complete from 1669 to 1837


Year Date Name Spouse Notes Witnesses
1678 13-Feb William Phoebe Wood Heptonstall Parish  
1705 25-Mar Grace William Dawson    
1710 28-Dec George Fleetwood Crossley    
1716 02-Apr Martha Robert Dawson    
1719 28-Jan John Mary Ormerod    
1719 30-Jun Joseph Jane Hardman    
1730 29-Oct William Susan Law    
1736 14-Sep Mary Thomas Newell    
1737 29-Sep Mary Henry Maden    
1737 29-Oct Ann Jonas Smith    
1739 11-Jun Henry Mary Crabtree    
1741 06-Oct Mary John Beamant    
1742 25-Dec Mary John Eastwood Todmorden  
1743 Sept. Elias Judith Greenwood

Elias of Stansfield

Judith of Todmorden

1744 14-Feb Fleetwood William Smith    
1744 26-Mar James Sarah Barker

James of Todmorden

Sarah of Heptonstall

1749 20-Oct John Mary Farrer both of Walsden  
1750 13-Nov Philip Susan Fielden    
1751 05-Nov Frances William Eastwood    
1753 06-Mar George Mary Roberts    
1756 17-Jun Elias Martha Marshall  

Luke Law

John Tattersall

1759 25-Sep Elizabeth John Dawson  

Charles Nuttall

John Law

1760 26-Sep Mary Thomas Sutcliffe  

Luke Law

John Marshall

1765 16-Apr Mary Thomas Crabtree  

Thomas Law

John Holt

1765 31-Oct Grace Ely Crossley Grace of Heptonstall Parish

James Nuttall

William Law

1769 26-Dec John Phoebe Bentley Phoebe of Heptonstall

James Lord

James Crowther

1771 20-May Joseph Alice Howarth Alice of Newchurch

Matthew Hollas

Charles Lord

1772 15-Sep George Alice Duckberry Alice of Newchurch

John Nuttal

James Earnshaw

1774 21-Jun John Sarah Woodhead  

Luke Law

Abram Ormerod

1775 30-Apr Philip Judith Marshall Judith of Heptonstall

William Lord

James Crowther

1775 14-Sep Susan James Widdup James of Heptonstall

James Crowther

James Rigg

1776 04-Jan Mary John Hollows John of Heptonstall

Elias Cockcroft

James Crowther

1776 28-Sep Mary George Whittaker Mary of Heptonstall

James Garside

Robert Mitchell

1778 08-Oct Elias Ann Marshall  

Robert Sutcliffe

James Sutcliffe

1779 24-May Philip Betty Barker  

John Crowther

Abram Uttley

1779 04-Jul George Mary Dawson  

Luke Law

John Crowther

1779 09-Nov Susan James Farrer  

James Bamford

James Crowther

1780 07-Feb James Mary Crabtree  

John Crowther

James Crabtree

1781 12-Sep Ely Martha Barker  

John Shackleton

John Sutcliffe

1781 13-Sep Samuel Mary Crowther  

John Shackleton

John Sutcliffe

1781 13-Sep Mary Samuel Crowther  

John Shackleton

John Sutcliffe

1781 07-Oct Joseph Mary Law  

John Crowther

John Shackleton

1781 27-Dec John Betty Earnshaw  

Richard Thomas

Moses Dawson

1783 30-Sep Elias Mary Ormerod  

William Eastwood

James Marshall

1784 01-Jan Mary William Helliwell  

John Shackleton

George Cockcroft

1784 24-Feb Sarah Joseph Sutcliffe  

John Lord

William Sutcliffe

1785 29-Mar Hannah Abraham Earnshaw  

Charles Lord

John Shackleton

1785 29-Dec John Sarah Ogden  

Reuben Haigh

Edmund Holt

1786 29-Aug William Mary Law  

John Mitchell

William Greenwood

1786 29-Aug James Sarah Marshall  

John Mitchell

William Greenwood

1788 30-Dec Hannah William Crossley both Heptonstall Parish

William Jackson

John Butterworth

1791 10-Nov Samuel Betty Cockcroft  

John Hamer

Eli Crowther

1796 15-Sep Phineas Mary Clegg Phineas of Longfield

John Crowther

Simeon Clark

1797 28-Feb Joshua Mary Dawson  

Abram Fielden

Eli Crowther

1797 06-Jun John Martha Jackson

John of Langfield

Martha of Spotland

James Turner

Thomas Lord

1797 08-Oct Ely Betty Mitchell  

William Hollinrake

Joshua Crowther

1799 30-Aug Alice Jonathan Whatmough  

Abram Nowell

Abram Suthers

1802 19-Apr Mary Thomas Harrison  

John Shackleton

Betty Shackleton

1803 23-Jun Sally William Ogden  

Elias Crowther

William Lord

1803 01-Dec Mary John Crabtree  

John Sutcliffe

John Crowther

1803 29-Dec Mary Abel Fielden Mary of Stansfield

John Ratcliffe

John Stansfield

1804 26-Apr Mally John Greenwood

Mally of Walsden

John of Todmorden

Joseph Travis

William Greenwood

1806 24-Jun George Susan Crossley  

Ely Crossley

John Butterworth

1807 26-Mar John Sally Bentley  

Mary Heap

Grace Helliwell

1807 15-Nov John Betty Greenwood  

George Hollows

John Crowther

1807 29-Dec Mally William Barker William of Halifax Parish

John Fielden

James Stansfield

1808 04-Mar Mary James Greenwood James of Cliviger

Thomas Brierley

Abram Stott

1810 20-Dec John Mary Bottomley  

William Crowther

Reuben Haigh

1810 27-Dec James Betty Crossley  

John Stansfield

Thomas Sutcliffe

1812 20-Dec Betty Thomas Thew  

John Shackleton

Hannah Butterworth


Year Date Name Spouse Notes Witnesses
1815 27-Jun Grace x William x Haigh Grace of Halifax parish John & William Sutcliffe
1820 18-Jun James x Ann x Mayall btp John Shackleton & Sally x Mayall
1821 22-Mar Susan x Abram x Crossley btp Thomas Butterworth & James Greenwood
1823 27-Mar Betty x Abraham Jackson Betty of Inchfield Pasture Abraham of Thornsgreece John Jackson & Thomas x Barker
1823 28-Jul Hannah x Edmund x Mitchell Both of Gibbet John x Mitchell & Rich. Parker
1823 25-Dec Martha x John Law Martha of Hanging Ditch John of Frithwood Bottom James x Law & Thomas Dawson
1824 27-Sep John Ann x Highley btp John Lord & John Hey
1827 08-Mar Sarah x Abraham x Crossley btp John Shackleton & Joseph Barker?
1834 09-Mar Elizabeth x James x Baron btp John Holt & Robertx Scholfield & MaryxSaunderson
1834 18-Aug Eli x Susan x Jackson btp Reuben Haigh & Samuel Cudworth
1835 02-Mar William Grace x Haigh btp John Smith & ??? Crowther
1835 27-Dec Hannah x Abraham x Eastwood btp William x ??? & Hannah Crowther
1836 16-Oct William Mary x Butterworth btp Joseph Butterworth & William x Thornton