Extracted from the National Quaker Digest of Births, Marriages and Deaths (Yorkshire) by

John Alan Longbottom




Date Name Residence & Comments Parents Spouse Residence & Comments Married at
03/01/1670 SUSAN SUTCLIFFE Hey Head in Langfield   John Whaley Hey Head in Langfield John Fielden's, Hartley Royd
18/11/1670 MARY FIELDEN Hartley Royd John Fielden Richard Sutcliffe Swallowshey in Stansfield John Fielden's house
14/02/1672 RICHARD HOLDEN Todmorden   Dorothy Storke Todmorden John Fielden's Hartley Royd
03/02/1673 ABRAHAM SHACKLETON Wadsworth William Varley of Stansfield Martha Varley   John Fielden's, Hartley Royd
15/04/1674 JUDITH FIELDEN   John Fielden Richard Hargreaves Marsden John Fielden's house
18/01/1674 ABRAHAM CROSSLEY Mankinholes Samuel Crossley Grace Scott Mankinholes John Whalley's, Hey Head
15/04/1682 MARGARET HEYWORTH   Abraham Heyworth of Mankinholes Joseph Lee Stansfield Richd Sutcliffes at Swallowshaw
02/09/1686 JOHN BOTHOMLEY Sowerby, a clothier   Margaret Lees Langfield Abraham Shackleton's
02/12/1687 MARTHA FIELDEN Swinehead in Langfield John Veepon of Breetcliff, Lancs Henry Veepon   Joshua Fielden's house
07/12/1688 JAMES BANCROFT     Mary Sutcliffe Swallowshay Swallowshay
13/07/1688 THOMAS SUTCLIFFE     Martha Stansfield   Stoodley in Langfield
02/03/1689 ABRAHAM BARRITT     Susannah Taylor Shore Jas. Stansfield's
17/05/1690 JOHN BARKER Stansfield par Heptonstall   Mary Stansfield    
07/03/1691 MICHAEL CRABTREE Walsden   Mary Ramsbottom Langfield  
05/12/1696 JOSHUA FIELDEN Walsden   Mary Sutcliffe Langfield  
07/03/1697 HANNAH FIELDEN Todmorden   Joseph Whaley Langfield Shewbroad
24/04/1697 JOHN GREENWOOD Langfield   Susannah Whaley Langfield Shewbroad
01/03/1701 SUSANNAH TAYLOR Langfield, spinster   James Roberts Langfield Shewbroad
04/01/1702 MARY CRABTREE Langfield   Jonathan Dearden Livinge Head, Langfield  
11/01/1702 JUDITH GREENWOOD Walsden   Dennis Haworth Todmorden  
03/07/1706 SUSANNAH HANSON Kilnhurst in Langfield   Samuel Law Edge End  
03/01/1707 ABRAHAM FIELDEN Todmorden   Grace Sutcliffe Stoothley in Langfield Shewbroad
09/09/1707 JOHN FIELDEN Todmorden   Tamar Halstead Erringden par Heptonstall  
17/01/1707 MARY GREENWOOD Bottomley, Walsden   Thomas Pilling Kilnhurst  
18/09/1708 THOMAS FIELDEN Todmorden   Alice Lees Langfield Shewbroad
30/10/1708 SARAH HOLDEN Michelden in Todmorden   Richard Sutcliffe Trawden in Lancs Shewbroad
03/10/1712 MARTHA DUCKWORTH Todmorden spinster Edward Duckworth Thomas Pilling Bottomley Shewbroad
24/12/1714 DAVID HALL Skipton John Hall Mary Storrs   Shewbroad
01/09/1716 ELIZABETH GREENWOOD Bottomley, Walsden, spinster Daniel Greenwood of Bottomley Richard Bradley father Thomas Bradley of Giggleswick Shewbroad
11/10/1717 LYDIA COWELL   John Cowell, clothier, late of Langfield Samuel Whiteley late of Soyland Harrwood Well
01/01/1720 SUSANNAH KAYLEY Langfield   Richard Ecroyd Briercliffe Shewbroad
06/11/1724 MARTHA BARRET Edge End, spinster Abraham Barret dec'd. of Height in Erringden George Haworth Hive Edge in Rossendale Shewbroad
01/12/1726 MARGARET FIELDEN Todmorden, widow of Nicholas   John Horsfall Greenhouse Shewbroad
31/03/1726 SAMUEL BARNES Todmorden shop keeper Samuel & Sarah Barnes Todmorden Judeth Fielden Langfield Shewbroad
29/11/1730 ANNE FIELDEN Todmorden, spinster Nicholas Fielden dec'd Todmorden Jonathan Craven Horton, Bradford Harwood Well
01/12/1732 ELIZABETH BARKER Ashenhurst in Stansfield spinster   Thomas Fielden Edge End, husbandman Shewbroad
28/07/1732 ALICE FIELDEN Hollingworth par Rochdale, widow of Thomas   John Thackerah Gildersome Shewbroad
06/01/1734 MARTHA DAVIS Carr House in Stansfield, spinster   Richard Wilson Reedhead Banks Shewbroad
02/01/1737 MARY BARKER Ashenhurst in Stansfield spinster   Richard Sutcliffe Stansfield Shewbroad
30/01/1737 MARGARET DENBY Langfield spinster   Richard Prescot Ren-nest in Soyland Shewbroad
06/01/1739 SUSANNAH ROBERTS Todmorden, spinster   Thomas Sutcliffe Ashenhurst Fold Shewbroad
07/12/1739 EDWARD DICKENSON High Flatts, Penistone, yeoman   Ann Greenwood Langfield Shewbroad
07/12/1739 ANNE GREENWOOD Langfield, spinster   Edward Dickinson High Flatts Shewbroad
12/02/1739 GRACE FIELDEN Swinshead in Langfield, spinster   Isaac Robinson Wyersdale Shewbroad
11/12/1740 ELIZABETH SUTCLIFFE Swallowshaw   Jonathan Binns Cunningley, Woodside. Clog maker Shewbroad
04/01/1741 MARTHA FIELDEN Todmorden Mary Fielden, widow Richard Sutcliffe Stansfield Shewbroad
12/03/1743 ANNE FRYER Rastrick, spinster   John Sutcliffe Stansfield Brighouse
29/11/1744 JOSEPH HAIGH   Ann Haigh, widow of Foolestone, Penistone Anne Law Todmorden Shewbroad
30/11/1744 JOSEPH FIRTH Lanehead in Shepley, a yeoman   Martha Greenwood Langfield Shewbroad
28/01/1745 JOHN BROOK Huddersfield   Mary Fielden Allascoles Shewbroad
05/04/1746 MARY FIELDEN Alloscoles, Lancs. Spinster   John Brook Huddersfield Shewbroad
31/10/1747 MARY ROBERTS Todmorden   John Varley Cross Stone Shewbroad
30/01/1748 JONATHAN GREEN Thurlstone par Penistone   Mary Law Scaycliffe Shewbroad
30/09/1749 GEORGE HOUGHTON Carr House in Hundersfield   Mary Lees Langfield Shewbroad
29/04/1753 SARAH BARNES Langfield husb. Apothecary   Abraham Sutcliffe Settle Shewbroad
03/07/1755 SUSANNAH HAWORTH Carr House in Stansfield, spinster George & Martha Haworth Tobias Mallinson Wood in tp Denby Shewbroad
29/02/1756 ABRAHAM FIELDEN Todmorden Hall, Yeoman   Elizabeth Moss Bottomley Shewbroad
09/09/1761 SUSAN FIELDEN Hartley Royd John Fielden John Walbanke Newton in Bowland John Fielden's house
26/02/1762 WILLIAM KING Swinshead, Langfield John & Mary King of Cononley Moor Top Mary Grimshaw   Rawden
08/03/1764 WILLIAM GREENWOOD Stones in Hundersfield   Hannah Grimshaw f. John G. Shewbroad
31/10/1764 WILLIAM KING Mitholm, Heptonstall John & Mary King of Lothersdale Rebecah Grimshaw   Rawden
04/03/1766 JOHN FIELDEN Todmorden Edge   Elizabeth Rhodes Rodwell End Shewbroad
31/12/1767 THOMAS STANSFIELD Booth Town par Halifax   Mary Sutcliffe Lower Birks Shewbroad
07/01/1768 MARY HOUGHTON Lower Birks, Stansfield, widow   John Sutcliffe Lower Birks, Stansfield Shewbroad
26/03/1769 SAMUEL FIELDEN Todmorden   Hannah Barnes Langfield Shewbroad
30/01/1770 ELIZABETH COOPER Todmorden, spinster late of Edge End Joshua Fielden Todmorden Shewbroad
04/06/1771 JOSHUA FIELDEN Todmorden, Yeoman   Jenney Greenwood Langfield Shewbroad
05/11/1772 SARAH SUTCLIFFE Midgelden Richard Sutcliffe of Midgelden Elihu Dickinson 'High Flatts, Penistone, tanner Shewbroad
04/05/1774 MARY FIELDEN   Joshua & Mary Fielden dec'd John Sutcliffe Eastwood Shewbroad
03/10/1775 THOMAS FIELDEN Carr Barn in Hundersfield, a stuff weaver Thomas & Elizabeth Fielden Hannah Haughton Birks in Stansfield Shewbroad
29/02/1776 SARAH COOPER Todmorden Samuel & Mary Cooper of Yeadon par Guiseley John Hanson parents William & Ellen Hanson of Langfield Shewbroad
21/09/1782 SARAH DICKINSON High Flatts, Penistone Edward & Ann Dickinson of High Flatts William Wright Sheffield Shewbroad
31/07/1783 MARY RAMSBOTTOM   Carr House in Stansfield George & Alice Ramsbottom John Whitaker Oldham Shewbroad
03/06/1784 JAMES HAWORTH Goodshaw Chapel, a currier James & Ann Haworth, Scarr Foot, Rossendale Mary Hanson   Shewbroad
26/02/1785 JOHN KING Leeds, Tobacconist John & Mary King of Salterforth Mary Sutcliffe Parents William & Sarah Shewbroad
01/06/1786 THOMAS FIRTH Stones in Todmorden, farmer Joseph & Mary Firth of Shepley par Kirkburton Elizabeth Hanson   Shewbroad
13/03/1788 SARAH SUTCLIFFE New shop, Todmorden William & Sarah Sutcliffe John Armistead Leeds Shewbroad
11/12/1794 SARAH GREENWOOD   Stones in Hundersfield William & Hannah Greenwood Richard Robinson parents John & Alice Shewbroad
21/03/1804 BENJAMIN KING Todmorden, leather cutter John & Agnes King dec'd of Lothersdale Peggy King Parents John & Betty Shewbroad
18/05/1808 SAMUEL HANSON Todmorden John & Sarah Hanson, timber dealer Martha Shackleton   Airton
24/06/1811 SARAH ARMISTEAD widow of John of Leeds William & Sarah Sutcliffe, New Shop Todmorden John Stansfield Lothersdale Bradford
04/02/1819 SAMUEL GREENWOOD Stones nr Todmorden, yeoman William & Hannah Greenwood Susannah Eddison   Leeds