Gauxholme Fold


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Dancroft Mill

Known occupiers


WILD Abraham & Samuel


PILLING James Knowles & ASHWORTH Thomas


PILLING James Knowles


BARKER William and Luke & CRABTREE Richard


BARKER Luke & Sons


FIELDEN & RIGG Ltd. Sizers


Looking down on the mill from Pexwood Road


Notes from contemporary historian John Travis:

Abraham and Samuel Wild (tenants of HIGHER HOLME shed) in 1866 began to build Dancroft Shed, with engine house, warehouse etc. Fronting Gauxholme Fold, built of brick. Later owned and occupied by J. K. Pilling of Dean Villas Walsden.

Thomas Ashworth, sizer of Todmorden, and J. K. Pilling of DEANROYD MILL purchased Dancroft Mill, Gauxholme, as a going concern from representatives of Abraham & Samuel Wild, and worked in partnership. Pilling withdrew from the firm of A. Pilling & Sons of Deanroyd and became sole owner of Dancroft. It was successful for many years.

J. K. Pilling of Dean Villas Walsden owned and occupied Dancroft Mill. He died in the 1880’s, machinery sold out of mill, buildings and fixed plant bought by Barkers & Crabtree, later LUKE BARKER & Sons Ltd.

Barker & Crabtree made alterations and installed modern power looms etc.  This firm was formed originally in 1867. The partners were William Barker, manager of Folley Mill in Lumbutts Valley, his brother Luke, late warper at Ormerod’s mill in Walsden, Richard Crabtree, late spinner at Green Vale Mill in Littleborough for John Veevers & Sons, and Thomas Cockcroft, nephew of Henry Cockcroft of CROFT MILL in Todmorden. Thomas Cockcroft withdrew after a short time and took part of room and power previously occupied by Jonathan Barker near Phoenix Ironworks, Millwood.

Richard Crabtree died before 1890 and partnership was dissolved. Luke Barker with his sons John and Robert took over Dancroft and FRITHS MILL and the tenancy of the whole of the Joint Stock Mill at CROW CARR INGS . Luke Barker died in 1896 and the firm carried on trading under his name by his sons.


Dancroft Mill


Additional information

researched, recorded and referenced by Mrs Sheila Wade

Hebden Bridge WEA

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Walsden Rates Book 1866-68

Owners and occupiers Abraham Wild & Co. Powerloom shed etc. Gauxholme, RV £90.7s.4d.

Walsden Rates Book 1869

Occupiers Pilling & Ashworth, owners Abraham Wild & Co. powerloom shed etc. Gauxholme, RV £90.7s.4d.

Walsden Rates Book 1870-71

Occupiers Pilling & Ashworth, owners assigns of Abraham Wild & Co. powerloom shed etc. Gauxholme, RV £90.7s.4d.

Kelly’s Directory 1871

Pilling & Ashworth, cotton manufacturers

Walsden Rates Books 1873-4

Owners and occupiers Pilling & Ashworth, shed and power, Gauxholme, RV £101.1s.4d.

Slater’s Directory 1875

Pilling & Ashworth (Gauxholme Mill), spinners & manufacturers

Walsden Rates Book 1875-81

Owner and occupier James K. Pilling, shed and power, Gauxholme, RV £101.1s.4d. (1880 RV £134, 1881 RV £120).

Kelly’s Directory 1877

James Knowles Pilling, cotton spinner & manufacturer

Halifax Guardian 22nd March 1879

First meeting of creditors of James Knowles Pilling, cotton manufacturer, Gauxholme. Liabilities £3584. Assets £1627. Compensation of 7/6d in the pound.

Todmorden & Hebden Bridge Advertiser 1st Aug 1879

Pilling – Gauxholme – 272 looms – closed

Halifax Courier 11th Oct 1879

James K. Pilling, Dancroft, re-opened after stoppage of several months. 70 employed.

Todmorden & Hebden Bridge Advertiser 16th Jan 1880

J. K. Pilling, Dancroft Mill, weavers write for advance of wages.

Todmorden & Hebden Bridge Advertiser 14th April 1882

Notice of sale of Dancroft Mill, Gauxholme, late occupied J. K. Pilling deceased, plus nine cottages adjoining.

Slater’s Directory 1887

Barker & Crabtree at Dancroft, Carr Ings and Friths Mills, cotton spinners & manufacturers

Manchester Examiner 22nd July 1887

Barker & Crabtree (Friths, Crow Carr Ings, Wadsworth and Dancroft Mills), 18,000 spindles, 1,264 looms, weaving full time, spinning 4 days a week.

Kelly’s Directory 1893 and 1897-1908

Luke Barker & Sons, cotton spinners & manufacturers

Walsden Rates Book 1890

Occupier Luke Barker & Sons, owners Barker & Crabtree, shed and steam power, Dancroft, RV £97.