Complete from 1594 to 1837


Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden


Year Date Name Address Occ Spouse Address Occ Comments
1594 Sep 15? Elyzabeth     William Waddesworth      
1600/1 Feb-10 William     Sarah Skelton      
1601 May-04 William     Alice Healey      
1602 May-31 Edward     Grace Estwood      
1608 Sep-12 Abraham     Isabell Sutclyff      
1618/9 Feb-02 Anthony     Mary Howlgate Wadsworth    
1622/3 Feb-25 Ann     Maior Marshall      
1623 Dec-07 Sara     Ambrose Widdop      
1632/3 Feb-04 Richard     Grace Horner      
1639 May-06 Steven     Mary Jackson      
1649 May-01 Henry     Anna Pighills      
1650 May-23 Mary     William Redman      
1654/5 Feb-21 Susan Old Town Wadsworth   John Townend younger Wainsgate Wadsworth   d of Anthony clothier witnessed by James Whitwam Roger Peel
1656 Dec-05 Mary Soyland Elland Par.   John Kershaw younger Dodnase Wadswoth clothier witnessed by Simeon Buckley Gregory Mitchell
1658 Aug-05 William Bradford clothier Grace Penington Wadsworth   d of Rowland
1663/4 Feb-23 John     Sara Aickroyd      
1664 Sep-13 Grace     Abraham Jewet      
1664/5 Feb-06 Stephen     Sara Spenser      
1668 Apr-30 Mary     John Dilworth      
1674/5 Feb-15 Sara     Paull Spencer      
1677 Dec-02 Martha     William Jewett      
1681 Apr-24 John     Mary Sands      
1685 Apr-20 Ann     John Crossley      
1685 Apr-21 Martha     Abraham Rydeough      
1685/6 Jan-17 John     Isabel Towers      
1687/8 Feb-28 Margaret     John Walker      
1692 May-05 William     Jane Saltonstall      
1692 Sep-08 Stephen     Mary Rishton      
1694 Apr-10 Sarah     Abraham Wood      
1694 Apr-22 Jonathon     Sarah Wood      
1699 / 1700 Jan-25 Grace     Thomas Greenwood      
1702 Apr-06 Sarah     Thomas Wilkinson      
1702 Oct-19 Jonathon     Grace Webster      
1704/5 Feb-15 John     Martha Greenwood      
1706 May-09 Hannah     Samuel Swain Calverley    
1706 Oct-10 William     Grace Hill Wadsworth    
1708 Oct-25 Joshua     Mary Cowburn Wadsworth    
1711/2 Jan-15 Jennit     Simeon Smith Stansfield    
1712 May-15 Timothy     Mary Horsfall Heptonstall    
1714 Aug-07 Jonathon     Mary Clough Wadsworth    
1718 Aug-07 Mary     Jonathon Webster Wadsworth    
1719 Apr-16 Martha     John Crabtree Wadsworth    
1720 Apr-17 Thomas   webster Susan Sunderland Wadsworth    
1721 Sep-20 Martha     Henry Varley Wadsworth    
1724 Jul-10 Mary     Richard Wade Sowerby yeoman by licence
1724 Oct-22 Jonathon   webster Susan Pighleys Wadsworth    
1725 Mar-29 Sarah     Thomas Berry Wadsworth    
1725 Jun-17 Betty     John Thomas Erringden webster  
1733/4 Jan-31 John   webster Maureen Mitchell Wadsworth    
1734 Apr-30 Timothy   webster Mary Townend Wadsworth    
1735/6 Mar-08 Sarah Wadsworth   David Widdop Wadsworth    
1739 Jul-26 Susannah Wadsworth   Timothy Sutcliffe Wadsworth    
1739 Aug-21 John Wadsworth webster Grace Radcliff Heptonstall    
1740 Sep-17 John Worsthorn   Ann Crossley Stansfield   married at Cross Stone
1743 Apr-05 Susan Heptonstall   John Greenwood Erringden webster  
1745/6 Feb-04 Thomas Erringden webster Mary Farrar Erringden    
1748 Aug-18 William Erringden webster Betty Wilkinson Erringden    
1748 Oct-20 Grace Erringden   James Barrit Wadsworth comber  
1748 Oct-21 William Erringden webster Phoebe Jackson Erringden    
1749/50 Feb-01 Thomas Wadsworth webster Sarah Thomas Wadsworth    
1750 Dec-25 John Wadsworth webster Susan Parker Wadsworth    
1752 Dec-10 Susannah Wadsworth   John Kershaw younger Wadsworth wool  comber  


1753 Jul-03 James Stansfield webster Betty Sothard Stansfield    
1753 Dec-03 Mary Wadsworth   Richard Thomas Wadsworth webster  
1754 Apr-15 Elizabeth Wadsworth   John Sladden Wadsworth webster  
1754 Oct-22 Sarah Wadsworth   William Horsfall Wadsworth webster  
1754 Dec-26 Betty Bradford   John Pighles Wadsworth webster  
1755 Jan-13 Jonathon Stansfield yeoman Sarah Crabtree Stansfield    
1756 Dec-19 Sally Wadsworth   John Dewhirst Wadsworth woolcomber  
1757 Jun-09 Mary Wadsworth   David Greenwood Wadsworth webster  
1758 Feb-06 Mary Erringden   Elias Helliwell Heptonstall woolcomber  
1758 Mar-16 Sarah Wadsworth   James Mortimer Wadsworth clothier  
1760 Apr-24 Susan Stansfield   Thomas Sutcliffe Stansfield webster  
1763 Jun-30 John Wadsworth   Grace Crabtree Wadsworth   John widowed
1763 Sep-08 Susan Wadsworth   Matthew Wade Wadsworth woolcomber  
1764 Feb-02 John Wadsworth webster Grace Greenwood Wadsworth    
1764 Aug-09 Phinehas Stansfield webster Peggy Dewhirst Stansfield    
1765 Mar-03 Martha otp   William Smith otp   William widowed Banns Aug 1764
1765 Oct-29 Sarah Wadsworth   Jonas Thomas Erringden pensioner Sarah widowed
1766 Jul-03 Susan Stansfield   Thomas Dearden Wadsworth webster  
1766 Sep-18 Salley Wadsworth   William Crabtree Wadsworth mason  
1767 Jun-25 Thomas Wadsworth webster Betty Austen Wadsworth    
1768 Jun-20 Isabel Langfield   John Fielding Langfield webster  
1768 Dec-27 Susan Wadsworth   Joseph Harwood Wadsworth woolcomber  
1769 Sep-17 Mary Stansfield   John Hamer Stansfield woolcomber  
1770 Jan-12 Mary Wadsworth   Luke Horsfall Wadsworth webster  
1770 Nov-29 Mary Heptonstall   David Taylor Heptonstall mason  
1771 Jan-14 Jane Wadsworth   William Cockcroft Wadsworth webster  
1772 Aug-25 Jonathan Wadsworth woolcomber Martha Nowell Wadsworth    
1772 Dec-29 Sally Erringden   Mark Sutcliffe Erringden webster  
1773 Feb-26 Sally Stansfield   Thomas Helliwell Erringden webster  
1773 May-20 James Wadsworth mason Mary Taylor Heptonstall    
1773 Sep-26 Betty Wadsworth   John Harwood Wadsworth mason  
1774 Feb-13 Sally Wadsworth   Valentine Slater Heptonstall webster  
1774 Mar-31 Sarah Stansfield   James Dawson Stansfield webster Sarah widowed
1774 Dec-27 John Wadsworth joiner Phillis Wilkinson Heptonstall    
1776 Dec-08 Mary Stansfield   John Fielding Stansfield woolcomber  
1777 Sep-23 Mary Erringden   William Haworth Stansfield   William widowed
1777 Oct-23 William Wadsworth webster Susannah Whitwham Wadsworth    
1778 Dec-27 Thomas otp webster Betty Jackson otp   by licence
1780 Aug-22 Phineas Stansfield   Lidiah Dearden Langfield   Phineas widowed
1780 Nov-07 James   carrier Mary Pilling     no banns
1781 Feb-27 Betty Todmorden   Robert Sutcliffe Stansfield webster  
1781 Aug-02 William Heptonstall mason Mary Broadbent Sowerby    
1783 Apr-22 Hannah Stansfield   John Hudson Stansfield webster  
1783 Oct-05 Amy otp   Robert Ashworth otp   Robert widowed
1783 Dec-16 Hannah Stansfield   Ely Sutcliffe Stansfield webster  
1784 Feb-24 James Langfield woolcomber Amy Webster Langfield    
1784 Aug-24 William Stansfield webster Betty Mitchell Stansfield    
1784 Sep-23 Grace Stansfield   John Sutcliffe Stansfield webster  
1785 Jan-06 Thomas Wadsworth webster Sally Teasdale Wadsworth    
1785 Mar-08 Mary Wadsworth   James Rawson Wadsworth   James widowed
1785 Jul-14 Mally Langfield   John Clegg Langfield webster  
1786 Jan-08 John Wadsworth webster Sara Thomas Wadsworth    
1786 Jun-06 James Stansfield joiner Sally Eastwood Stansfield    
1787 Feb-01 John Stansfield webster yeoman Sally Wadsworth Stansfield    
1788 Mar-20 John Stansfield joiner Mary Eastwood Stansfield   Mary widowed
1788 Sep-25 William Stansfield joiner Betty Marshall Stansfield    
1789 Feb-24 Betty Wadsworth   William Greenwood Wadsworth webster  
1789 Nov-09 Betty Stansfield   John Dawson Stansfield webster  
1791 Dec-27 Ann Langfield   James Hoyle Langfield webster  
1792 Apr-10 John Wadsworth webster Ann Hardman Heptonstall    
1792 Nov-29 Grace Wadsworth   Jonathan Colling(s) Heptonstall   Jonathan widowed
1793 Feb-07 Sarah Wadsworth   John Dewhirst Wadsworth   both widowed
1793 Mar-10 Grace Wadsworth   Richard Pickles Wadsworth   both widowed
1795 Dec-29 Sally Wadsworth   Henry Pickles Heptonstall webster  
1797 Aug-17 William Wadsworth webster Mally Harwood Wadsworth   (Harrod)
1798 Frb20 Ann Wadsworth   William Spencer Wadsworth webster  
1798 Oct-21 Mary Wadsworth   Ambrose Greenwood Wadsworth webster  
1798 Dec-02 John Langfield webster Sally Astin Langfield    
1799 Jun-06 George Wadsworth labourer Sally Wilcock Wadsworth    
1799 Jun-16 John Wadsworth clogger Deborah Redman Wadsworth    
1800 Apr-27 William Wadsworth militiaman Mally Thomas Wadsworth    
1801 Apr-05 Henry Wadsworth webster Sally Nowell Wadsworth    
1801 Jul-12 Mary Stansfield   Thomas Hartley Langfield   both widowed


1802 Dec-30 William Stansfield webster Salley Stephenson Stansfield    
1803 Mar-13 Grace Wadsworth   William Shackleton Erringden webster no banns
1803 Jul-20 Tommy Wadsworth   Betty Greenwood Wadsworth   Tommy widowed
1803 Aug-13 Abraham Langfield webster Mary Bentley Stansfield   by licence
1804 Dec-30 Mary Stansfield   Thomas Horsfall Stansfield webster  
1806 Feb-02 Srah Erringden   Henry Howarth Erringden webster  
1806 Oct-21 Thomas Wadsworth weaver Betty Crabtree Wadsworth    
1807 Mar-03 William Wadsworth   Mary Midgley Wadsworth   William widowed
1807 Jun-25 Susannah Heptonstall   William Mitchell Heptonstall weaver  
1808 Nov-27 John Stansfield weaver Susan Crowther Stansfield    
1809 Aug-06 William Stansfield   Susan Thomas Heptonstall   William widowed
1809 Dec-26 Jonas Wadsworth weaver Sally Sutcliffe Wadsworth    
1809 Dec-28 John Ewads weaver Mary Sutcliffe Wadsworth    
1811 Oct-20 Alice Stansfield   Thomas Butterworth Stansfield weaver  
1812 Feb-16 Samuel Stansfield woolcomber Ann Crabtree Stansfield    
1812 Dec-27 John Stansfield weaver Grace Akroyd Heptonstall    
1813 Jul-01 John Wadsworth weaver Hannah Sutcliffe Heptonstall    
1815 Apr-16 James Stansfield weaver Mary Webster Stansfield    
1815 Oct-09 Salley Wadsworth   John Crabtree Wadsworth   John widowed
1816 Apr-02 Jonathan Wadsworth weaver Mary Greenwood Wadsworth   Mary widowed
1817 Dec-28 Sally Langfield   John Barker Langfield weaver  
1818 Feb-09 Mary Wadsworth   John Stephenson Wadsworth woolcomber  
1819 Jul-04 Hannah Heptonstall   John Uttley Heptonstall weaver  
1820 Mar-19 John Stansfield labourer Sally Crabtree Stansfield    
1820 Apr-10 Thomas Wadsworth   Betty Thomas Wadsworth   Thomas widowed
1820 Jun-06 Henry Heptonstall schoolmaster Grace Charnock Heptonstall   by licence
1822 May-12 Abraham Stansfield weaver Hannah Greenwood Todmorden    
1822 Dec-02 Betty Stansfield   John Crowther Stansfield weaver  
1822 Dec-30 William Wadsworth weaver Hannah Spencer Wadsworth    
1823 Mar-27 William Langfield weaver Hannah Wilson Langfield    
1823 May-20 John Wadsworth tailor Alice Greenwood Wadsworth    
1823 May-23 James Stansfield mechanic Betty Shackleton Stansfield    
1824 Nov-05 Sally Wadsworth   Richard Close Wadsworth coalminer  
1825 May-01 Squire Wadsworth weaver Sally Sutcliffe Wadsworth    
1825 Jun-14 John Wadsworth weaver Betty Whitehead Wadsworth    
1825 Dec-29 Ann Wadsworth   Thomas Greenwood Erringden farmer by licence
1826 Mar-20 Betty Langfield   Joseph Lingard Stansfield   both widowed
1827 Jan-28 William Wadsworth weaver Hannah Sutcliffe Wadsworth    
1827 Sep-25 Thomas Erringden labourer Sarah Stell Erringden    
1828 Jul-20 William Wadsworth weaver Sally Greenwood Wadsworth    
1828 Oct-07 James Wadsworth weaver Mary Crabtree Wadsworth    
1829 Mar-03 John Wadsworth weaver Hannah Widdop Wadsworth    
1829 May-19 William Wadsworth weaver Susey Rawson Wadsworth    
1829 Dec-20 Hugh Walsden shopkeeper Sally Walker Stansfield    
1830 Jun-03 Betty Wadsworth   Robert Clegg Stansfield c. spinner  
1830 Jun-27 George Heptonstall labourer Martha Fawthrop Wadsworth    
1830 Dec-12 James Wadsworth weaver Hannah Crossley Wadsworth    
1831 Jul-17 George Wadsworth c.spinner Alice Dawson Heptonstall    
1834 Aug-31 Daniel Stansfield collier Sally Greenwood Stansfield    
1834 Sep-07 Sarah Stansfield   Denis Sutcliffe Stansfield wool sorter  
1834 Sep-25 James Heptonstall weaver Hannah Hardman Heptonstall    
1835 May-03 Squire Wadsworth weaver Sarah Crossley Wadsworth    
1835 Jul-23 George Wadsworth weaver Betty Mitchell Heptonstall    
1835 Aug-27 William Wadsworth weaver Grace Greenwood Wadsworth    
1835 Sep-28 Mary Langfield   Thomas Mitton Langfield c. carder  
1835 Nov-22 Thomas Wadsworth weaver Hannah Knowels Wadsworth    
1836 Apr-17 Mary Wadsworth   Charles Greenwood Wadsworth weaver  
1836 Aug-06 Mary Wadsworth   Thomas Saltonstall Wadsworth weaver  
1836 Oct-13 Sally Heptonstall   Henry Uttley Wadsworth weaver