Complete to 1837


Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden


year date name address occ spouse address occ comments
1627 Apr-10 Elizabeth     Robert Haworthe      
1628 Aug-19 Isabel     James Longbottom      
1663 May-16 Mary     Jonas Wadsworth      
1680 Apr-22 Thomas     Alice Ashworth      
1687 Apr-19 Elizabeth     Martin Townend      
1687 June.. Thomas     Martha Widdope      
1714 Jul-14 Mary     Henry Mitton Erringden    
1714 Jul-14 Martha     James Barrett Erringden    
1728 Apr-04 John Ovenden shalloon weaver Betty Thomas Erringden    
1744 Aug-28 Betty Langfield   Daniel Greenwood Langfield webster  
1746 Sep-29 Margaret Rossendale   Edward Sutcliffe Langfield    
1755 Dec-21 John Stansfield webster Mary Helliwell Stansfield    
1756 Jul-04 Ann Rochdale   Richard Ogden Langfield webster  
1760 Nov-09 Edmond Todmorden   Ann Crabtree Stansfield    
1761 Jun-27 Ann Stansfield   Thomas Stansfield Stansfield webster  
1769 Sep-07 Ann Stansfield   Abraham Gibson Langfield   widower
1777 Oct-14 Edmund Langfield   Mary Stansfield Stansfield   both widowed
1778 Aug-06 Job (Holton) Stansfield webster Sarah (Sally) Marsland Heptonstall    
1779 Jun-14 Betty Todmorden   John Mitchell Wadsworth   widower
1780 Apr-09 John Langfield webster Betty Hirst Langfield    
1781 Jan-01 Richard Langfield webster Abigail Midgley Langfield    
1781 Dec-25 Mary Stansfield   Samuel Crabtree Stansfield webster  
1781 Dec-27 John Stansfield joiner Sarah Firth Stansfield    
1783 Jun-10 John Langfield webster Milly Butterworth Langfield    
1783 Oct-23 John Stansfield webster Mary Crabtree Todmorden    
1784 Jan-25 John Stansfield webster Mary Wild Stansfield    
1784 Mar-07 James Stansfield woolcomber Betty Ogden Stansfield    
1785 Dep 11 Betty Stansfield   John Hauworth Langfield webster  
1786 Nov-02 Robert Stansfield webster Susan Horsfall Stansfield    
1788 Apr-20 John Langfield   Hannah Helliwell Wadsworth   John a widower
1788 Aug-22 Sally Stansfield   John Hodgson Langfield s'master  
1789 Dec-27 Mary Stansfield   John Stansfield Stansfield webster  
1790 Apr-04 Ann Stansfield   William Hodgson Langfield   William a widower
1791 May-10 John Stansfield   Betty Townend Stansfield   both widowed
1791 Sep-11 Susan Stansfield   Jeremiah Haworth Todmorden cordwainer  
1792 Jun-24 Betty Stansfield   John Webster Stansfield webster  
1792 Aug-26 Edmund Stansfield webster Ann Greenwood Stansfield    
1795 Jun-13 Susannah Stansfield   John Marshall Stansfield webster  
1796 May-12 Sally Stansfield   William Midgley Stansfield innkeeper  
1797 Dec-24 John Stansfield webster Ann Bertwell Stansfield    
1797 Dec-27 John Stansfield webster Easter Whitehead Stansfield   Esther
1798 Jan-28 Thomas Stansfield webster Mary Greenwood Stansfield    
1800 Feb-25 James Stansfield webster Patience Cockroft Stansfield    
1800 Sep-07 Grace Stansfield   William Barker Stansfield webster  
1800 Oct-09 William Stansfield   Mally Webster Stansfield   William a widower
1801 Dec-29 Hannah Stansfield   Richard Greenwood Stansfield webster  
1802 Mar-11 Betty Langfield   Levi Law Stansfield webster  
1803 Mar-22 Ann Heptonstall   John Clegg Wadsworth cart driver  
1803 Jun-16 James Stansfield webster Nancy Greenwood Stansfield    
1803 Sep-01 Robert Stansfield c. spinner Mary Barker Stansfield    


1805 Nov-19 William Stansfield webster Betty Hindle Stansfield    
1807 Aug-02 Mary Stansfield   John Cockroft Stansfield webster  
1808 May-15 William Stansfield weaver Susan Helliwell Langfield    
1809 Feb-14 Richard Stansfield weaver Ann Crowther Stansfield    
1809 Aug-03 Henry Wadsworth weaver Sally Hayworth Heptonstall    
1810 Dec-25 Mary Stansfield   William Greenwood Stansfield weaver  
1811 Sep-08 Robert Stansfield weaver Betty Crabtree Stansfield    
1811 Oct-10 John Stansfield weaver Mary Oulding Stansfield   Holding
1812 Mar-08 James Stansfield woolcomber Peggy Hill Stansfield    
1812 May-09 Thomas Stansfield weaver Hannah Nutter Stansfield    
1812 May-10 Robert Stansfield weaver Mary Horsfield Stansfield    
1813 Sep-27 Hannah Stansfield   Thomas Whitehead Stansfield weaver  
1814 Apr-10 Edmond Heptonstall c. carder Betty Stansfield Heptonstall    
1815 Jul-30 John Todmorden weaver Betty Cunliffe Stansfield    
1816 Apr-11 Mary Langfield   John Wilson Langfield weaver  
1816 Sep-22 John Stansfield c. carder Susan Marshel Stansfield    
1816 Oct-06 James Stansfield weaver Judy Greenwood Stansfield    
1816 Dec-26 James Heptonstall weaver Betty Helliwell Heptonstall    
1817 Jan-19 James Stansfield   Martha Heworth Stansfield   James a widower
1818 Jun-14 Hannah Langfield   Joseph Holdsworth Wilsden Bfd c. spinner  
1818 Aug-23 Richard Stansfield weaver Grace Greenwood Stansfield    
1819 Jul-15 Betty Heptonstall   William Smith Heptonstall weaver  
1819 Nov-28 Abigail Langfield   David Shaw Stansfield c. carder  
1820 Mar-12 William Heptonstall weaver Sarah Luttey Wadsworth   could be carr man
1820 Mar-15 William Heptonstall weaver Hannah Horth Heptonstall    
1821 Dec-27 Mary Stansfield   William Clegg Stansfield weaver  
1822 Aug-04 James Langfield c. carder Grace Uttley Stansfield    
1823 Jul-10 Betty Stansfield   John Stansfield Stansfield labourer  
1823 Aug-04 Hannah Heptonstall   Joseph Sunderland Heptonstall c. carder  
1825 Dec-25 John Stansfield weaver Peggy Taylor Stansfield    
1826 Mar-07 Robert Stansfield weaver Betty Horsfall Stansfield    
1826 May-10 Mary Stansfield   John Greenwood Stansfield weaver  
1826 Sep-25 Mary Langfield   John Shackleton Langfield weaver  
1827 Feb-27 James Stansfield weaver Grace Barker Stansfield    
1827 Aug-05 Betty Stansfield   John Marshall Stansfield weaver  
1828 Apr-01 Robert Todmorden labourer Mary Eastwood Langfield    
1828 Aug-31 Alice Stansfield   William Horsfall Stansfield weaver  
1830 Mar-04 Nancy Stansfield   John Suthers Stansfield weaver  
1831 Feb-15 Mary Stansfield   Banister Wilson Stansfield woolcomber  
1831 Jun-12 Betty Stansfield   Joseph Barker Stansfield stonemason  
1831 Nov-17 Sarah Heptonstall   Thomas Sunderland Heptonstall weaver by licence
1832 Mar-12 Mary Stansfield   James Barker Stansfield weaver  
1832 Jun-24 William Stansfield c. spinner Alice Stansfield Stansfield    
1832 Nov-18 Nutter Stansfield book keeper Grace Crabtree Stansfield    
1833 Mar-26 John Stansfield weaver Sally Crabtree Stansfield    
1833 Sep-24 Grace Wadsworth   William Sutcliffe Heptonstall weaver  
1834 Jan-23 Margaret Heptonstall   John Balmforth Northowram cardmaker by licence
1834 Jul-31 Hannah Heptonstall   George Gibson Heptonstall weaver  
1834 Dec-25 Hannah Langfield   James Lord Langfield c. spinner  
1835 Apr-16 James Stansfield weaver Sally Wilkinson Stansfield    
1836 Nov-28 James Stansfield weaver Sally Crowther Todmorden    
1836 Dec-26 Ellen Langfield   John Butterworth Langfield joiner  
1837 Jan-29 Robert Stansfield c. spinner Sally Stephenson Stansfield    
1837 Mar-23 Sally Stansfield   Thomas Judson Stansfield weaver  


St. Chad's Rochdale


Year Date Name Age Status Occ Address Father Occ Witnesses
1855 01-Jun James Holt 26 bach silk dyer   David gardener Isaac Holt
    Hannah Stevenson x 22 sp   Green Vale Mill Alexander stone mason Elizabeth Holt x