complete from 1669 to 1837



Year Date Name Address Spouse Address Witnesses comments
1680 04-May Elizabeth   Johes Barker      
1704 09-Nov Ann   John Gouther      
1715 27-Dec Mary   John Dobson      
1720 29-Nov Elizabeth   John Harrison Langfield    
1722 27-Dec James Todmorden Susan Law Todmorden   spinster
1728 06-Aug Thomas   Mary Ormoroyd      
1732 19-Sep James Rochdale Jane Holt Rochdale    
1735 19-Sep Mary   Thomas Wildcock      
1742 26-Dec Thomas   Mary Greenwood Walsden    
1746 09-Jul Elizabeth Todmorden David Eastwood Rossendale    
1751 17-Oct Mary   Benjamin Wilde      
1753 23-Apr Mary   Simeon Lord      
1754 03-Jun Mary Hooroyd Richard Pearson Hooroyd William Fielden  
1756 19-Apr Sara Md Hd Elias Marshall Todmorden James Marshall James Crossley  
1759 26-Feb Thomas   Dorothy Holden  

John Holt

Luke Hamer

1765 25-Jul Betty   Joshua Stephenson Heptonstall Anthony Crossley John Stephenson  
1766 04-Dec Sarah   James Crossley  

Charles Nuttal

Ely Crossley

1769 31-Aug Thomas   Ann Butterworth   Daniel Sutcliffe John Holt  
1772 02-Feb Robert   Betty Crabtree Stansfield

Thomas Greenwood

Robert Crabtree

1775 07-Sep Richard   Mary Fielden Heptonstall John Fielden Robert Barker  
1777 19-May Betty   Samuel Fielding   Abraham and Joshua Fielden  
1783 04-Dec Mary tp Samuel Wild tp James Crowther William Walton  
1784 26-Aug William Heptonstall Sally Stansfield tp William Wyld George Stansfield  
1786 25-Dec Edmund tp Betty Howard t Abraham Fielden Charles Lord  
1789 10-May Mary tp Thomas Shephard tp John Shackleton Robert Law  
1792 30-Jan Betty tp James Scholfield tp James Taylor Jenny Shepherd  
1792 15-May Ellin tp Henry Greenwood tp

Abrm Fielden

John Holt

1793 01-Jan Arthur tp Susana Mitchell tp

Heyworth Heyworth

John Sutcliffe

1793 19-May John tp Mary Rushton tp John Shackleton John Kershaw  
1795 15-Feb Edmund Halifax Betty Newall tp John Shackleton Sally Law  
1795 29-Dec Betty tp James Greenwood Stansfield

William Muir

Ann Crossley

1798 10-Apr James tp Sarah Hindle tp John Shackleton James Lord  
1801 08-Feb Jinny tp Samuel Scholfield tp Wm Hollinrake John Shackleton  
1801 04-Jun Alice Heptonstall Henry Webster tp John Stansfield Lawrence Dearden  
1801 20-Aug Edmund tp Susan Greenwood tp

John Ratcliff

Robt. Dawson

1802 15-Jan Hannah tp John Edmondson Lytham Abram Barker Thomas Hargreaves licence
1803 03-Oct Sarah tp John Bentley tp Elkanah Botomley Salley Holt  
1803 29-Dec Sally tp Edmund Rigg tp John Stansfield William Dawson  
1804 24-May Martin tp Mary Fielden tp John Stansfield Robert Dawson John Ratcliff  
1807 26-Mar John tp Sarah Ogden tp

Mary Heap

Grace Helliwell

1807 12-Apr Fanny tp James Travis tp

James Driver

John Shackleton

1807 06-Nov Hannah tp Jonas Chambers tp John Shackleton Samuel Thomas licence
1809 19-Jan Sally tp Reuben Haigh tp

William Hopkins Coupe

Thomas Haigh

1810 09-Aug John tp Betty Midgley tp John Crossley John Ratcliff  
1811 22-Jun Samuel   Han. Pennington      
1811 18-Jul Thomas tp Patience Fitton tp

William Holt

John Shackleton

1812 15-Jun John tp Mary Nuttall tp

John Helliwell

John Shackleton

1812 28-Sep Betty tp John Butterworth tp

John Taylor

John Stott

1815 28-Sep Sally   Samuel Woodhead      
1818 20-May Robert   Sarah Lord      
1820 13-Feb Mary   William Butterworth      
1822 21-Oct James   Betty Stansfield      
1824 28-Mar Alice   George Taylor      
1824 08-Nov Edmund   Han. Everington      
1824 27-Dec George   Susan Farrow      
1827 23-Sep Robert   Mary Taylor      
1828 28-Oct Ann   John Binns      
1828 25-Dec Thomas Stansfield Elizabeth Wilson      
1829 10-Feb Abraham   Mary Tattersall      
1829 29-Mar Charles   Betty Holt      
1830 14-Feb John   Maria Duckworth      
1831 04-Sep Sarah   John Newell      
1831 28-Sep Hannah   Samuel Law      
1833 18-Mar Sally   Abraham Fielden      
1833 11-Aug Edmund   Ellen Butterworth      
1833 20-Oct Martha   John Taylor      
1834 18-May Joseph   Mary Kershaw      
1834 22-Jun Ann   Jeremiah Royds      
1834 07-Aug William Stansfield Mary Collinge      
1835 11-Jan Alice   James Lord      
1835 13-Jul James Littleborough Ann Fletcher Littleborough   licence
1836 11-May Elizabeth   Stephen Jennings      
1836 13-Sep Sally   Abraham Whittles      
1836 16-Oct Ann   John Howarth      
1836 16-Nov James   Alice Ingham      
1836 18-Dec Ann   James Hoyle      
1837 08-Jan Mary   James Whitworth