(1747 to 1819)




This is the last will and testament of me, James Baron of Higher Alescoles in the Parish of Rochdale in the county of Lancaster, yeoman, which I make and publish in sound mind and understanding in manner following.

That is to say I will that all my just debts, funeral expenses and the expenses of proving and carrying into execution this my will, be paid by my executors hereinafter named, out of my effects coming to their hands by virtue of this my will.

And I give, devise and bequeath unto my natural son Samuel Baron, otherwise Fielden, all that my messuage, farm, barn and outbuildings at Higher Alescoles, with the closes, or parcels of land following. That is to say, the Far Rough, the Nearer Rough, the New Meadow, the Langfield, the Hyde Park and the top part of the White Slack Field, as the same is now divided and in the occupation of John Howarth, or his undertenants.

Also all the other messuage or tenement, barn and out buildings, closes and parcels of land in the occupation of James Dawson the Elder, with two cottages in the several occupations of James Greenwood and James Dawson the Younger.

Also the ground rent of two houses built in a close called The Cloice, demised to Robert Dawson for as long term of years at the yearly rent of two pounds, eight shillings and two pence. To hold the said messuages, cottages and tenements and premises unto my said natural son Samuel Baron, otherwise Fielden, his heirs or assigns, or according to the tenure thereof.

Also I give, devise and bequeath unto my natural son Jemmy Baron, otherwise Fielden, all that my other messuage, farm or tenement, with the barn and buildings, lands and grounds at Waterstalls, now in the occupation of John Scholfield, with a cottage in the occupation of Mary Crowther.

Also all that my messuage, farm or tenement, barn, outbuildings, closes or parcels of land or ground at Lanebottom, in the occupation of William Chadwick, and two cottages in the several occupations of James Dawson and John Law.

Also all that my messuage or tenement, barn and outbuildings at Higher Alescoles as aforesaid, now in my own occupation, with the closes, inclosures or parcels of land, those also in my occupation, with a cottage there in the occupation of Edmund Crossley, (??? except one chamber in the said messuage called the Kitchen Chamber, or New Chamber, which I give to my brother Thomas Baron during his life, for his own occupancy only when he shall think proper to reside there.)

Also all that public house and outbuildings thereto belonging, and three cottages, at Bridge End near Todmorden, in the occupation of Martin Mitchell, his undertenants, with the appurtenances, to hold to the said Jemmy Baron, alias Fielden, for ever, or according to the nature or tenant thereof.

Provided that in the case of either of my said natural sons shall happen to die before his attaining the age of twenty one years, leaving no lawful issue or having issue and such issue shall happen to die, then and in such case the devise and bequest in this my will given to him shall go to the survivor and his heirs, executors or administrators.

But in case of the decease of both of them without lawful issue, or having had issue and they have depart this life, then I give, devise and bequeath the said premises hereinbefore devised and bequeathed unto my brother Thomas Baron, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns.

And all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate and effects not hereinbefore disposed of, I give to my friends Samuel Fielden of Winterbutlee and John Ormerod of Todmorden Edge, in trust that they or the survivor of them or the executors or administrators of such survivor, shall and do out of the same and in ??? of the said rents and profits, maintain and educate and bring up my said natural children until they respectively attain the age of twenty one years, in such manner as they, my trustees shall seem proper and necessary.

And I also nominate and appoint the said Samuel Fielden and John Ormerod, joint executors of this my will, and I hereby revoke al other will or wills by me, at any time herebefore made.

In witness whereof I have to this my last will, subscribed my name and affixed my seal, the twenty ninth day May in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and nineteen.

James X his mark Baron

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said James Baron, the testator, as his last will and testament in the presence of us, who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witness thereof.

Robert Cogswell, clerk to Messrs. Shuttleworth, Rochdale

John Heward of Moorhey

Edmund Heward of Moorhey

8th Day of November 1819

Samuel Fielden of Winterbutlee, in the parish of Rochdale in the county of Lancaster and diocese of Chester, farmer, and John Ormerod of Todmorden Edge in the parish of Rochdale aforesaid, cotton manufacturer, the executors in this will named, were sworn in common form and they further made oath that the personal estate and effects of the testator within the diocese of Chester, were under the value of six hundred pounds.

Before me

Wm. Hodgson


Probate issued dated 8th November 1819

The testator died the second day of June 1819