Coal Mine Proprietor

Inn Keeper

Farmer and Landowner



This is the last Will and Testament of Mr Reuben Haigh of Pexhouse in the township of Todmorden and Walsden in the parish of Rochdale in the county of Lancaster, Coal Merchant. I give devise and bequeath all my estates and the effects whatsoever and wheresoever and of whatever nature or quality solvent with Thomas Edward Hammerton of Todmorden, Solicitor, John Veevers of Kilnhirst, Cotton Spinner and William Fielden of Clough, Cotton Spinner, they being executors administrators and assigns.

Upon the trusts nevertheless and to and for and the ends extents and purposes hereinafter expressed and declared of and concerning the same, that is to say, Upon trust to receive and take the annual Rents Interest and profits thereof and after paying all costs charges and expenses attendant thereupon to divide the surplus annually amongst my nine children in equal shares during their respective lives and upon the death of any of my children as to the share of the child so dying upon trust for the children of the child so dying their heirs and assigns as tenants in common and in case any of my said children shall depart this life without leaving lawful issue then I direct that the share of the child so dying shall a accrue to my other children for life and thereupon after death in the same manner and trusts as their original shares respectively.

I direct that the amount of monies appearing to be advanced to my children respectively in my account books shall be brought into "hotchpotch" and shall bear interest from the time of my death after the cats(?) of three pounds per cent per annum. I hereby ratify and confirm the Settlement of forty pounds per annum made in favour of my present wife previous to our marriage.

I give and devise all real estate vested in one as trust mortgage unto my said trustees their heirs, executors, administrator and assigns subject to the equity affecting the same. I order and direct that my said trustees shall each be answerable for their own acts, deeds, receipts and his burryman's(?) only, and not the one for the other notwithstanding their joining for giving or signing any receipt or receipts for the sake of conformity. And also that it shall be lawful for them with and out of the money which comes into their hands respectively by virtue of the trusts aforesaid to retain and reimburse themselves respectively and also to allow their respective co-trustee or co-trustees all costs, charges and expenses, and reasonable wages which they may expend, sustain disburse or charges in or about their aforesaid trusts or in relation thereto.

And that everyone of the said trustees who in exercise of his profession and shall transact any business relevant to the said trusts shall be entitled out of the said trusts monies to be of his full professional charge and allowances and not merely to his bare costs charges and expenses.

I direct that my said trustees shall not be liable for involuntary losses.

I nominate and appoint my said trustees executors of this my will and hereby revoking former wills do hereby declare this only to be my Last Will and Testament. In the witness whereby, I the said testator, Reuben Haigh have herewith set my hand this 25th day of May one thousand eight hundred and fifty five.

Signing per his hand, and declared by the said Reuben Haigh as his Last Will and Testament in our presence, who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witness thereto.

Thos. Edw. Hammerton, Sol. Todomorden

Mary Fielden, Pexhouse.