1841 to 1901


Dyches Ely Crowther 30 coal miner yes
  Susan Crowther 25   yes
  William Crowther 6   yes
  Betty Crowther 4   yes
  Sally Crowther 1   yes
  William Jackson 40 coal miner yes
Dyches William Crowther 30 farmer yes
  Grace Crowther 25   yes
  Ann Crowther 6   yes
  John Crowther 11 mths   yes
Higher Dyches Ann Jackson 70 farmer yes
  William Jackson 40 labourer yes
  Samuel Jackson 35   yes
Higher Dyches Abraham Jackson 30 coal miner yes
  Betty Jackson 25   yes
  Young Jackson 4   yes
  Samuel Cudworth 30 labourer yes


Higher Dyches Samuel Jackson head un 48 farmer Rochdale
  William Jackson brother un 52 farmer Rochdale
Lower Dyches Saml Jackson head m 32? coal miner Rochdale
  Mary Jackson wife m ??   Rochdale
Lower Dyches William Crowther head m 39 farmer of 20 acres Walsden
  Grace Crowther wife m 37   Walsden
  Ann Crowther dau   15 cotton plw Walsden
  John Crowther son   10 collier Walsden
  Saml Crowther son   6 collier Walsden
  Willm Crowther son   3 at home Walsden


Higher Dyches Abraham Jackson head m 51 farmer of 8 acres Walsden
  Betty Jackson wife m 47   Walsden
  William Jackson son un 18 carter Walsden
  Ann Jackson dau un 18 weaver Walsden
Higher Dyches Young Jackson head m 24 coal miner  
  Grace Jackson wife m 19 weaver  
Lower Dyches William Crowther head m 50 farmer of 12 acres Walsden
  Betty Crowther wife m 48   Walsden
  John Crowther son un 20 carter Walsden
  James Crowther son un 17 coal drawer Walsden
  William Crowther son   14 coal drawer Walsden
  Reuben Crowther son   8 coal drawer Walsden
  Mary Crowther dau   10   Walsden
  Betty Crowther dau   6   Walsden
Lower Dyches William Jackson head m 32 coal miner Walsden
  Mary Jackson wife m 29   Walsden
  Sarah Ann Jackson dau   11 piecer Walsden
  John Jackson son   8 coal drawer Walsden
  Robert Jackson son   5   Walsden
  Elizabeth Jackson dau   2   Walsden
Lower Dyches William Jackson head un 58 farmer Walsden


Lower Dyches Thomas Jackson head m 44 coal miner Walsden
  Betty Jackson wife m 38   Walsden
  Robert Jackson son   15 coal miner Walsden
  Sarah A Jackson dau   11   Walsden
  Sutcliffe Jackson son   6   Walsden
  Harry Jackson son   4   Walsden
Lower Dyches William Crowther head m 59 farmer of 30 acres Walsden
  Betty Crowther wife m 59   Stansfield
  Reuben Crowther son   17 labourer ag. Walsden
  Betsy Crowther dau   15 cotton operative Walsden
  Ann Crowther granddaughter   1   Walsden
  Grace Crabtree sister in law un 40 pauper imbecile Walsden
Higher Dyches Abraham Jackson head m 61 farmer Walsden
  Betty Jackson wife m 59   Walsden
  John W Jackson grandson   10 scholar Walsden


Dyches Farm Joshua Jackson head m 50 farmer of 22 acres Walsden
  Mary Jackson wife m 46 farmer's wife  
Dyches private to let          
Higher Dyches Farm William Stansfield head m 40 farmer 11 acres & picker maker Walsden
  Hannah Stansfield wife m 43 farmer's wife Sowerby Yks
  John Stansfield son   16 picker maker's apprentice Walsden
  Sarah Stansfield dau   14 cotton spinner Walsden
  Robert Stansfield son   11 cotton throstle doffer Walsden
  William Stansfield son   7 scholar Walsden


Higher Dyches John Williams head m 52 caretaker of waterworks Walford Herefordshire
  Margaret J Williams wife m 48   South Shields Durham
  Edward Wiliams son un 21 labourer at chemical works Richmond Yks
  Margaret J Williams dau un 18 cotton weaver Richmond Yks
  Christiana Williams dau   16 cotton weaver Richmond Yks
  Thomas Williams son   12   Richmond Yks
  Martha Williams dau   10   Richmond Yks
  Arthur Williams son   8   Richmond Yks
  Walter Williams son   6   Richmond Yks
  Albert Williams son   4   Richmond Yks
Dyches Daniel Plumb head m 40 carter Alcester Warwickshire
  Sarah Plumb wife m 42   Chapel en le Frith Dby
  Thomas Oddy son un 18 stoker of water works engine Otley Yks
  Eliza Oddy dau un 19 cotton weaver Otley Yks
  Florence E Jenkinson visitor m 20 domestic servant Otley Yks
  Herbert Jackson gr/son   1   Walsden


Lower Ditches William Nelson head m 34 excavator navvy Ingleton Yks
  Isabella Nelson wife m 24   Barrow in Furness
  Sarah Ellen Nelson dau   4   Clitheroe
  Isabella Nelson dau   1   Shipley
  Wilfred Beales lodger un 25 excavator navvy Bradford
  John Herd lodger un 18 excavator Bradford
Lower Ditches James Henry Higgins head m 30 excavator Stainland Yks
  Harriet Higgins wife m 26   Peniston Yks
  George Higgins son   7   Huddersfield
  Ellen Higgins dau   2   Stainland Yks
  Tom Quinn lodger un 25 excavator navvy Bradford
  Fred Humfreys lodger un 28 excavator Bradford
  Frank Humfreys lodger un 26 excavator Bradford