various surnames and various dates




The Leeds Mercury (Leeds, England), Saturday, September 13, 1851; Issue 6145.


On Monday evening, a number of handloom weavers in the employ of Messrs Fielden Brothers assembled at the house of Mr. NATHAN FIRTH where a rent supper was provided for them. Before partaking of supper, the party had some ale. JOHN MITCHELL aged 67, calico weaver, took up his glass to drink; the liquor ran down his nostrils and violent vomiting ensued. He was taken out into the yard by Mr. Law and others of the company, who thought the air would relieve him, but he sank and expired almost instantaneously


The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser (Leeds, England), Saturday, February 5, 1842; Issue 221.


On Thursday last aged 68 years, Mr. ROBERT LAW senior of the firm of Messrs. Robert and Thomas Law and Co., cotton spinners and manufacturers of Ramsden Wood, Todmorden


The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser (Leeds, England), Saturday, November 12, 1842; Issue 261.


On Friday last, in the 33rd year of his age, Mr. ROBERT LAW, cotton spinner and manufacturer, of Ramsden Wood, near Todmorden


The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser (Leeds, England), Saturday, November 12, 1842; Issue 261.


On Monday last, aged 66, Mr. THOMAS LAW, of Dean Royd, of the firm of Robert Law and Co., manufacturers, Ramsden Wood, near Todmorden


Manchester Times (Manchester, England), Friday, March 10, 1899


On the 4th inst. at his residence, Rose Bank, Todmorden, William BARKER (William Barker Limited), in his 70th year

The Leeds Mercury  Saturday, February 17, 1810

On Monday last at Todmorden near Halifax at a very advanced age, Mrs. SUSANNA SUTCLIFFE, relict of Richard Sutcliffe Esq. and mother-in-law of Mr. Elihu DICKINSON of Highflatts in this county. She was a member of the Society of Friends.

Liverpool Mercury etc  Friday, September 6, 1833;

On Sunday the 25th ult. Greatly respected whilst living, and deeply regretted in death in the 64th year of her age, Miss MARY FIELDEN of the Old Shop, Todmorden, one of the Society of Friends, and first cousin to John Fielden Esq. MP. For Oldham.

Manchester Times & Gazette Saturday Jan 27 1838

On the 18th inst. aged 74 years, Mrs. CROSSLEY, relict of the late Mr. Abraham CROSSLEY, cotton spinner of Gauxholme, Todmorden

The Manchester Times and Gazette  Saturday, September 24, 1842;

On 20th inst.  Aged 52 years, Mr. WILLIAM DEWHIRST of Cross Stone School near Todmorden, and formerly of Mitholmroyd School near Halifax. He was a man of sound classical crudition, of considerable attainments in the mathematics, and eminently qualified as a preceptor of youth; and many who were his pupils can bear testimony to this mark of respect paid to his memory.

Liverpool Mercury etc  Friday, February 5, 1847

Jan 22nd aged 58, Mr. JOHN SUTCLIFFE, grocer and basket maker of Knowlwood Todmorden. Mr. Sutcliffe, though blind, has been a local preacher and class leader in the Wesleyan Methodist Society for more than 25 years.

The Manchester Times and Gazette , Saturday, April 8, 1837

On 29th ult. Aged 56 years, Mr. JOHN WALTON manufacturer, Knowlwood, Todmorden.

On 3rd. inst. Aged 18 years, Mr. JOHN CHAMBERS, book seller, Todmorden.

The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser  Saturday, October 26, 1839


On Monday last, of typhus fever, aged 49, Mr. PAUL GREENWOOD of the Rose and Crown Inn, Castle Clough, Todmorden.


Same day, aged 62, after a painful and lingering illness, Mr. WILLIAM BROOK, grocer etc. of Millwood, Todmorden


Same day, greatly respected, in the 39th year of her age after a lingering illness patiently borne with true Christian fortitude and resignation, MRS. SAGER, wife of Mr. WILLIAM SAGAR, grocer and chandler, Todmorden, and daughter of the late John Ormerod Esq. of Todmorden.

Leeds Mercury Monday 5 March 1866

March 1st. at Blackpool, aged 60, Mr. NATHAN FIRTH, late of Steanorbottom, Walsden near Todmorden

The Leeds Mercury  Tuesday, January 28, 1868;

On Sunday night, JOHN HAIGH of Top of All, Walsden, died in his chair whilst reading.

Manchester Times & Gazette Saturday 21 March 1874

On the 17th inst. at the Queen's Hotel, Hollingworth Lake, JONAS MARLAND, machinist, late of Walsden, aged 54

Manchester Times & Gazette Saturday 18 July 1874

On the 14th inst. in his 82nd year, Mr. ROBERT FIELDEN of Inchfield, Walsden, Todmorden

Deaths in 1874/75

The following extracts are from the Halifax Guardian in the special collections department at Leeds University. They are deaths in 1875 of people from the Todmorden area.

Information supplied by John Alan Longbottom.


28th Dec 1874 - Enoch Barker aged 77 of Top o' th' Croft, Langfield

26th Dec 1874 - aged 74 Betty Newell of Mount Pleasant, Todmorden

6th January 1875 aged 82, Alice Crook of Heptonstall, formerly of the White Lion Inn.

16th January 1875 aged 3 - Charles Percy Bentley of Cuddy Wood, Erringden

20th January 1876 aged 26 - Greenwood Uttley of North Field, Heptonstall.

22nd January 1875 aged 16 - Lettice Greenwood, Black Dyke, Heptonstall 

9th February 1875 aged 2 - Clara Ratcliffe of Tarley Holes, Erringden

16th February 1875 aged 64 - James Feather of Foster Mill Lane, Todmorden.

16th February 1875 aged 71 - John Gill of Edgehey Green, Heptonstall

11th February 1875 aged 80 - William Greenwood of Hole Bottom, Higher Ashes.

11th February 1875 aged 59 - Elizabeth Heyhirst of Hippend End, Erringden.

14th February 1875 aged 89 - Sarah, relict of J.W. MacDonald late of Todmorden.

13th March 1875 aged 75 - Mary Slater of Stubbin Lock, Erringden.

18th March 1875 aged 75 - Michal Uttley of Strines, Stansfield.

21st March 1875 aged 83 - Grace Jackson of Martin Street, Todmorden.

28th March 1875 aged 7 - John William Lumb of Stoodley Edge near Todmorden.

28th March 1875 aged 77 - Mary Whitham of The Carr, Erringden.  

8th April 1875 aged 55 - John Holmes of Church Street, Todmorden.

7th April 1875 aged 74 - at Den, Stansfield - Robert Sutcliffe late assistant surveyor of the township of Stansfield.

3rd April 1875 aged 26 - Alice Varley of Horsehold, Erringden.

8th May 1875 aged 55 - Robert Allen at his residence Wellington Road, Todmorden. Deceased has been connected with the Todmorden County Court since its establishment in 1847, and has held other important offices in the town.

10th May 1875 aged 76 - Betty Akroyd of Stubbin, Erringden

13th May 1875 aged 54 - Esther Barritt of Stubbin, Erringden.

13th May 1875 aged 10 - John Helliwell of Top-o t'hill, Lane Withens Erringden

17th May 1875 aged 73 - Hannah Spencer of Rough Head, Erringden.

15th May 1875 aged 84 - Abraham Uttley of Mankinholes, Langfield .  

24th May 1875 aged 74 - Grace Dewhirst of Cross Lanes, Heptonstall

20th May 1875 at Southport aged 22, Robert Thomas Sutcliffe of St. Peter's Gate, Walsden

31st May 1875 aged 80 - Ann Binns of New Houses Langfield.

2nd June 1875 aged 37 - Samuel Greenlees, Roomfield Lane, Todmorden.

4th July 1875 aged 65 - Lucy Todd, Todmorden Hall

5th July 1875 aged 53 - William Wild of New Bridge, Heptonstall.  

13th July 1875 aged 26 - At Bombay India - Frank, eldest son of Edward Lord of Adam Royd, Todmorden  

21st July 1875 aged 19 - John Walton of Cragg, Erringden.  

23rd July 1875 aged 33 - Sutcliffe Mitchell of Height, Erringden  

6th August 1875 aged 81 - John Hurst, of Handley Street, Rochdale, late of Wellfield Terrace, Todmorden.

10th August 1875 aged 35 at London - John Taylor of Hollybank near Todmorden    

25th August 1875 at West Lodge, Todmorden, in his 79th year Mr. Thomas Edward Hammerton

6th September 1875 aged 43 - Hannah Sutcliffe of Lane Top, Stansfield

22nd September 1875 aged 62 - Jane 2nd daughter of the late Andrew Aspden,

formerly of Harley House Todmorden.

21st September 1875 aged 67 - Mr. James Astin of Lytham Road, Blackpool (of the firm of Astin and Barker, millwrights of Todmorden.

21st September 1875 aged 57 at his residence, Milton House, Blackpool. John Crossley Esq. Late of Harley Bank, Todmorden.

19th September 1875 aged 77 - Thomas Heyworth of Woodhouse, Langfield

27th September 1875 aged 64 - Grace Ogden of Cally Hall Stansfield.

4th October 1875 aged 76 - Thomas Barker of Hanging Royd, Hebden Bridge.

1st October 1875 aged 81 - Mary Woodhead of Clough, Walsden  

15th October 1875 aged 60 - Thomas Longden of Hawksclough, Wadsworth

13th October 1875 aged 82 - Samuel Woodhead of Clough, Walsden


14th October 1875 aged 69 - Mary Dawson of Fold, near Eastwood

22nd October 1875 aged 77 - Rachel Atkinson of Rodwell End, Stansfield

29th October 1875 aged 59 - Hannah Thornber of Haven, Erringden

3rd November 1875 aged 80 - Joshua Fielden of 11 Dobroyd, Todmorden

5th November 1875 aged 30 - Mary Stansfield of Underbank, Stansfield

22nd November 1875 aged 79 John Ashworth cotton spinner of Wood Bottom Mill Walsden and Lobmill Todmorden.

18th November 1875 aged 53 - Mary Mitton of 45 North Street Todmorden

21st November 1875 aged 67 - John Sutcliffe of New Delight, Wadsworth

7th December 1875 aged 75 - John Fielden of Swineshead Clough, Todmorden.

12th December 1875 aged 32 - Grace, 2nd daughter of James and Susan Barker of Harley Bank, Todmorden.

12th December 1875 aged 79 - William Greenwood of Moverley Cottage, Walsden near Todmorden.

9th December 1875 aged 42 - John Hartley of Stubbin, Erringden.

Deaths in 1863

The following extracts are from the Halifax Guardian in the special collections department at Leeds University. They are deaths in 1863 of people from the Todmorden area.

Information supplied by John Alan Longbottom.


31st Jan 1863

Inquest - held at the Hare and Hounds Inn, Holme before Mr. J. R. Ingram deputy coroner, on the body of SARAH GREENWOOD, a child one month old, of Betty Greenwood of Gate Bottom. On Sunday morning about one o'clock, Mrs Greenwood took the child and put it to her breast when the child appeared all right. At eight o'clock she found it a corpse. Verdict - died from natural causes.

7th Feb 1863

Sudden death - On Monday morning, at seven o'clock, Mr. ABRAHAM GREENWOOD of Flowerscar, was getting out of bed, when his wife saw him fall back and instantly expire. Yesterday, an inquest was held on the body at the Roe Buck Inn, Portsmouth, and a verdict of death from natural causes returned.

21st Feb 1863

Fatal Accident in a Clough - About three o'clock on Tuesday morning, as the private watchman of Messers. Fielden was going his rounds, he discovered the body of a man in Swineshead Clough. Being unable to extricate him, he obtained the assistance of p. C. Turner, when the man was taken out and found to be Mr. THOMAS CROSSLEY, of Gauxholme ironfoundry. He was quite insensible and helpless. He was conveyed to his residence, at Guaxholme, where he lingered in an insensible condition until Thursday morning, when he expired. How the accident happened cannot be ascertained. Deceased was 49 years of age, and leaves a wife and four children.

28th Feb 1863

Inquest On Monday, an inquest was held at the Queen Hotel before Mr. Dearden, on the body of MR. THOMAS CROSSLEY, who was found in a lifeless state as reported in last week's Guardian. Several witnesses were examined, but no evidence was produced to show how the deceased came by his death. The last person he was in company with was James Austin, mechanic of Salford, who left him at twelve o'clock on the night before he was found. Verdict - died from injuries received by a fall.

21st Feb 1863

Sudden Death - On Thursday, MR. JOHN SUTCLIFFE, farmer of Stansfield, aged 44, was found lying helpless in a fit at Waithplatts, at ten minutes past ten in the forenoon by Mary Kershaw. He only breathed a few times and then expired. He had been with a cow to Halifax, leading it with a rope. An inquest was held yesterday evening at the York Tavern, Langfield by Mr. Ingram, and a verdict of natural death returned.

18th Apr 1863

Boy Drowned - On Monday night, JOHN WILLIAM HIRST, son of Mr. Joseph Hirst of Carr Green, went out to play, and as he did not return home when expected, it was feared something had befallen him. A search was instituted through the whole night, and on the following morning he was found drowned in a clough near Carr Green, with his head downwards

25th Apr 1863

Inquest - Yesterday afternoon week, Mr. Ingram, deputy coroner, held an inquest at the Dog and Partridge Inn, Lumbutts, on the body of JOHN WILLIAM HIRST, who was found drowned in Carr Green Clough. The particulars appeared in last week's Guardian. Verdict - accidentally drowned.

1st Aug 1863

Fatal accident to a Child - On Thursday an inquest was held by Mr. Ingram, at ailway Inn, Stansfield, on WILLIAM LAW, aged two years, son of James Law, of Mitchell Street, Lineholme. On the previous Friday the child fell down stairs in the house of Mary Stansfield, a neighbour and the aunt, and became insensible, expiring on the following Tuesday at home. Verdict - accidental death

1st. Aug 1863

Attempted Suicide - On Thursday night FIELDEN GREENWOOD, a young man residing at Knowlwood, cut his throat very deeply. It appears that on coming home from the mill, and after tea he went upstairs, while the rest of the family were out, got a razor belonging to his father, and cut his throat while sitting on the bed, There he was found by a sister. Dr. Sutcliffe attended him, but gave little hope of his recovery.

8th Aug 1863

Inquest - On Monday, an inquest was held at the White Lion Inn, before Mr. Dearden, on the body of FIELDEN GREENWOOD, of Butcher Hill, Todmorden, who died on Friday from injuries he had inflicted with his own hands, particulars of which appeared in last week's Guardian. Verdict - temporary insanity,

24th Oct 1863

Inquest - On Tuesday at the Wood Mill before Mr. Ingram, on the body of Mr. JOHN FOULDS of Brook Street, whose body was found under the following circumstances. Joseph Pickup of the Station House Bottoms Inn, proved that he last saw Foulds at his house at nine o'clock on Friday night. He was drunk. Joseph Walker of Brighouse said he was in his boat at Burnt Acres Pool on Saturday morning when he found the body of the deceased. It was evident the poor fellow had strayed into the water and a verdict to that effect was returned.

31st Oct 1863

Sudden Death - On Thursday, JOHN WHITTAKER, blacksmith, called at the Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Blind Lane, when he fell from the chair and expired.

7th Nov 1863

Inquest - Fatal Road Accident - On Monday the inquest was held at the Rose and Crown Inn, Castle Street, before J.R. Ingram, Esq., deputy coroner, on the body of JOSEPH CROWTHER, carter aged 78. On Saturday a party of gentlemen had been out hunting, and were returning home at seven o'clock, and rode up the road from Eastwood at a quick pace. The deceased heard the tramp pf the horses, and went, as he supposed, out of the way, taking shelter behind a cart which was drawn up at one side of the road, near Castle Lodge. The horse of Mr. O. Barker, manufacturer, came against him with such force that he was fatally injured, and died at three o'clock next morning. The inquest lasted from half-past four p.m. until eleven o'clock, and ultimately resulted in a verdict of accidental death the jury recording their opinion that Barker was not entirely free from blame.

28th Nov 1863

Inquest - On Saturday the inquest on the body of GREENWOOD FELTHAM, who drowned himself in so deliberate a manner in the canal at Dobroyd, was held at the Lord Nelson Inn. The evidence showed that for some time deceased had been in a strange sort of mind, and a verdict of temporary insanity was returned.

26th Dec 1863

Sudden Death - ABRAHAM INGHAM, of Cobben, stonemason, was found dead in bed on Sunday morning, about nine o'clock, by his wife and children, who were just about to breakfast. An inquest was held on the body, on Wednesday at the Black Swan Inn, when the verdict was died from natural causes

Deaths in 1845

The following extracts are from the Halifax Guardian and the Huddersfield and Bradford Advertiser in the special collections department at Leeds University. They are deaths in 1845 of people from the Todmorden area.

Information supplied by John Alan Longbottom.

Vol XIII No 659 5th July 1845


On Saturday last, aged 28, Mr. JOSEPH CROSSLEY, driver of the Todmorden gig mail

Vol XIII No 661 19th July 1845 with a Supplement 2 pages

p.8 col 6 Deaths

On Thursday week in her 28th year after a lingering illness at the house of her father, Mr. THOMAS GREENLESS, Newell's Buildings, Todmorden, Mrs ANDREW, the wife of H. Andrew Esq. of Church Street, Manchester

Vol XIII No 665 16th August 1845


On Tuesday week, aged 52, Mr. GEORGE ECCLES, White Hart Inn Todmorden.

Vol XIII No 669 13th September 1845

p.8 col 5 Death

Yesterday week, Mr. LUKE BARKER, schoolmaster of Todmorden

Vol XIII No 676 1st November 1845


On Saturday last aged 35 Mr. WILLIAM STANSFIELD of Todmorden

Vol XIII No 684 27th December 1845


On Saturday last, aged 66, Mr. J. BARNES FIELDEN, Old Shop, Todmorden

Yesterday week aged 47, Mr. ELY LUMB, farmer of Horsehold, Erringden