complete for 1594-1837


Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden


Year Date Name Address Occ'n Spouse Address Occ'n Comments
1597 Aug-18 Agnes     Robert Crossley      
1597/8 Jan-23 Abraham     Sara Romesdon      
1598 Oct-30 Samuel     Anna Eacrod      
1599 Oct-15 Elizabeth     William Whytwham      
1599 Nov-20 Mathusala     Susan Greenwood      
1604 Sep-11 Mary     Thomas Poplewell      
1605 Jun-18 Isaac     Mary Kay      
1606 May-29 Gregory     Dorothy Cooper      
1606 Nov-03 Ann     Simion Chapman      
1607 Sep-13 Gregory     Isabell Walker      
1608 Oct-05 Sara     Johne Sutclyffe      
1608/9 Feb-06 Mary     Richard Gybsone      
1610 May-15 Johne     Mary Holland      
1610 Jul-08 Christabell     Mychaell Helewell      
1610/1 Feb-03 Johanna     Abraham Heapp      
1613/4 Feb-21 Grace     Isaac Heape      
1615 Se 12 Grace     Jonas Hollins      
1618 Apr-07 Richard Ingam          
1620 Aug-01 John Inghame     Elizabeth Smith      
1620 Nov-15 Judith     William Whitwham      
1622/3 Feb-24 Susanna     John Thomas      
1625/6 Feb-20 John     Mary Horne      
1627 May-18 Grace     John Hodshon      
1627 Jul-30 John     Sara Sutcliffe Stansfield    
1627 Dec-17 William     Anna Stansfield      
1630 May-04 Ambrose     Martha Clegg      
1632 Oct-08 Sara     Abraham Clark      
1638 Aug-20 Edward     Margret Wadsworth      
1639 Oct-10 Hester     Henry Sutcliffe      
1639 Nov-04 Martha     Abraham Feilden      
1640 Jun-02 Alice     John Greenwood      
1647/8 Mar-07 John     Grace Sutcliffe      
1652 Nov-30 Isaacke     Jennett Geldard      
1652/3 Feb-20 Mary     Abraham Farrer      
1654 Jun-20 Elizabeth Swineshead   John Barker Ashes Stansfield   dau of John
1656 Apr-03 Jonathan Langfield clothier Susan Kershaw Rodwell End Stansfield    
1656 Aug-10 Anne Stansfield   John Riding younger Woodlea Wadsworth cloth webster Witnesses John Riding elder, William Greenwood Esq
1660 Nov-22 John     Mary Cockroft      
1660 Dec-21 Susanna     Richard Shepherd      
1662 May-04 Mary     Robert Sutcliffe      
1664 May-05 Jonathan     Grace Wood      
1664 Sep-01 Abraham     Grace Sutcliffe      
1672/3 Feb-11 Simeon     Phoebe Wadsworth      
1675 Jul-19 Debora     John Kay      
1676/7 Feb-15 Grace     John Robinson      
1676/8 Feb-27 Edward     Martha Baraclough      
1677 Nov-15 Mary     Abraham Hollinrake      
1677 Dec-27 Elizabeth     Paul Greenwood      
1678 Jul-25 Phebe     John Nowell      
1679 May-08 Jonathan     Martha Wood      
1679/80 Feb-23 Ester     Jonathon Greenwood      
1680 May-03 Martha     John Dewhirst      
1680 Sep-25 Sara     Edward Smith      
1682/3 Feb-16 Grace     George Travis      
1683 Dec-13 Sara     Ambrose Kendall      
1684 Mar-30 Jane     Jonathan Batty      
1685/6 Jan-04 Jonathan     Martha Wood      
1685/6 Jan-26 Susan     John Lord      
!687/8 Jan-22 Elin     John Belfield      
1688 Nov-08 Judith     William Dewhirst      
1691 Jul-25 Sara     John Helliwell      
1694 Aug-11 Jonas     Ann Midgley      
1695 Dec-22 Jonas     Mary Driver      
1696 Oct-05 Sabie     Gregory Cockcroft      
1697/8 Mar-04 Jeremiah     Martha Greenwood      
1698 May-25 Martha     Robert Ambler      
1699/1700 Jan-09 John     Jane Farmer      
1702 Apr-06 Sarah     David Greenwood Heptonstall    
1705 Nov-27 Martha     John Uttley Stansfield    
1709 Feb-24 Mary     Jonathon Greenwood Heptonstall    
1711 Aug-09 John     Mary Greenwood Heptonstall    
1711 Sep-25 William     Mary Dearden Langfield    
1712 Jul-25 Grace     John Sutcliffe Langfield    
1715 Apr-18 Sarah     Ambrose Greenwood Heptonstall    


1715 Nov-13 Martha     Jonathan Midgley Heptonstall    
1719 Nov-29 Susan     Thomas Hargreaves Heptonstall    
1720 Aug-21 Jonathan Wadsworth   Sarah Crossley Warley    
1722 Nov-01 Hanna Heptonstall   John Greenwood      
1723 May-10 Jonas Langfield webster Grace Greenwood Erringden    
1727 Jul-25 George   labourer Mary Greenwood Heptonstall    
1729/30 Jan-26 Mary Heptonstall   John Dewhirst   webster  
1730 Jun-02 William   webster Mary Kaye Heptonstall    
1730/1 Jan-19 Abram Langfield webster Betty Farrar Stansfield    
1734 Aug-02 Mary Langfield   Samuel Brooksbank   webster  
1735 Apr-08 John     Mary Thomas Wadsworth    
1736 Nov-18 Mary Wadsworth   Jonathan Robertshaw Erringden    
1737 Apr-21 Jeremiah Langfield webster Martha Greenwood Langfield    
1738 Sep-25 John Heptonstall webster Sarah Dobson Wadsworth    
1738 Oct-29 Jeremiah Heptonstall webster Mary Wadsworth Stansfield    
1739 Aug-08 Mary Heptonstall   Job Eastwood Stansfield webster  
1743/4 Feb-06 Jonas Heptonstall   Sarah Webster Heptonstall    
1745 May-12 Jeremiah Heptonstall webster Grace Midgley Heptonstall    
1746/7 Feb-19 John Langfield yeoman Hannah Thomas Sow    
1747 Aug-03 William Langfield   Grace Heworth Langfield   at Cross Stone
1750/1 Feb-18 Mary Wadsworth   William Greenwood Wadsworth webster  
1751 Apr-25 James Sow Bridge   Anne Riddiough Colne    
1752 May-12 Isaac Wadsworth webster Sally Thomas Wadsworth    
1753 Sep-13 Grace Wadsworth   William Thomas Wadsworth    
1754 Oct-10 Betty Wadsworth   Samuel Thomas Wadsworth webster  
1755 Aug-21 Martha Stansfield   William Greenwood Stansfield   both widowed
1756 Feb-28 Grace Heptonstall   William Greenwood Heptonstall webster William widowed
1756 Jun-08 Mary Stansfield   John Greenwood Stansfield webster  
1756 Nov-04 John Heptonstall webster Dinah Ogden Heptonstall    
1758 Sep-05 Mary Stansfield   James Greenwood Stansfield webster  
1758 Oct-29 Betty Stansfield   Thomas Mitchell Stansfield webster  
1759 Apr-16 William Stansfield webster Sarah Southwell Stansfield    
1759 May-22 Susan Heptonstall   George Hargreaves Midgley webster  
1759 Jul-12 William Wadsworth webster Betty Mosar Stansfield    
1760 Feb-19 John Langfield webster Betty Clegg Langfield    
1760 Nov-27 Mary Heptonstall   Lawrence Ashworth Heptonstall webster  
1761 Jun-11 Mary Wadsworth   Thomas Webster Wadsworth webster  
1762 Aug-15 John Heptonstall webster Hannah West Heptonstall    
1763 Jul-20 James Langfield wool comber Mary Cockcroft Erringden    
1763 Oct-27 Hannah Langfield   John Clegg Stansfield webster  
1765 Dec-26 John Heptonstall   Mary Sunderland Heptonstall    
1767 Oct-25 William Wadsworth   Betty Wade Wadsworth   William widowed
1768 Dec-27 Mary Stansfield   Henry Carter Stansfield webster  
1769 Aug-31 Joseph Wadsworth webster Betty Halliwell Wadsworth    
1770 Aug-08 Mary otp   John Sutcliffe otp yeoman by licence
1771 May-22 Jeremiah Heptonstall webster Grace Greenwood Stansfield    
1772 Jun-09 James Stansfield   Mary Suthers Stansfield   James widowed
1773 Jan-11 Lawrence Wadsworth   Betty Crossley Wadsworth   Lawrence widowed
1774 Apr-21 John Heptonstall wool comber Mary Eagland Erringden    
1776 May-02 Mary Wadsworth   William Collings Stansfield webster  
1776 Dec-25 Mary     Henry Shackleton   webster no banns recorded at Heptonstall
1776 Dec-26 Mary Wadsworth   William Eastwood Wadsworth webster  
1777 Apr-01 John Wadsworth webster Deborah Uttley Stansfield    
1777 May-25 John Wadsworth webster Priscilla Parker Wadsworth   banns Dec 1776/Jan1777
1777 Jul-01 William Heptonstall wool comber Barbara Horsfall Heptonstall    
1777 Sep-28 Amos Heptonstall webster Ellin Speak Heptonstall    
1777 Oct-09 Susan Heptonstall   Thomas Sutcliffe Heptonstall webster  
1777 Nov-13 Susan Heptonstall   John Greenwood Heptonstall webster  
1777 Dec-25 Martha Wadsworth   John Crabtree Stansfield webster  
1778 Jun-10 Hannah otp   Thomas Sutcliffe otp yeoman by licence
1778 Aug-06 John otp gentleman Grace Crossley Todmorden   by licence
1779 Nov-10 William otp stuffmaker Betty Riley otp   by licence
1779 Nov-26 John otp merchant Mary Thomas otp   by licence
1780 Jun-01 Grace Heptonstall   William Sutcliffe Heptonstall webster  
1780 Dec-12 Susannah Heptonstall   John Walton Stansfield   John widowed
1781 Feb-01 Joseph Wadsworth militiaman Rebecca Ackroyd Wadsworth    
1781 Feb-22 Lawrence Wadsworth webster Nanny Greenwood Wadsworth    
1781 Sep-03 Mark Wadsworth webster Sarah Harwood Wadsworth    
1781 Oct-21 Susan otp   Richard Thomas otp yeoman by licence
1782 Feb-12 Ann Wadsworth   John Helliwell Wadsworth webster  
1782 Mar-03 John Heptonstall wool comber Sarah Sutcliffe Heptonstall   Sarah widowed
1782 Nov-24 John Heptonstall webster Sally Walton Heptonstall    
1782 Nov-28 Mary otp   William Patchett otp innkeeper by licence
1783 Jan-06 Priscilla Wadsworth   John Gray Wadsworth gardener Priscilla widowed
1783 Oct-09 Isaac Wadsworth webster Sally Helliwell Wadsworth    
1784 Jul-13 John Langfield webster Sally Gibson Langfield    
1784 Jul-15 Rebekah Wadsworth   Ambrose Marsland Wadsworth webster  
1784 Jul-29 William Erringden tradesman Ann Sunderland Erringden    
1784 Dec-30 Betty Langfield   John Thomas Stansfield webster  
1785 Aug-26 Nellie Stansfield   Isaac Marsland Stansfield   Isaac widowed
1787 Jun-20 Susan Stansfield   Daniel Thomas Stansfield joiner  


1788 Sep-14 Betty Wadsworth   John Uttley Heptonstall webster  
1788 Nov-30 Ann Heptonstall   Ellis Fielden Heptonstall webster  
1788 Dec-30 Mary Wadsworth   John Helliwell Erringden webster  
1789 Dec-06 Mary Stansfield   Thomas Taylor Stansfield webster  
1790 Feb-14 Barbara Heptonstall   Jonathan Speak Heptonstall   both widowed
1790 Nov-04 James Wadsworth webster Alice Pickles Wadsworth    
1790 Nov-14 Jinney     Thomas Cockcroft     Thomas widowed No banns at Heptonstall
1791 Feb-01 Mary Langfield   James Law Hogside Oldham webster  
1791 Jul-20 John Heptonstall cloth miller Mary Marsland Heptonstall    
1791 Oct-09 Mark Heptonstall   Susey Mitchell Heptonstall   both widowed
1791 Dec-15 Sally Stansfield   Ely Horsfall Stansfield webster  
1791 Dec-27 Thomas Wadsworth webster Elizabeth Greenwood Wadsworth    
1791 Dec-27 Betty Langfield   Henry Cockcroft Erringden webster  
1792 Apr-10 William Stansfield webster Mary Dawson Stansfield    
1792 Jul-10 Sally Langfield   Thomas Helliwell Stansfield webster  
1792 Jul-19 Sally Wadsworth   Henry Townend Wadsworth webster  
1793 Jan-07 Lawrence Wadsworth   Grace Greenwood Wadsworth   both widowed
1793 Sep-10 Jeremiah Heptonstall webster Martha Pickles Wadsworth    
1794 May-15 Mary Heptonstall   William Sutcliffe Stansfield webster  
1794 Sep-29 Betty Langfield   Joseph Clegg Langfield webster  
1794 Dec-25 James Wadsworth webster Jinney Greenwood Wadsworth   Jenny
1795 Feb-05 John Wadsworth webster Mally Ashworth Heptonstall    
1796 Oct-11 Mally Wadsworth   John Crabtree Wadsworth webster  
1796 Dec-27 Hannah Wadsworth   John Wadsworth Wadsworth webster  
1797 Feb-07 Mary Wadsworth   William Pickles Wadsworth webster  
1797 Mar-19 Betty Heptonstall   William Judgson Heptonstall webster  
1797 Jul-18 Betty Heptonstall   George Walton Heptonstall cordwainer Betty widowed
1797 Aug-17 John Langfield webster Rhoda Midgley Stansfield    
1797 Dec-24 John Heptonstall   Grace Speak Heptonstall   John widowed
1797 Dec-26 James Wadsworth webster Mary Nowell Wadsworth    
1797 Dec-26 Betty Wadsworth   George Redman Wadsworth webster  
1798 Dec-16 John Wadsworth webster Betty Smith Wadsworth    
1799 Oct-01 William   webster Sally Parker      
1800 Dec-02 John Heptonstall webster Mally Clayton Heptonstall    
1801 Jan-25 Sally Wadsworth   William Law Heptonstall c mnfctr  
1801 May-26 Robert Stansfield   Grace Whitehead Stansfield   banns say Grace Whitely
1802 May-20 James Stansfield webster Susan Marshall Erringden    
1802 Jun-08 Sally Heptonstall   William Horsfall Haworth gentleman  
1804 Jan-05 James Stansfield webster Mary Roderer Stansfield    
1805 Dec-30 James Wadsworth militiaman Malley Tatham Wadsworth    
1806 Jun-15 Ellis Wadsworth webster Mally Simpson Wadsworth    
1807 Jan-15 Sarah Stansfield   William Sutcliffe Stansfield Hall   by licence
1807 Sep-21 Sarah Langfield   Henry Thomas Heptonstall surgeon by licence
1808 Jan-07 Betty Stansfield   Robert Dawson Padiham    
1808 Feb-15 Sally otp   John Isherwood Blackburn gardener by licence
1811 Nov-28 Charlotte Wadsworth   Joseph Robertshaw Wadsworth weaver  
1811 Dec-26 Joshua Stansfield weaver Mary Thomas Stansfield    
1812 Jun-07 Sally Wadsworth   Jonathon Robertshaw Wadsworth weaver  
1812 Jluy 13 Gibson Stansfield weaver Susey Cockcroft Stansfield    
1812 Aug-16 Hannah Wadsworth   William Crabtree Wadsworth weaver  
1812 Sep-24 Mally Wadsworth   Jonathon Greenwood Wadsworth weaver  
1812 Nov-05 Sally Heptonstall   Joseph Stansfield Heptonstall weaver  
1813 Sep-19 John Heptonstall c spinner Mary Thomas Heptonstall   Mary widowed
1814 Jul-10 John Stansfield weaver Betty Clegg Stansfield    
1814 Jul-17 Sally Stansfield   Thomas Law Stansfield stonemason  
1814 Oct-09 Betty Heptonstall   John Greenwood Heptonstall weaver  
1815 Mar-16 Jane Wadsworth   Joseph Greenwood Wadsworth weaver  
1815 Nov-08 John Wadsworth weaver Betty Pickles Wadsworth    
1816 May-12 hannah Wadsworth   Robert Redman Wadsworth weaver  
1816 Sep-03 William Wadsworth weaver Grace Greenwood Heptonstall    
1816 Dec-31 Elizabeth Wadsworth   Hiram Greenwood Wadsworth weaver  
1817 Feb-02 Sally Wadsworth   George Redman Wadsworth weaver  
1817 Feb-16 Mary Stansfield   Robert Webster Stansfield weaver  
1817 Apr-24 Betty Castle Lodge, Heptonstall   James Whitaker Wardle flannel mnfctr by licence
1818 Jul-21 Mary Stansfield   Thomas Marshel Stansfield weaver  
1819 Sep-28 Mary Heptonstall   William Crabtree Stansfield carriage man  
1820 May-22 Mary Heptonstall   Willaim Halstead Heptonstall stonemason  
1820 Oct-29 Mary Heptonstall   John Greenwood Heptonstall weaver  
1821 Oct-14 John Stansfield yarn maker Christina Gornel Langfield    
1821 Nov-04 Jane Stansfield   Peter Bocock Todmorden carriage man  


1821 Dec-24 William Stansfield weaver Hannah Ormroyd Stansfield    
1822 Mar-12 Joseph Wadsworth weaver Martha Holdroyd Wadsworth    
1822 May-09 James Wadsworth weaver Mary Greenwood Wadsworth    
1823 Mar-09 Thomas Heptonstall weaver Mary Anne Ackroyd Heptonstall    
1823 Jul-10 Emmanuel Heptonstall weaver Mary Thomas Wadsworth    
1823 Oct-13 William Wadsworth weaver Mary Greenwood Wadsworth    
1824 Mar-18 Arthur Langfield c spinner Sally Knowles Langfield   by licence
1824 Apr-22 Jane Heptonstall   Eli Greenwood Heptonstall weaver  
1824 May-30 William Stansfield weaver Betty Crabtree Stansfield    
1824 Jul-08 Susan Heptonstall   John Sutcliffe Heptonstall clogger by licence
1824 Jul-18 Richard Stansfield manfctr Sally Greenwood Stansfield    
1825 Feb-15 John Wadsworth weaver Martha Redman Wadsworth    
1825 Apr-03 Sally Heptonstall   Henry Fielding Heptonstall c spinner  
1826 May-10 Hannah Stansfield   Joseph Stansfield Stansfield weaver  
1826 Jun-09 James Wadsworth weaver Mary Thomas Wadsworth    
1827 Jul-01 Grace Wadsworth   William Simson Wadsworth   William widowed
1827 Jul-08 Isaac Wadsworth weaver Sally Greenwood Heptonstall    
1829 Nov-30 Grace Wadsworth   Thomas Greenwood Wadsworth wool comber  
1830 Jun-06 Abraham Wadsworth weaver Hannah Naylor Wadsworth    
1830 Aug-03 John Wadsworth weaver Mally Helliwell Wadsworth    
1830 Dec-20 John Wadsworth weaver Betty Bankcroft Wadsworth    
1831 Jun-25 Sally Stansfield   John Butterworth Langfield stonemason  
1831 Aug-15 Rodger Stansfield stonemason Sally Fielding Stansfield    
1831 Sep-12 Abraham Stansfield stonemason Susey Mitchell Stansfield    
1832 Oct-11 Henry Wadsworth weaver Hannah Greenwood Heptonstall    
1832 Oct-15 Jessey Heptonstall weaver Betty Waterhouse Heptonstall    
1833 Sep-19 Grace Wadsworth   Henry Wi;;cock Wadsworth    
1833 Oct-27 Hannah Stansfield   William Greenwood Langfield weaver  
1833 Dec-03 Samuel Wadsworth weaver Hannah Crabtree Wadsworth    
1834 Dec-31 Alice Wadsworth   Peter Redman Wadsworth weaver  
1835 Feb-09 Henry Wadsworth weaver Sarah Bankcroft Wadsworth    
1835 Sep-27 Hannah Wadsworth   George Sawden Wadsworth blacksmith  
1835 Nov-26 Joseph Wadsworth weaver Ann Sutcliffe Wadsworth    
1837 Jun-29 Thomas Wadsworth weaver Sally Helliwell Erringden