1869 and dated 4th November 1867

Made between Charles Towneley of Towneley near Burnley esquire [thereinafter called the Lessor] of the one part, and:


  • John Crabtree of Fiddler's Hill near Todmorden grocer
  • Jonathan Greenwood of Mars Hill near Fiddler's Hill yeoman
  • Samuel Sutcliffe of Vale near Todmorden bobbin turner
  • James Stansfield of Vale aforesaid bobbin turner
  • Turner Greenwood Holt of Robin Wood Place nr Todmorden mechanic
  • John Marshall of Vale aforesaid bobbin turner
  • Uttley Greenwood of Holme House near Todmorden bobbin turner
  • James Crabtree of Hurstwood county Lancaster farmer
  • John Crabtree of Hurstwood count Lancaster farmer of the other part

Thereinafter called the [Lessees] purporting to be a lease for the term of 2,000 years to the Lessees, their executors, administrators, and assigns, subject to the rent and covenants mentioned and contained.

Of and concerning all that plot of land or ground situate in Stansfield in the county of York, part of a close called Crossley Holme, and parcel of a freehold tenement called Sunny Bank late belonging to Peregrine Edward Towneley deceased, which same plot of land is bounded on the north-easterly side thereof by the Burnley Branch of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, and measure on that side 107 feet, and on the easterly side thereof by land other part of the said tenement and measures on that side 97 feet, and on the southerly side thereof by the Turnpike Road leading from Burnley to Todmorden and measures on that side 105 feet, and on the westerly side by land other the part of the said tenement and measures on that side 127 feet and contains in the whole 1,285 superficial square yards of land or thereabouts and is more particularly described in the plan edged red and boundary measurements thereof drawn in the margin of this Memorial. Together with the appurtenances to the said plot or parcel of land and premises belonging, or appertaining save and except out of those presents and reserving always to the lessor all mines of coal and other minerals in or under the land and premises thereby demised with liberty to work get and convey the same away for his own use, he paying or making good any damage that may be occasioned thereby.


And which said deed as to the execution thereof by Charles Towneley is witnessed by Thomas G. Sandy of Burnley solicitor and William Parkinson Counsellor of Towneley secretary and which deed is required to be registered 14th October 1868 by Charles Towneley.